Sorry Pudgy: But the grown-ups are back in charge

Monday morning, Vice President Pence made an unexpected trip to the DMZ – that parcel of land that separates North Korea from the South.

This can’t be good news for pudgy little Kim Jong Un.

Back before President Trump’s inauguration, Pudgy Kim was puffing out his ample chest and talking tough.

He planned on launching a couple missile tests to correspond with Inauguration Day – I’m guessing as a show of strength.

Well, his show of strength never happened. And no such missile tests occurred.

Big surprise.

And again, last week Pudgy Kim made a big show about how we all better look out because we were going to witness his military might. And on Saturday, Kim test-fired a land-based missile that exploded almost immediately after take-off.

Pudgy’s military might has all the strength of a sputtering, wet fart.

In fact, Kim’s show of military prowess makes him look less like a tough guy and more like the Star Wars Kid.

Remember him?

Let’s face it. The time is ripe for somebody to smack this fatso silly (Um. Kim, not the Star Wars kid).

Kim Jong Un assumed power during the Obama Presidency.

And his big blunder was believing that Obama’s “leading from behind” and “strategic patience” would remain in place after Obama left office.

He was wrong.

And today, Vice President Pence made it crystal clear that those days are over and the grown-ups are back in charge.

I don’t see President Trump’s actions toward North Korea as meaning he is dragging us into war.

Not at all.

Instead, I see these moves for what they are.

President Trump is not only showing our allies his commitment to them. But he is also making it clear to China that America will not abandon those allies they way Obama did for eight years.

And China needs to know that – especially given their military build-up during Obama’s presidency.

As Rush Limbaugh pointed out the other day, China cannot lose its economic partnership with the US. And if North Korea poses a threat to that, China will drop Pudgy Kim right on his ample ass.

Here’s part of what Rush said:

The ChiComs, we owe them too much money, number one. They make all of our iPhones, number two. There is no way that the ChiComs are going to trade us for the North Koreans. If anybody does anything, it’s gonna be the ChiComs warning the Norks to dial it back or else.

And that’s exactly what happened.

Rush went on to say:

On this North Korea-ChiCom thing, the ChiComs even told the North Koreans: Do not think Trump is bluffing here. He’s not bluffing. Do not even think of entertaining the idea that he’s bluffing.

And here’s the kicker:

Do you think the ChiComs would have ever told the Norks anything like that about Obama? Do you think they would have ever said, “Hey, hey, you gotta take this guy seriously. He’s not bluffing.” There is no way.

That’s the key to this.

Obama’s gone. And the grown-ups are back in charge.

China knows that.

Pudgy Kim hasn’t figured it out.

Rush finished up by saying:

To me this is a major, major development. If you’re in the middle of forging an alliance with the ChiComs because the immediate threat — forget what happened during the campaign — the immediate threat is these lunatics in North Korea are launching missiles. They don’t know how to aim ’em, but they’re trying to, and they’re potentially dangerous. And Trump’s on record as saying, “You better not, you’re gonna regret doing it.”
He backs up what he says. He’s formed an alliance with the ChiComs on this particular instance. Everything he does is a negotiation. Why would he undercut himself by continuing to accuse them of currency manipulation when he needs them for something here? Everything with Trump is a negotiation, and it’s based on what’s happening now and what he wants now.

This is leadership on the world stage. This is putting American interests first.

And this is exactly what has been lacking for eight years.

L'il Kim

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  • April 17, 2017 at 2:49 pm

    I love President Trump. The time for making America strong and the greatest country on earth has arrived.

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