Soulless monsters wish death on the Trumps

Late last night, President Trump tweeted that he and Melania tested positive for the Wuhan virus. And the soulless monsters on the Left, fueled by hate as they are, wasted no time gleefully celebrating while eagerly wishing death on the First Couple.

As soon as I read President Trump’s tweet, I knew instinctively that the replies were going to be a cesspool of evil. As a general rule and out of self-preservation and a desire to think well of the human race, I never read the replies to the President’s tweets (nor to Melania’s). I knew it would be bad because these people are soulless monsters. They are, as I said a while back, a bunch of pathetic broken people.

The election of Donald Trump didn’t cause them to become such soulless monsters. It didn’t spring up out of nowhere in the wee hours of November 9, 2016. His election simply gave these broken people a target upon which to pour all the hatred and bile they’ve been stewing in for years.

But avoiding the replies to the President’s tweet didn’t save me from the vitriol, unfortunately. One of the first tweets I saw was from Rita Panahi who tweeted screen captures of some of the ugly, awful responses to the President’s news. And these were not from random Twitter trolls hiding behind anonymous names. They were blue-check verified people openly celebrating while wishing death on the President and First Lady.

Several of the people I follow were quote-tweeting some of the more ugly and rancid responses as well. I guess my only refuge is to avoid Twitter for a few days.

But even avoiding Twitter entirely won’t spare you from the poison. It will slither its way into the news and entertainment media; it will spread like an uncontained virus.

It might be quaint, but I still remain one of those decent human beings who does not wish death on those I do not like. And the fact that there are soulless monsters soaking in this kind of hatred that they think nothing of vomiting up such unadulterated maliciousness quite literally takes my breath away.

Soulless Monsters wish death on the Trumps

Yeah, I won’t hold my breath – not that I have any breath to hold since the barrage of poison from these soulless monsters took it away.

And, really? Who among us has a strong enough stomach to comb through the vast sea of ugly replies and report each and every one of them?

Not that it matters. Twitter will do the sum total of nothing.

My referring to Nancy Pelosi as a gin-soaked hag got me suspended for twelve hours. But wishing death on the President won’t summon even half the outrage from Twitter because the people who run Twitter are just as eager to see the President dead.

These horrid creatures have become the very thing they claim to oppose. And they are so blinded by their own hatred, so lacking in decency, they won’t even see it.

But we see it.

Americans are by and large decent and fair-minded people. And this kind of unfiltered malevolence will not go unnoticed.

When those who deem you the enemy tell you what they think of you, believe them. There is no pretense here, no desire to temper their true feelings. It is raw, unfiltered and ugly.

But it is who they are. It is who they’ve always been.

And because they have no “OFF” switch, no ability to moderate, they will push too hard and and go too far. As a result, decent, fair-minded Americans – even those who haven’t been paying attention to the soulless monsters of the ResistanceLOL – will be disgusted by what they see.

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5 thoughts on “Soulless monsters wish death on the Trumps

  • October 2, 2020 at 9:49 am

    For the record Queen Nancy IS a gin-soaked hag….. I’m a recovering alcoholic and when I was in my cups I would look like that and talk like that, i.e. pie-eyed, seizing on one phrase or idea and repeating as though it were some gem of priceless intuition. Embarrassingly enough there’s some video of me in that state. Very cringe-inducing, but instructive for those who are unaware of the earmarks.

  • October 2, 2020 at 12:41 pm

    I’ve avoided the ugly texts as well. Americans are the greatest people on earth. Prayer is more powerful than hate. We are praying, we’ll get through, and the haters will be who they are. Well said D. You take care too! All the Best!

  • October 2, 2020 at 2:41 pm

    I don’t read awful stuff like that either. But I’d be willing to bet that their nastiness helps some undecided voters make a decision to support Trump.

  • October 2, 2020 at 10:20 pm

    The same people who were expressing sadness for Chrissy Teigen after she lost her baby are now wishing that the Trumps would die. Soulless liberals.

  • October 3, 2020 at 7:09 am


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