South Carolina isn’t Joe’s Firewall; it’s his last hurrah

South Carolina isn’t Joe’s Firewall; it’s his last hurrah

For months now Biden, the press and his surrogates have all said South Carolina will be his Firewall (even though Joe is now claiming he never said that even though he said exactly that).

And I don’t mean to toss cold water all over Joe’s Firewall, but…

Okay, yes, I do.

Here’s the thing.  South Carolina isn’t his Firewall.  It’s Joe’s last hurrah.

Sure, there’s a good chance he’ll win in Saturday’s primary.  And if he does win, Joe would be remiss if he didn’t give a shout-out to Michael Bloomberg for letting old Joe have the lane all to himself.

That’s the only reason Joe Biden stands a good chance of coming out on top.

And therein lies the problem going forward.

After Saturday, Biden won’t have the so-called “moderate” lane to himself.*

[*There really isn’t a “moderate” lane in the 2020 Democrat race. But when you’re running against Marxists, even Left-leaning, Big Government Authoritarians like Biden and Bloomberg look “moderate.”]

Biden has spent so much time and money making sure he can place his supposed Firewall in the Win column that he has absolutely no game plan for countering Bloomberg in Super Tuesday states.  And with the so-called “moderate” vote split between a billionaire midget and the Forrest Gump of candidates, this South Carolina “Firewall” will do the sum total of nothing to prevent the Bern from spreading all over the country like the clap.

In the end, Joe winning South Carolina will do as much for him as winning Ohio did for John Kasich in 2016.

Sure, he’ll get all attendant bragging rights.  Which, when you consider that this is the third time Joe’s run for President and South Carolina might be his first-ever primary win, that’s something I guess.

But momentum going forward?


Given Joe Biden’s myriad of gaffes, outright fabrications and flights of fancy, there’s just too many negatives for a Biden juggernaut coming out of South Carolina.

The only “firewall” needed right now is one that is capable of stopping the raging Bernie blaze.

And a guy who can’t even stop his own verbal diarrhea isn’t exactly up to the job.

A win on Saturday will be nothing more than a temporary dopamine rush for the old, confused codger.

Sure, it might give Joe a false sense of momentum keeping him in through Super Tuesday.  But if Nate Silver’s projections for Super Tuesday are at all accurate, the only state Biden has a high probability of winning is Alabama.

So what does Joe gain by winning South Carolina?

Nothing.  Not when you consider most everyone already assumes he’ll win it.  Joe winning South Carolina is already baked in to the equation.

And if Bernie pulls in from behind and takes the win from Joe, then it’s all over.  Biden would never come back from a loss in South Carolina.  The donors that haven’t already dropped him after his fifth place finish in New Hampshire will bail on him if that happens.

A loss on Saturday would be the end of his campaign.

Though, to be honest, the Democrat’s Impeachment folly killed off Joe’s campaign months ago. Joe’s 2020 quest for the White House has been a walking corpse since WhistleblowerGate blew up all over him.

Fact is, given his “Snortunate Son” (hat tip Kurt Schlichter) and the whole Burisma mess, Joe Biden never should have entered the 2020 race to begin with.

Speaking of his coke-snorting son Hunter….

… Yeah. I did.

But even if Impeachment hadn’t exposed the Biden family corruption, jumping in to 2020 has been one humongous hot mess for the Elder Biden from the start.

He’s been so routinely humiliated by his scatterbrained remarks, his hair-trigger temper and his lack of cognitive abilities. At this point, continuing in the race is bordering on elder abuse.

And no doubt whoever it is that’s forcing Joe to endure public humiliation day after day (*cough* Jill Biden *cough*) will probably fight tooth and nail to keep him running no matter what happens in South Carolina on Saturday.

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4 thoughts on “South Carolina isn’t Joe’s Firewall; it’s his last hurrah

  • February 27, 2020 at 4:39 pm

    Senile, Creepy, Crazy, Sleepy, Pervy Joe should be in a rest home. They have a nice one in GITMO.

  • February 27, 2020 at 9:17 pm

    When Joe wins South Carolina, he’ll stay in the race and divide the half of the vote that Bernie doesn’t get, assuring Bernie’s victory.

    I hope Trump’s coalition spans into non-crazy Democrats for a 49 state win (Vermont is too far gone).

  • February 28, 2020 at 6:58 am

    I do believe you created the best nickname for Bernie: “The Clapper”! Trump is the cure!
    “Ivana: When did you get “The Clapper”? Austin: November, 1964, Dutch East Indies, shore leave.”

  • February 28, 2020 at 10:28 pm

    Life is like a box of Hunter… you never know how many crack rocks are going to be in it.

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