Speaking of Resets…

Speaking of Resets…

I mentioned the other day that Team Kamala is once again hitting the reset button on their girl. Well, it looks like resets are even more contagious than the Omicron variant in this White House because now Joe Biden’s people are hitting a reset button of their own.

Now that old Joe is polling worse than the clap, the White House is “plotting” a reset to convince the American public that the vindictive, divisive asshole who thinks they’re all bigots and traitors is actually an empathetic, compassionate grandfather figure.

This of course is would be a reset of the previous reset where the White House convinced the American public that the empathetic, compassionate grandfather figure was actually a vindictive, divisive asshole who thinks they’re all bigots and traitors.

Resets are, in a nutshell, do-overs.

So how many resets do these guys get?

Problem is, while the White House “plots” their reset, old Joe is still out there accusing supporters of election integrity laws of peddling “Jim Crow 2.0.” Maybe before they “plot” one of their resets, they should let the old guy in on it so he isn’t using the talking points from the previous reset.

From the NBC News report on the Great Biden Reset #13,648:

What some of Biden’s aides have expressed concern about most is the impression that he is seemingly bogged down at the White House, giving too many “one-dimensional” speeches from Washington instead of showcasing what they see as his greatest political strength: empathy and an ability to connect with ordinary Americans.

Yeah, his aides might be concerned about that, but trust me, that’s not what concerns the American people.

Joe Biden isn’t “bogged” down at the White House. He spent 28% of his first year in office hiding out in Delaware.

Of the 52 weekends in Joe Biden’s first year, only ten of them were spent in Washington DC. Half was spent in Delaware, a quarter was spent at Camp David. On one weekend he was in Nantucket and on two weekends he was in Europe on foreign trips.

When Afghanistan turned to shit, Joe Biden hid at Camp David. That’s not being “bogged down at the White House;” that’s hiding like a bumbling coward whose handlers are terrified the idiot would say something to make the situation worse.

And when he is in Washington, Biden isn’t “bogged down at the White House,” he’s next door from the White House on his pretend White House stage set in the Executive Office Building. Then after he gets done with his “one-dimensional” speech from his White House playset, he hops on Marine One to fly to Joint Base Andrews for the flight back to Delaware.

“Bogged down” my ass.

And who do they think they’re fooling with that Biden’s “greatest political strengths” are “empathy and an ability to connect with ordinary Americans?”

Really? By calling them racist, extremists, domestic terrorists, and traitors? By targeting parents protesting school boards? By accusing the “unvaccinated” of causing the pandemic? Biden has more enemies than Voldemort.

Does he “connect with ordinary Americans” by dismissing their concerns over rising prices and 40-year-high inflation while accusing them of being modern-day segregationists for wanting people to show ID to vote?

The empathetic “lunch bucket Joe from Scranton” ship has sailed, guys.

Speaking of Afghanistan. Remember how President Empathy Is His Greatest Political Strength responded when asked about the Afghans plummeting from the wheel-wells of airplanes in Kabul?

Remember when he checked his watch during the dignified transfer of the 13 service members killed in Kabul thanks to his bungled withdrawal?

Of all the resets the White House could’ve chosen, trying to go back to pretending Joe Biden is a kindhearted old grandpa bursting at the seams with empathy is going to be one hell of a tough sell.

As I said the other day, Joe Biden has always been an asshole. Sure, a lot of voters inexplicably chose to believe the “empathy and compassion” shtick in 2020 because they hated Trump. But then Joe became president and in no time that mask was ripped off. Americans can see what an incompetent, vindictive, divisive asshole Joe Biden is. There aren’t enough resets in the world to un-ring that bell.

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5 thoughts on “Speaking of Resets…

  • January 19, 2022 at 12:21 pm

    We’ve got just the thing.

  • January 19, 2022 at 12:56 pm

    One of the many pics of Joebama praising, laughing it up with and hugging Robert Byrd should be enough to make anyone see who Joebama really is. But no one under the age of 60 knows who Robert Byrd was… or cares to find out.

  • January 19, 2022 at 3:24 pm

    Also, remember the gentlemanly Joe “Bite me.” Biden? Guess I’m almost 60.

    E. Warren was wrong when she analogized recently that it’s just the first quarter in this Biden administration — implying there are three more years. Remember the November 2022 (scheduled) election? Here’s an even better football analogy:

    For the one year old Biden administration — down at least a touchdown plus a field goal — it’s the two minute warning in the fourth quarter. A win is only possible with a skilled ‘two minute drill.’ A loss could mean impeachment for some.

    Apologies for any comparisons to Joe Montana’s historic run (to a SF 49er fan) of successful two minute drills that won many football games with seconds or less remaining


  • January 20, 2022 at 10:49 am

    Biden’s folks think it’s all about “messaging” and that the electorate is simply too stupid to figure out what’s going on.

    They’re wrong. The “electorate” is more than just wild-eyed leftists, and we’re a little brighter than they figure. We know the difference between “messaging” and pointless, empty platitudes.

  • January 21, 2022 at 10:13 am

    That senile sack of corruption and stupidity will not make it to the 2022 election. The evil Leftists who kontrol the Democrat Party will come up with something. It won’t be pretty.

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