Starting the 2020 race this early seems like a tremendously bad idea

Is it just me or does anybody else think the Democrats are starting the 2020 race way too early?

In 2016, Jeb Bush – the supposed shoe-in for the GOP nomination – didn’t officially announce his candidacy until mid-June 2015.

The earliest official announcement I remember from 2016 was Ted Cruz who declared his candidacy at Liberty University on March 23, 2015.

But this year?

Kamala Harris officially announced in January for crap’s sake — more than a year away from the Iowa Caucus.

Quickly on her heels, Spartacus made his campaigns official.

Then Pocahontas and Amy somebody-or-other jumped in last week.

And Bernie Sanders announced today — more than two months earlier than he did in 2016.

Oh, and let’s not forget Kirsten Gillibrand who has yet to officially announce but is already campaigning in Iowa and New Hampshire.

We’re still almost a year away from the Iowa Caucus and these guys are out there haunting these early primary states as if it’s July.

Don’t these people have jobs?!

Okay, not really.  After all, every single one of these yutzes are members of the United States Senate.

But still.  You’d think they’d be a little busy to start the 2020 race a freaking year before the primaries begin.

I feel kind of bad for you folks in New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina.  You guys are going to be campaigned out before summer even gets here.

By August, folks in Iowa will be so tired of these idiots, they’ll probably avoid the State Fair on the outside chance they’ll run into one of them.

I mean, if this woman who just wants her ranch dressing feels this way now, imagine how she’ll feel by the time the Iowa Caucus rolls around a year from now.

“Gosh, I wish the 2020 race would start a year ahead of time because I just can’t get enough of politicians wandering around my favorite haunts,” said nobody in Iowa or New Hampshire EVER.

Remember how sick and tired we all were with the 2016 Presidential election by the time November rolled around?

And that one didn’t really get going until mid-summer of 2015.

These idiot Democrats are going to wear out their welcome.

Sure, the reporters following their campaigns may enjoy it.  But I’m thinking Iowa and New Hampshire voters are going to be so sick of these guys by the time primary day arrives, they’ll just vote for whichever candidate hasn’t been harassing them for twelve months straight.

But there are other pitfalls to starting the 2020 race so dang early.

Are these goofballs not aware of the fact that the more exposure voters get to their crazy ideas, the less voters like them?

Just look at the moronic “Medicare for All.”  Support for that boondoggle is plummeting.

Besides, the longer it goes on, the more likely it is that these novices to national political races will say something or do something supremely stupid.

Like, oh, I don’t know, this:

And if you thought that Kamala’s sputter is the zenith of stupid, just remember, Elizabeth Warren is in the 2020 race too. And she’s a pratfall waiting to happen.

So if they were smart, Kamala, Kirsten, Amy, Bernie, Cory and Liz would fold up their traveling tents and wait until late spring to annoy folks in Iowa and New Hampshire.

But I doubt they’ll listen to me.

And I kinda hope they don’t.

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5 thoughts on “Starting the 2020 race this early seems like a tremendously bad idea

  • February 19, 2019 at 7:42 pm

    “Kamala, Kirsten, Amy, Bernie, Cory and Liz” – I remember that heart-tugging song from the late 1960s. Or was that the movie about swapping spouses?

    Anyway, if you’re going to criticize the Dems for starting the Prex race precipitously, what about Trump, using the SotU to kick off his campaign? He has long since had his slogans and logos for 2020 trademarked. It’s almost as if he was planning to run for re-election from the beginning!!!!111!! 😀

  • February 20, 2019 at 1:36 am

    Yes, Dianny, way too early.

    Tryers. This too early wave of incumbent challenging presidential candidates is a bunch of incoherent hate-breath TRYERS!


  • February 20, 2019 at 9:01 am

    May or may not be a bad idea. the mani I voted for in ’80 started campaigning against the man I voted for in ’76 in ’77. My second man (like myself a very CONSERVATIVE D for most of his live) crushed Jim in ’80. The 3.5 year effort was very successful, for Ronny!

    Prior to that JFK started his run in ’57; again with a win! in ’60 for the young readers.

    Like it or not it is American; and has been for decades; if not centuries.

  • February 21, 2019 at 2:23 pm

    Two main reasons for the early entrants and many other non significant.

    1) Fill the campaign coffers. Dems love other peoples money even if they drop out later.

    2) They think by running for President, when the arrests start, this will insulate them from arrest as they can cry “Political Revenge Hit Job”. That ain’t gonna work as they are all as dirty as can be.

    Entities known as white hats have been collecting the dirt on them for years. All the Rethug GOPe’rs in the Mid Terms who quit were given the option of stepping down or going down are out. Mark my words.

    Adam Schiff’s arrest will be especially juicy as he is connected to the Standard Hotel in L.A. , a place well known for pedophilic pleasure seekers. SH was also cited for dumping 50 gallons of Sulpheric Acid into the L.A. sewage system, from the rooftop drain, after the fact. Some believe they were dissolving dead kids but who knows. I grant that most sites covering this story are right wing but where there is smoke, sometimes there is fire. Of course, I and many others could be wrong but it never hurts to investigate and draw ones own conclusions.

    You cannot fathom how big this whole thing it.

    For your individual consideration;

    As for POTUS, he has minced no words that he intends to be a two term President and announced his candidacy mid 2017, Trademarked same and even mentioned it at his pre-election rallies. You bet he is always in rally for 2020 mode.

  • February 25, 2019 at 5:57 pm

    I am planning to embarrass any Democrat shill that comes to Arizona in the next two years. All these lefty scum have more baggage than United Airlines. And I plan to shout it out loud and often. Could care less about being kicked out of any event. Not a big deal for me.

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