Stop making excuses for animals

If I were a mayor of a major metropolitan city and “protesters” were coming in from all points on the globe to “protest,” I think I would be more concerned with my obligation to protect the citizens of my city than I would be protecting the alleged rights of these beasts to “protest.”

That isn’t to say that I think there is no right to speak out. Of course there is. There is a right to freely assemble, to freely speak and to petition the government on behalf of the people.

For those of you who think abortion is specifically mentioned in the Constitution, what I am describing is what we on Planet Earth call the First Amendment.

There is a difference between a right to free speech or free assembly, and throwing bricks at police, attacking innocent bystanders and cutting fire hoses to prevent the fires you set on your way out of looting a drug store from being extinguished.

That isn’t “protest.” That is lawless, felonious behavior.

You do not have a right to that.

If I were a mayor of a major metropolitan city, I wouldn’t permit one moment of this. I would demand that everyone go home or face arrest. I would instruct my police to begin arresting everyone who is looting stores, destroying private and public property and otherwise violating the law.

You do not have a right to protest when “protesting” is really getting in your car, driving several hundred miles, and fomenting violence in the name of “justice.” You do not have a right to protest if your idea of “protesting” is stealing or destroying the property of others.

That isn’t “protesting.”

That is what we on Planet Earth call “breaking the law.”

The mayor of Baltimore should be driven from office.

This woman is an idiot.

Any semi-conscious, semi-intelligent person could tell you that looting, destroying property and attacking police and civilians is not “protesting.”

And yet this woman seems incapable of distinguishing between actual “protesting” and criminal misconduct.

So desperate is she to bend over ass backwards for rabble-rousers and criminals who are destroying the city she took an oath to serve.

These aren’t protests. These aren’t marches.

These are people who are committing crime.

In some cases, the very same people who stirred up violence in Ferguson are descending on the city of Baltimore.

And why in the name of sweet fancy Moses would the Mayor of Baltimore permit this?

Why would any mayor permit the destruction of the very city he or she serves?

The problem in America today is the people who seek to destroy our nation are given all manner of allowances. They are excused. They are pandered to.

While the people who do the working, the living, the shopping and business of a city are left to their own devices while interlopers like Al Sharpton and George Soros help tear their cities apart.

It’s obscene.

We need to stop making excuses for criminal behavior.

We need to stop making excuses for animals.

We need more people like this lady who, when she discovered her son was one of the rioters opened a can of whoop-ass on him:

What we don’t need are idiots like Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake excusing illegal behavior and classifying it as “protesting.”

Can we please stop making excuses for thugs?

Can we please stop apologizing for America as if we are to blame for these animals destroying cities?

Can we go back to that notion of “individual responsibility?”

If everyone took a page from that mother’s book, we could stop this idiocy in a New York minute.

Take responsibility for yourself and your own family. Stop blaming “the system.” Stop blaming the police. Stop blaming everyone else. And smack some sense into these people.

That includes you, Mayor Blake.

Stop giving allowances to those who are destroying your city. Why not defend your city and the citizens who live there?

That’s your job.

This isn’t a “protest.” It is people who believe they are not answerable to anyone behaving like wild animals and expecting to get away with it because of “the system” or “racism.”

What bullshit.

I refuse to play along.

I am so sick and tired of the people who are perpetrators of violence trying to claim the mantle of “victim.”

It’s nonsense.

And I refuse to play along.

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2 thoughts on “Stop making excuses for animals

  • April 28, 2015 at 12:32 pm

    Calling the rioters “animals” is an insult to animals. I prefer “P-cubed”. (piss, poor, protoplasm)

  • April 28, 2015 at 2:02 pm

    This wasn’t a protest. It was just an opportunity provided to criminal animals. What did the people who worked at CVS or any of the other businesses do to these criminals? They had jobs that they worked at everyday and that was causing harm to someone? If these businesses are smart they won’t rebuild in Baltimore. Let that city become a ghost town. And let that Mayor run her ghost town with no business taxes coming in.

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