Stop spreading conspiracy theories … say the conspiracy theorists

Saturday President Trump retweeted a video from comedian Terrence K. Williams joking about how folks who have info on the Clintons always end up dead.  It’s clearly humor.  But since the anti-Trump news media are a humorless lot, they accused the President of peddling conspiracy theories about the Clintons.

I mean, jeepers creepers, they are really setting their hair on fire over it.

Yeah. He didn’t retweet “conspiracy theories,” you dope. He retweeted one — count ’em — one video from a freaking comedian begging people not to tell him anything about the Clintons because he doesn’t want to be added to the Clinton Body Count.

That’s not retweeting “vile anti-Clinton conspiracy theories.” That’s retweeting a joke.

We can debate whether or not the President of the United States should retweet a comedian.

But the last people on the planet who should be lecturing us about conspiracy theories are folks in the news media.

Their well-I-nevering would be easier for me to stomach if it wasn’t coming from the people who trafficked in the “Donald J. Trump is a Russian asset” conspiracy theories for nearly three years.

These are the same assholes who want you to believe that President Trump forming the OK hand gesture is some super-secret signal to the vast army of White Supremacists and Nazis who apparently number in the millions and are the greatest terror threat the country faces even though nobody knows where the hell they’re all hiding.

These people have some nerve accusing President Trump of trafficking in conspiracy theories.

Does Oliver Darcy object to Adam Schiff, Ted Lieu and Eric Swalwell spending the last two and a half years trafficking in Russian conspiracy theories?

Of course he doesn’t.

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer didn’t caution Ted Lieu about peddling conspiracy theories when he claimed live on the air that someone “got to” Robert Mueller.

Trump retweeting a video from a comedian about the high rate of suicide among those who tangle with the Clintons is hardly the same as spending two and a half years peddling conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory about President Trump being a Russian asset who is committing treason AND is a criminal with a “consciousness of guilt” (as Ted Lieu always says).

Let’s be honest.  I find it easier believing Jeffrey Epstein’s death is extremely suspicious than believing Trump conspired with Russia.

Let’s just review the last couple of weeks.

Idiots in the news media attempted to convince us that Trump talking about a rat infestation in Baltimore is “coded racist language.”  And anybody who can read the code knows the “infestation” Trump was talking about was people of color.

What’s more, because he uses that super-secret coded language, Trump wants Latinos exterminated.

And let’s not forget that Trump ordered the flags at half-staff until 8/8.  EIGHT EIGHT!! That’s the letter H twice as in Heil Hitler.  This was a double-secret message to the Nazis who of course are hiding behind every bush waiting to leap out and kill us all!!!!

And not only that!  Many months ago, Trump referred to the invasion of tens of thousands of Central Americans as an “invasion.” And the El Paso shooter, who apparently never heard the word invasion before (until President Trump used the word many months ago), was inspired by Trump to shoot up a Walmart.  Ipso facto, Trump is complicit in mass murder!!!

But wait!  There’s more! Because Trump gave a thumbs up and smile when posing for a picture in El Paso, he clearly was happy about the death of those people because he is a secret White Supremacist who wants more mass murder and uses his rallies to send out marching orders to his brown shirts.


There’s something particularly galling about getting lectures on the dangers of conspiracy theories from people who think the Russians control the National Rifle Association.

Or peddled RussiaGate for nearly three years.

Or who try to ruin people’s lives for using the OK hand sign.

Or have somehow convinced themselves (despite the lack of evidence) that White Supremacist Terrorism is the biggest threat the country faces.

[But only after Climate Change because the earth is going to be destroyed in twelve years unless we tax the rich and give up cows (and that’s not a conspiracy theory!!!)]

Let’s look at Darcy’s tweet again.

The fool doesn’t even seem to realize that in condemning the President for retweeting what he calls “anti-Clinton conspiracy theories” Darcy ends up peddling his own conspiracy theory.  Namely that Trump “gave permission” and “assigned” to his supporters what narrative we’re supposed to run with.

conspiracy theories

The morons in the media really don’t have a problem with trafficking in conspiracy theories.

Not at all.  It’s their bread and butter.

What they’re really angry about is the ease with which President Trump can yank them off message.

I’ve said before Trump uses Twitter like someone uses a laser pointer to make a cat crazy. He retweets a comedian and these gormless nitwits scramble after it and, as a result, further amplify it.

They hate the fact that Trump always controls the narrative. But they can’t help themselves. They let him do it every single time.

They’re supposed to be the ones pushing the narrative.  And do not doubt me, if that means trafficking in conspiracy theories themselves, they are more than happy to do it.

Then along comes President Trump who, with a single retweet, throws their narrative off course and sends them reeling.

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4 thoughts on “Stop spreading conspiracy theories … say the conspiracy theorists

  • August 12, 2019 at 3:28 pm

    The biggest cocaine dealers in Arkansas history have had ALOT of people killed.

  • August 12, 2019 at 9:35 pm

    I am a second generation legal immigrant, my parents escaped eastern block communism in 1975.

    I was old enough to stand on the bread lines for hours hungry for something, anything that by rumor perhaps be delivered. But It never materialized, and we always were starving. The government took our land our home our money everything. And as a child, I was knew spies were at every corner..listening and On our phone everywhere. Armed militia were at every corner. Relatives were taken in the middle of the night, never to be seen or herd from again. As children we were warned by family to not speak. At all. To anyone. Now this great America that we came legally to, worked so hard for, is going to go to corrupt democrat communism. I simply stand absolutely desolated. What my parents fought so hard for is now lost, to the vote for communism by ppl that are clueless and brainwashed. I cry every day for all the ppl that have chosen America as their last hope that have worked so hard for freedom, to have now lost it all.

    • August 13, 2019 at 12:29 am

      “corrupt democrat communism”

      Apparently for some (actually, maybe the elite few), the grass seems greener…

      What little do I know of your suffering? However, your personal story briefly told here so well, is compelling and heartbreaking. Shame on leftists in America for so indoctrinating our young, exploiting differences, victimizing, and organizing against America’s founding principles. A founding that smarter people than many promulgated in bloodshed to form this glorious country. You are right! We would be wasting precious treasure that was spent to form this unique country. Why become like so many others? America CAN NOT righteously go back to revisit these failed forms of governance.

      Thank you for your inspiring words of concern and warning. To not understand is our peril.


  • August 12, 2019 at 11:22 pm

    I wonder if the entire left wing in this country will be the number one choice for Dianny’s most tiresome people of 2019?

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