Stormy Jim

I said the other day with regard to Jim Comey’s bit of revenge porn that he’s basically Stormy Daniels without the boobs.

And from what I’ve read about his interview on ABC last night, I think I hit the nail on the head.

Stormy Jim

Like Stormy Daniels, Comey hopes to profit from dishing dirt.

But instead of hinting at the appearance of President Trump’s private parts, he takes petty slams on the size of Trump’s hands.

Jim. You’re eighteen feet tall. Everybody’s hands are smaller than yours – you petty, insufferable little prick.

And just like Stormy Daniels, Comey’s every snotty accusation and insult will be gushed over and repeated on CNN for hours on end.

Yesterday over at The Hill, Sharyl Attkisson lists all the reasons President Trump was justified in firing the duplicitous, petty mean girl.

A lot of new information has come out in the year since President Trump fired FBI Director James Comey. No matter whether you admire Trump, Comey, both or neither — it’s now difficult to argue that Trump made the wrong move in removing Comey. Even many of Trump’s detractors would agree that no president should keep in place the head of a crucial division who — along with some of his top staff — apparently worked to undermine or control the president, and exercised poor judgment in important matters.

Here are 12 ways Comey has proven Trump was right to fire him.

And she goes on to itemize all the things that cast doubt on Comey’s claim that he serves a “higher loyalty.”

Another few weeks of Comey making the rounds promoting his revenge porn, and Attkisson can probably add a couple dozen other reasons Trump made the right decision.

Who does this vengeful little liar and leaker think he is declaring President Trump morally unfit to serve?

Has he looked in the mirror lately?

He’s gobbling up all this attention the same way Stormy Daniels did – eager to dish gossip and unfounded accusations. And, just like Stormy, he’s willing to say and do anything for money.

Forgive me, Jim. But I’m not quite sure why you consider yourself the arbiter of who is morally fit.

You lied under oath. You leaked classified information after you got fired.

And let’s not forget that you provided cover for a criminal in order to clear the way for her to become President. Clearly, you don’t have a problem with morally unfit people occupying the White House.

And now, rather than take the honorable route, you’re willing to peddle in innuendo and rumors. And for what? To get back at the President for firing your miserable ass.

There is nothing morally superior about you.

You’re just another whore.

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3 thoughts on “Stormy Jim

  • April 16, 2018 at 4:39 pm

    I don’t think the ratings were very high for this Comey Lovefest.

    And I LOVE what you did with that picture!!!

  • April 19, 2018 at 8:07 pm

    In your massive library of wonderful photos, this may well be my favorite!

    • April 19, 2018 at 8:28 pm

      Thanks. It’s creepy as hell. My favorite is still Obama and Putin ice dancing.

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