Will this story end with a robbery-gone-wrong?


After being arrested and arraigned, Imran Awan was released under strict monitoring.

Sure, his passport was confiscated and he was ordered not to go too far from his Virginia home.

But I think he might be much safer sitting in jail.

At the risk of sounding heartless, how long before Imran is gunned down in an apparent robbery-gone-wrong?

Let’s face it.

You cross the Democrats, and you don’t live to tell the tale.

Just ask Seth Rich.

Wait. You can’t because he was killed in an apparent robbery-gone-wrong.

I’m convinced these Pakistani IT staffers who spent years rooting around in Congressional computers have not only acquired classified intel that has been sent off-site. But I also think they gathered up some really juicy tidbits on all of their former employers.

I have a suspicion that is part of the reason their former employers have been so reticent to cooperate with Capitol Hill Police in this security breach.

And it also explains why Debbie Wasserman Schultz kept Imran on the payroll despite this criminal investigation.

But now that he failed in his attempt to flee the country and the destroyed hard drives have been found, Imran may prove to be too much of a liability.

After all, he just might talk to save his own skin.

And heaven knows what he might spill.

We all know what happens to people who cross the Democrats.

And by releasing this guy instead of keeping him in jail, law enforcement just might guarantee this entire story ends in a robbery-gone-wrong.

Of course even if it does end with Imran a victim of a robbery-gone-wrong, CNN still won’t report on it.

Personally, I think it was reckless to release this guy.

He is clearly a flight risk since he was apprehended attempting to flee the country.

And isn’t that the very definition of “flight risk?”

So why let him out?

Anybody who has committed fraud with this kind of regularity could easily find a way to slip out of the country and avoid prosecution.

And let’s face it.

He may want to do that just to keep himself from being a victim of a mysterious robbery homicide in which nothing is taken.

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