Strategy Session by Alinsky

So Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats got together for a strategy session today.

Their mission: to find a way to stop the Republicans and President-Elect Trump from repealing Obamacare.

But from the twaddle being burped out by those in attendance, the strategy session wasn’t so much finding legislative ways of stopping repeal.

Instead, it was straight out of Alinsky.

They got a slogan and a logo:

Which they then made into a hashtag.

And they trotted their typical worn out, decades old fearmongering tactics in an effort to paint Republicans as unfeeling, uncaring monsters.

Then, like a well-oiled machine, all the Democrats took to social media — logo and hashtag in hand — and regurgitated this drivel ad nauseam while attempting to make it look like it was all totally spontaneous.


That’s the best they could come up with?

Do these people not realize that the Democrat Alinsky tactics aren’t going to work anymore?

Hillary had splashy slogans, logos and fearmongering too.

Hillary had sycophantic, slavish followers who dutifully retweeted her garbage too.

How’d that work out for her?

Do they not realize that in one series of tweets Donald Trump can tear this insipid “strategy” to shreds without breaking a sweat?

Donald Trump didn’t just change the rules of the game.

He changed the game.

And these morons in the Democrat Party, still unwilling to admit they’re out of their league, just keep going back to the same tired well.

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