Such a nasty woman

Show her soul

Funny, isn’t it? Seems like every time Donald Trump says something, he is later proven correct. Hillary Clinton really is a nasty woman.

Between the Podesta emails released by WikiLeaks and now Part Three of Project Veritas’ investigative report, it is a certainty.

In fact, her entire campaign is downright nasty.

You’d have to be a particularly nasty person to want to work for Hillary Clinton.

I can’t imagine wanting to aid that crooked, venal hag in her insatiable quest for power.

But then again, I’m not a nasty woman.

Well, maybe I’m a wee bit nasty. After all, I’m getting all manner of pleasure from watching Hillary get exposed for the lying, steaming sack of toxic waste that she is.

But does enjoying a heaping helping of Schadenfreude really make me nasty?

I think not.

We are culturally hardwired to want to see bad people get their just rewards.

That’s the beautiful thing about O’Keefe’s videos not being released until after the first two debates. We got to watch Hillary as she got all self-righteous and holier-than-thou about the violence at Trump’s rallies. We watched her moral preening as she condemned so-called divisive rhetoric.

And then we got to see her eat those words.

It couldn’t have been more Schadenfreuderrific had James O’Keefe and WikiLeaks handed Hillary a long, long rope and let her run around until she hanged herself.

The Clinton campaign has been exposed not just as liars but as lawbreakers.

Democrats will do anything to win. Including lying, stealing, breaking the law, and committing fraud.

They accomplished a lot during the eight years of Obama. And by golly, they will not lose their control over the people of this country even if they have to break every law to maintain it.

The truth is, their only hope for victory was to run a candidate who was so amoral and corrupt she wouldn’t think twice about using every underhanded tactic imaginable.

In other words, they needed a nasty woman.

But the plan only works if the American people are left in the dark about just how corrupt and nasty Hillary’s campaign has been.

And the curtain has been pulled back.

We’ve seen how the sausage is made.

And my friends, it really is nasty.

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