Super Tuesday wasn’t exactly super for everyone

Super Tuesday wasn’t exactly super for everyone

Whelp.  Super Tuesday is over.  And the big winner was old Dementia Joe.

[From now on, let’s just call him JoeMentia.]

In addition to running away with the southern states (as expected), JoeMentia shocked everyone by also picking up Massachusetts, Maine, Minnesota and Texas.

This was not at all expected.

With Klobuchar out, Bernie was the favorite to win Minnesota.  He was also the favorite in Texas, Maine and Massachusetts.  But JoeMentia shocked everyone by confiscating from Bernie the states he worked so hard to earn.

Ironic, ain’t it?

The two biggest losers of Super Tuesday were of course Pocahasbeen and Mini-Mike.

Though, to be fair, Bloomberg did manage to win American Samoa.

But for half a billion dollars in campaign spending, winning a teeny Pacific territory doesn’t exactly spell Momentum.

Super Tuesday American Samoa

Don’t tell Mini-Mike that.  His victory speech made it sound like he just won Texas, California and every state south of the Mason-Dixon line.

But the biggest loser of the night was Pocahasbeen.  She had the suckiest Super Tuesday EVER.

I mean, we all knew her odds of winning a Super Tuesday state were slim.

But, wow.  She came in third in her own state, for crap’s sake.

So, apparently the answer to my question “Is Massachusetts falling out of love with Pocahasbeen?” is a resounding yes.  Yes it is.

Nate Silver gave Elizabeth Warren a 25% chance of finishing in first place in her home state.  And even that was wishful thinking.

The shock, of course is JoeMentia — the guy who, just days ago was polling in fourth or fifth place — won a resounding 33% in Massachusetts.

Getting spanked in your own state is bad enough.  But Pocahasbeen lost every single Super Tuesday contest.

I mean, even Bloomberg won something.

Good gravy, that’s just embarrassing. I’m embarrassed for her — though not embarrassed enough to feel sorry for her. Given how deeply I loathe the woman, the Schadenfreude I feel today keeps me from pitying her.

Does that make me a bad person? Well, I don’t care.

Now, a number of election watchers are arguing that Elizabeth Warren’s insistence on remaining in the race is the reason Bernie lost some odds-on Super Tuesday wins to JoeMentia.  Among those who believe that is Sundance from the Conservative Treehouse.

I think Sundance is very good at reading the tealeaves.  And he could be right. With the so-called “moderate” lane consolidating, a fragmented Marxist lane might have cut in to Bernie’s vote count.

At the same time, I have my doubts that it was Pocahasbeen who dragged Bernie down.

I think Bernie’s fan-girling over Marxist dictators scared the bejesus out of semi-rational Democrat primary voters. We can’t underestimate just how off-putting that is to people — even to Democrats.

But also, I really don’t believe that Elizabeth Warren is pulling from the exact same voter pool as Bernie Sanders.  At least not enough to swing a Super Tuesday state from Bernie to JoeMentia.

Sure, among university-age Marxists, Liz probably hurt Bernie. But overall? I’m just not sure.

While some of her supporters might choose Bernie if Liz were out of the running, I think an equal number of Warrenistas are voters who despise Bernie so deeply they would never vote for him even if he threatened to put them in a gulag.

So let’s say Liz had dropped out before Super Tuesday. I think her potential votes would split pretty much evenly between JoeMentia and Bernie.

Isn’t it possible that Massachusetts went to Biden because the Warren fans could see the writing on the wall (something Liz still fails to see)?  And rather than waste their vote on a loser, they bailed on her. Some might have gone to Bernie. But a heck of a lot more went to JoeMentia.

But wait!

The Schadenfreude doesn’t end there!

Here’s what Liz told her fans in a post-Super Tuesday email last night:

“There are six more primaries just one week away, and we need your help to keep up the momentum.”

Momentum?  Is she kidding?! What momentum?

I’m beginning to suspect that Joe isn’t the only candidate in this race suffering from dementia.

Of course hardest hit among the Warren fans are her sycophants in the news media.  A part of their souls died last night, I’m sure. And I guarantee you, they did NOT see it coming.

In fact, conservative writer Mike LeChance has a rather comical Twitter thread on all the Warren Cheerleading from these guys that’s worth a read (HERE).

Delegate-wise, Biden was the clear winner of Super Tuesday – garnering 364 delegates.  Bernie’s Super Tuesday was less than super – adding only 291 delegates to his previous wins.

Despite failing to secure a single Super Tuesday win, even Pocahasbeen got an additional 35 delegates.

Bloomberg’s millions pulled in 41 delegates.

Or, to put it another way, Mini-Mike paid over twelve million dollars per delegate.

Even Tulsi Gabbard managed to secure a delegate last night  – namely in American Samoa.  Which, when you get right down to it, makes Mini-Mike’s win there look all the more ridiculous given how Tulsi got 20% of the delegates available at a far, far lower of a cost to her campaign.

When you add the delegates already pledged from previous contests, JoeMentia is now in the lead with 412.  Bernie is in second place with 353.  Mini-Mike and Pocahasbeen trail far behind with 41 and 43 respectively.*

But everyone is a long way from the 1,991 pledged delegates needed to win the nomination outright.

There’s no doubt, however, that after JoeMentia’s unexpected Super Tuesday victories, the momentum has shifted his way going forward.

And here I thought South Carolina would be his last hurrah.

In other words, Mission Accomplished, Operation Stop Bernie.  Mission Accomplished.

*Delegate counts vary in reporting. Some show higher numbers, some show lower. Don’t ask me why.

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4 thoughts on “Super Tuesday wasn’t exactly super for everyone

  • March 4, 2020 at 2:47 pm

    I find it absolutely hilarious that the Bernie Bros are complaining of rigged primaries in Biden’s favor. Good old Commies should realize that it’s not who votes that count but….. well, you know.

  • March 4, 2020 at 6:40 pm

    I don’t care who gets the nomination, it will be very entertaining watching President Trump rip them to shreds in the debates.

  • March 4, 2020 at 11:01 pm

    I must agree somewhat with Sundance from Conservative Treehouse. With Warren staying in the race prior to Super Tuesday may not have hindered Bernie but it sure as hell didn’t help his cause. Did Klobuchar’s and Buttigieg’s endorsement help Biden? Of course, it did. If Lizzy would have bailed Biden may have won six states but not nine. The tax the rich, free shit army surrogates tend to stick together.

  • March 5, 2020 at 7:19 am

    Think about it for just a few minutes. ALL of the MSMEDIA in this country is CONTROLLED by 6 or 7 corporations, the same polling geniuses are all connected to these same corporations, the same polling geniuses that predicted shrillery von pantsuit would have a blowout win win 96% of the people voting for her and destroying PRESIDENT TRUMP. These same geniuses have been propagizing that joementia has been leading PRESIDENT TRUMP ever since he entered the race, even crazy bernie has been beating PRESIDENT TRUMP in most of the previous polls prior to super Tuesday. Anyone with half a brain or zero schiff for brains cannot be so stupid as to believe anything these talking uranuses in the media keep shoving like manure into the feeble minds in America. Geez, I am so tired of stuffing myself w/popcorn and then laughing so hard the beer spurts out my nose. The lack of pushback on anything by these morons of the media tells me they are all part of the skim collected payback, why they all look down their reading glasses nose at the 90% of working America and think, what a bunch of rubes, leading us down the road to serfdom. November can’t get here soon enough.

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