Susan Hennessey, RussiaGate crank, lands job at DOJ

Susan Hennessey made a name for herself during the Trump years as one of the foremost peddlers of the RussiaGate conspiracy theory. Her Twitter feed was a constant stream of histrionics and allegations – which, of course, turned out to be flat-out false.

I’d include some of her RussiaGate tweets here, but Susan Hennessey has quietly deleted them all.

As you can see:

JK reply to Susan Hennessey-01
JK reply to Susan Hennessey-02
JK reply to Susan Hennessey-03

And it’s no wonder she’s deleting her Twitter feed.

Hennessey announced this morning that she will be joining the Biden Justice Department.

Leftists always reward those who eagerly peddle their lies. And Susan Hennessey spent four years doing just that from Twitter and, of course, CNN.

And like Neera Tanden before her, Hennessey is trying to erase her history as a whacked out conspiracy theorist by quietly deleting all her crazy “RussiaGate” tweets.

Susan Hennessey has always been one of those “Twitter lawyers” that makes you question the value of a law degree. And now she will be a Justice Department hack that will make you question the DOJ’s commitment to anything resembling “justice.”

But don’t worry guys. The adults are back in charge and we will no longer have a politicized DOJ.

What a complete joke.

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One thought on “Susan Hennessey, RussiaGate crank, lands job at DOJ

  • May 11, 2021 at 7:16 am

    The Department of Justice

    Sounds so 1984ish, it’s almost as though Orwell could see the future

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