has closed down.

You can now find Dianny on Substack at "Sweet Merciful Zeus - Musings from Dianny."

If you enjoyed Dianny's work at, you can set up a free subscription to Sweet Merciful Zeus to access most of Dianny's columns.

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"Sweet Merciful Zeus - Musings from Dianny" will give you many of the same fun features you've enjoyed at, including the year-end classic, "Ten Most Tiresome People" columns, the trademark Dianny Images, Dianny's book, TV, and movie reviews, and the satirical news reports from "The Wildly Inaccurate Dianny News Service" - not to mention Dianny's humorous commentary on politics and culture.

A note from Dianny:
Since launching in February 2015, I have been fortunate to have some of the most loyal, engaged readers, many of whom generously hit the tip jar over the years to help keep the lights on here.
And while I am a bit sad about rolling up the PatriotRetort tent and moving on, I know joining Substack is the right move.
I look forward to continuing to entertain, inform, (and sometimes infuriate you) at Sweet Merciful Zeus.
Thank you all for giving me the best 8 and a half years ever! I hope you'll join me at "Sweet Merciful Zeus - Musings from Dianny."