Did Takei admit it on Howard Stern?


Not moments after I posted about the allegation of rape against Mr. Sulu, I stumbled across a post at Mediaite that included audio of George Takei on Howard Stern.

And I have to tell you, it sounds to me like Takei is admitting that he’s made unwanted sexual advances on men.

So much for the heartfelt denials.

You can go to Mediaite to listen to the audio. I’m not adding it.

But in the discussion about Harvey Weinstein, Takei claims that sexually harassing men on the job is wrong and something he’s never done.

Instead, he limits his unwanted sexual advances to the privacy of his home.

Which, I guess he thinks makes it okay.

“But you didn’t do this grabbing at work,” Stern’s co-host Robin Quivers asked.
“No, it wasn’t at work,” he clarified. “It was either in my home- he came to my home.”
“So what do you mean?” Stern asked. “You mean some guy who was hesitating to have sex with you and then you gave him a gentle squeeze on the balls or something?”
“More than a gentle…” Takei laughed. “But it didn’t involve power over the other.”

Wow. So if you make an unwanted sexual advance in the privacy of your home, it’s okay?

So much for being “shocked and bewildered” over Brunton’s claims.

Takei admits to Stern that “Some people are kind of… umm… skittish … or maybe… um… afraid and you’re trying to persuade.”

Oh, I see. Persuade.

Is that what they’re calling it?

Maybe you’ve been out in the galaxy too long, Mr. Sulu. But here on Planet Earth, most folks would call that an unwanted sexual advance.

You can read Brunton’s account at the Hollywood Reporter for yourself.

Because it sounds to me that what Takei is describing to Howard Stern is exactly what his accuser says happened thirty-six years ago.

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