Thanks suburban women: this what you voted for

They say the reason Democrats had such success in November was suburban women were turned off by Donald Trump’s coarseness. So traditionally Republican suburban areas went to Democrats.

Because Trump is rude.

“Well, I never! He’s so rude and crude! I’m voting Democrat to put my foot down over that rude man who tweets!”

Thanks, suburban women!

Thanks to you objecting to rude and crude Donald Trump, New York State had enough Democrats in the legislature to enact an abortion law that allows a mother to kill her child up to the point the doctor says, “Deep breath and PUSH!”

Thanks to you objecting to that icky Donald Trump, the Democrats in Virginia are coming very close to doing the same thing.

Listen to that video, suburban women. If you got the vapors over President Trump’s tweet, how can you be okay with this?

How can you be okay with a Democrat Governor bloodlessly talking about killing a baby after it’s born?

Name one single tweet of President Trump’s that’s as ghoulishly bloodless and wicked as Governor Ralph Northam.

Name just one.

Maybe it’s because I’m not one of these pearl-clutching suburban women, but I think openly advocating for murdering a baby post-birth is just a wee bit more icky than anything President Trump has ever tweeted.

Suburban women stupidly fell for the touchy-feely BS Democrats campaign on while completely ignoring what the Democrats actually are.

And what they are is insane.

“But, but, but Trump is putting children in cages!!!”

Actually, that was Obama.

But conmen that they are, Democrats advanced that talking point all the way to victory.  And these suburban women fell for it like a bunch of gullible marks.

Now, I realize that putting kids in cages is super bad. And if Democrats really were upset about it, they would have howled from the rooftops back in 2014 when Obama was doing it.

But they didn’t which, apparently, is why these suburban women didn’t know about it in 2014.

So you gals voted for the Democrats over cages that existed in 2014 and what you got in return is a party that celebrates murdering a baby after it’s born.


When you were shuttling Bethany or Madison to soccer practice, were you hoping to elect Democrats who advance infanticide?

Was that what you were voting for, suburban women?

I’m guessing no.

But it’s exactly what you got.

So huzzahs all around, gals!

You wanted to teach Trump a lesson for being a rude tweeter.

And as a result, you opened the floodgates — not to a blue wave, but to a river of blood.

You voted for a political party that advocates Jew hatred and the death of Israel. You voted for a party of anti-Catholic bigots.

You voted for a party that gives no thought or concern for Americans victimized by criminal illegals or dying from an opioid epidemic fueled by drugs pouring over our open border.

And if that isn’t bad enough, you gave power to a party that cheers and celebrates unfettered infanticide.

You fell for the oldest trick in the book: the Bait and Switch.

That’s a Democrat Party specialty.

Funny how these suburban women don’t get it, but that rude tweeter, Donald Trump does.

That is what you voted for, suburban women.

To punish rudeness, you empowered monstrous ghouls.

So give yourselves a round of applause, ladies.

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5 thoughts on “Thanks suburban women: this what you voted for

  • January 31, 2019 at 12:25 pm

    I didn’t vote for these people, as in NY state, Virginia has more population around our large city center, ie: DC than the rest of the commonwealth does overall,,,,we all vote red, as do you NY’ers, but you are outvoted by NYC, and we are outvoted by the DC workers…I want to cry, and I did yesterday, then I prayed to God to do something….btw, they tabled the bill and buried it so it won’t come up again

  • January 31, 2019 at 12:58 pm

    Next state to dabble in this sickness is Rhode Island. And again, they have a governor who is a “Roman Catholic”.

    Jesse Kelly’s tweet above about Nanking — yes! I read the book by Iris Chang. The Democrats of today would have fit in nicely with what was done to the people of Nanking.

    God forgive them because I certainly can’t.

  • January 31, 2019 at 3:02 pm

    Hell is going to be overflowing…..

  • January 31, 2019 at 10:14 pm

    Murderers of innocent babies. A moral civil war could develop over this as it should if there is any civility left in this once great country. And they call us deplorables and nazis. I am sick of them calling us what they truely are. What they truelly are they project on us. Those babies may not be deserving of life on earth according to liberals, but God Almighty will accept them with a life in eternal glory. What an Awsome God, and what a lame and twisted mind that would kill innocent babies. I AM INFURIATED that anyone can vote for those pigs.

  • February 1, 2019 at 11:14 am

    In 2019 there is no need for abortion to even be considered because:
    1. You can have great sex and NOT get pregnant – yes you have to be responsible and use any of the wide variety of birth control out there, but isn’t that what the women’s right movement is all about – women accepting and being responsible. The cost of most birth control is cheaper than the two cups of Starbucks Coffee many women buy each day or week.
    2. Even if you are an irresponsible git, we are not living in 1959, or even 1979 when there was still some social stigma to have a child without the benefit of clergy. But in 2019, single women having children seem to be just fine – loads of social services are provided for the lone parent and if you are teen, you might even get your own TV show.
    3. Adoptions are no long closed – in a couple of years shows like Long Lost Family may have run out of stories since almost all adoptions are open. So if you decide to give your child up for adoption, you actually have a say in the family it goes to and you get to remain in contact with the family for as much or as little was you wish. Hardly the horrid choice it was even 25 years ago.

    So tell me again why abortion is needed? For medical conditions – gee with 3D ultrasound and genetic testing – that is a feeble argument.

    Let’s also remember that in Canada (where I live) since we have useless politicians who will not take a stand, we in effect have abortion on demand and right up until delivery. Who really knows what the numbers are since very few if any health authorities,, districts, regions (or whatever they are called these days) report abortion data.

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