That was depressing

That was depressing

I didn’t watch Fox News’ townhall with the Democrat candidates last night. The thought of having to endure Hillary Clinton’s shrill voice and Bernie Sanders’ angry bellow was just too much for me.

But this morning, I went to Fox News’ website and read through the transcript, and let me tell you that was depressing enough. I can’t imagine how much I would have wanted to suck a tailpipe if I had to watch the damn thing.

I have to commend Bret Baier for having the stones to ask some actual probing questions. Frankly, I’m stunned that Sanders and Clinton were willing to be questioned by anyone from Fox News, but especially Baier.

Reading through Bernie’s portion naturally left me with an urgent desire to hide my money in a mattress. Happens every time Bernie Sanders speaks.

The guy is really a one-note Charlie.

Bernie really does believe that the reason people are poor is because other people are rich — as if there is only a fixed amount of wealth in the world and a cabal of wealthy “billionaires” are hording all the money for themselves. What this guy knows about economics could fit on a postage stamp, frankly. He told Baier that he doesn’t believe in “trickle-down economics.”

Oh, honey. Just because you don’t believe in something doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

Left to its own devices, a free market economy, by its nature, will grow and expand. The thing that stops wealth from “trickling down” is the Federal Government creating barriers, roadblocks, regulations and taxes that prevent our economy from expanding. Remove the barriers that prevent the free market from growing, and the economic prosperity of all expands. It’s just the way it works.

The old “a rising tide lifts all boats” expression.

Bernie just doesn’t get that. His solution to end poverty isn’t to get the government the hell out of the way and let the free market grow and expand. His solution is more government intervention.

But what do you expect? A) He’s a socialist and B) he’s an idiot who has never worked a day in his life in the free market economy. When you are a life-long member of the parasite class, you have no idea what the hell you’re talking about.

There was one question from a Chaldean Catholic American from the Middle East. Bernie’s response made my jaw drop:

QUESTION: Thank you. My question has to with — I’m a first generation Chaldean American, and I watch what happens in the Middle East. I’m personally, as well as just as a person, horrified because that’s where my father is from. Left unchecked, ISIS is going to perpetuate genocide on a number of religious minorities in that area, and I’m wondering how you in your foreign or your military policy will address that crisis.

Bernie then prattles on about how he voted against the Iraq War and how ISIS can only be destroyed by a coalition of forces (because heaven forbid the United States take the lead when people are being slaughtered like pigs). He claimed that the Iraq War taught him that the US should not go it alone (we didn’t in the Iraq War, but let’s not pick nits). And he closed by saying we should not commit US troops to this fight.

I’m sure the questioner felt really comforted by his cold, emotionally-detached response. What’s a little genocide, honey? We need a coalition and I voted against the Iraq War!

Bret Baier tried to bring Bernie back to the point of her question, and this is when my jaw dropped:

BAIER: Senator, if I could follow up. Do you think what’s happening to Christians in the Middle East should be classified as genocide?
SANDERS: Look, what’s happening to Christians in the Middle East in that area is horrific. What is happening to Muslims is horrific. It is disgusting. You know — I don’t know that we have to put a word on it, but when you have a group, I mean, what can we say about these people. They are killing children because they are going to school. Girls who are going to school, they’re putting girls in sexual slavery. This is barbarism and we have to destroy ISIS.

“I don’t know that we have to put a word on it.”

Bernie, you nitwit, by refusing to classify the systematic slaughter of Middle East Christians as “genocide,” the Obama Administration doesn’t need to act in a way that would help them. It isn’t just putting a word on it. It is a question of action. Of the refugees being settled in the United States from Syria and Iraq, a wee little percentage are Christians. The Obama Administration doesn’t have to up the number of Christian refugees they admit into the country so long as it is never classified a “genocide.”

This isn’t just an issue of putting a word on it. It is a matter of policy. And yet, Bernie acts like it’s nothing more than “Tomato, Tomahto. What’s the diff?”

Dear, God. Is this man really that stupid?

Bernie also proclaimed that health care is a right derived from our being human, and that there should be no restrictions on abortion. And The Rich! The Rich! and Raise the minimum wage! and blah blah blah.

Seriously. If had to listen to this I would be phoning a suicide hotline halfway through it.

Enough about Bernie. Because honestly, that was depressing.

Let’s move on to Hillary.

Unlike the complicit Enslaved Press from CNN and MSNBC, Bret Baier didn’t have a single problem tackling the issue of Hillary’s involvement in the destruction of Libya and Hillary’s email scandal.

He really hammered her on the email scandal. Which, naturally, resulted in Hillary having to out and out lie to his face.

BAIER: Secretary Clinton, I know you have said you’re not worried at all about what you call the “security review” of your private server and the personal e-mails during your time as secretary. But the FBI investigation is hanging over your campaign. And there are Democrats who are worried about another shoe dropping, potentially with the worry that there’s immunity for your former IT staffer Bryan Pagliano. You were asked a question about it at the debate last night. You chose not to answer the e-mail part, so I’d like to ask you just a few quick questions on this before we take audience questions on this specific policy. I’ve heard Others say that neither you nor your lawyers had been apprised that you are a target of the investigation. Is that true?
CLINTON: Absolutely true.
BAIER: Have you or your lawyers been apprised that any members of your current or former staff are targets of the investigation?
CLINTON: Absolutely not.
BAIER: At the time you and your staff deleted nearly 32,000 emails, about half of the total volume, were you aware that the server was going to be sought as evidence by federal authorities?
CLINTON: No, but let me clarify this, because, you know, there’s much misinformation going on around here. And let me just start with the basic facts. I have said it wasn’t the best choice to use a personal email. It was a mistake. However, I am not alone in that. Many people in the government, past and current, have on occasion or as a practice done the same.

Okay, that’s a lie. Other government officials may have had a personal email account, but what they didn’t have was their own server secreted in a bathroom far from the prying eyes of FOIA.

CLINTON: Nothing I sent was marked classified or that I received was marked classified. And specifically, with respect to your question, every government official, and this is a legal theory — not just a theory, it’s a legal rule, gets to choose what is personal and what is it official. What we turned over were more than 30,000 emails that I assumed were already in the government system, Bret, because they were sent to addresses.
BAIER: Sure, but there were some that were just recently discovered and turned over…
CLINTON: No, that was in the State Department, not in me. I’ve turned over everything.

Now, a CNN or MSNBC host would have let her slide on that little lie. But Baier did not.

BAIER: Let me just clarify, the State Department has redacted and declared 2,101 of your work emails classified, at least at the confidential level, 44 classified as secret, 22 classified as top secret. So you said at a March press conference in 2015: “I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email. There is no classified material.” So can we say definitively that that statement is not accurate?
CLINTON: No, you can’t. Here’s what happened, the State Department has a process for determining what is or isn’t classified. If they determine it is, they mark it as classified.
BAIER: Well, who decides…
CLINTON: The State Department decides.
BAIER: But what about you when you’re typing an email?
CLINTON: No, the State Department decides what is — and let me go a step further here, I will reiterate, because it’s a fact …

Beware a Clinton saying something is a fact…

…nothing I sent or received was marked classified. Now, what happens when you ask or when you are asked to make information public is that it’s reviewed and different agencies come in with their opinions. As you know, just recently, Colin Powell’s emails were retroactively classified from more than 10 years ago. As he said, that was an absurdity. I could not agree more.

See how Hillary keeps bringing up Colin Powell as if their circumstances were identical. They weren’t identical. Powell was given a government email account; Hillary was not. She wouldn’t take a government email account — opting instead to keep all her emails on her private server and away from the reach of FOIA. Powell did not have his own homebrew server stashed in a bathroom; Hillary did.

BAIER: So your contention now is the 2,101 emails contained information that shouldn’t be classified at any time, they should be — now or then, you’re just saying it shouldn’t have been classified?
CLINTON: Well, what I’m saying is, it wasn’t at the time. Now if you — let’s take Mary Smith who has some information in the government. And she is FOIAed, Freedom of Information Act, give us your information, your memos, your emails, whatever it might have been. That then goes through a process. So even though the agency she works in has none of this is classified, others start to have a chance to weigh-in. So others might say, you know, that wasn’t at the time, but now with circumstances, we don’t want to release it, so, therefore, we have to classify it. I’ve asked, and I echo Colin Powell in this, release it, and once the American people see it, they will know how absurd this is. So Colin Powell and I are exactly on the same page.

No, Hillary. Colin Powell is not on the same page as you except for the fact that he was Secretary of State and he too voted for Obama twice. But this is typical Clinton Bullshit. Compare yourself to a Republican as a way of saying, “Hey, everybody did it!”

It has already been reported that Hillary’s email server contained emails with information that was classified at the time. She’s lying.

I know. Shocker. But I am glad that Baier had the guts to hit her with this because nobody else has been willing to do it in any of the debates or townhalls up to this point.

The rest was more of the same: Free college (or as Hillary put it: “Debt-free college tuition”), Free healthcare (or, doubling down on the failure of Obamacare).

Baier actually hit her with “you are not winning in these states with millennials, and some also with young women. Why is Senator Sanders doing better?”


Hillary prattled on about how both she and Bernie are bringing a lot of people “into the process.” Yeah. That must be why the voting numbers on the Democrat side are way down from 2008 (by more than 30%). Because you’re brining a lot of people “into the process.”

Then, she gave her standard, stock answer:

CLINTON: And, I tell young people all the time, you may not be for me now, but I’m for you regardless, and I’m going to keep working to try to help young people because, after all, this election is about their future.

So, if this election is all about their future, Hillary, why do you and Bernie both want to bankrupt them? Young people are going to be royally screwed if either Bernie or Hillary were elected President.

Look, I’ve said before, I do not support Donald Trump for the nomination. But even he would be less damaging to young people than either of these fools.

Young people, trust me. Hillary isn’t “for you regardless.” She is for Hillary. Period.

One final thing. Hillary actually said this regarding why she does not believe there should be limits on abortion:

HILLARY CLINTON: Under Roe v. Wade, which is rooted in the Constitution, women have this right to make this highly personal decision with their family in accordance with their faith, with their doctor.

You got that? Roe v. Wade is rooted in the Constitution. I’ve read the Constitution more than once and let me tell you, I still can’t find that damn abortion clause.

Have I mentioned that was really depressing? And I just gave you the low-lights.

Even so, just writing this post makes me want to crawl into a dark closet and eat an entire chocolate cake.

If you really want to endure this, you can read the transcript and watch the video of this townhall HERE. Keep some Pepto-Bismol handy and stay away from sharp objects while you watch.

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  • March 9, 2016 at 9:11 am

    Dianny, there is more of a lie to Hillary’s statement about abortion. “Women have the right to make this highly personal decision with their family.” No, the family really doesn’t have a say in the decision.

    It amazes me that if a woman has the baby, the father is on the hook for child support. But if she wants to abort it, but he doesn’t, he has no say in the matter.

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