That’s a big help

German authorities are asking their citizens for help finding the man who slaughtered twelve and injured another fifty at the Christmas market in Berlin.

So they released his picture to the public.

Let’s see. Dark hair and complexion. Big black block over his eyes. Yeah.

That’s a big help.

For all I know that’s Elvis Presley.

The problem is, Germany has such strict privacy laws, they can’t even publish a picture of a mass murderer who is on the run because they don’t want to invade his privacy.

The 21-year-old Tunisian asylum-seeker is the most wanted man in Europe today and Germany wants to protect his privacy.

I say they invade his privacy with the intensity of a tractor trailer invading a pedestrian market.

Who blots out the eyes of a mass murderer for Pete’s sake?!

Good gracious. It’s as if the German government wants to make it easier for these animals to destroy the country.

I read through the latest report from the UK Daily Mail this morning, and they included this picture:

That’s Angela Merkel, the mass-murderer’s co-conspirator returning to the scene of the attack.

Of course, the Daily Mail captioned it like this:
“Respect: German Chancellor Angela Merkel (left) lays white roses at the blood-stained scene in Berlin on Tuesday.”


I’m hoping what she’s displaying here is less “respect” and more heart-rending guilt.

She brought this on.

She let these vermin overrun her own nation, threaten the lives of her own people, and then seeks to silence anyone who objects.

If Merkel really respected the people of Germany, she never would have done this to them.

Respect my ass.

Tuesday, Merkel, after expressing her “shock” actually said:

It would be particularly difficult for us to learn that a human being committed this deed who came to Germany to ask for refuge and asylum.

“Particularly difficult?”

Well, it certainly wouldn’t help Angela Merkel’s reelection chances, now would it?

To publicly state – in so many words – that you really hope this wasn’t done by one of the wolves you let through the gate is really beyond the pale.

At least when Hillary’s campaign people hoped the San Bernardino terrorist wasn’t a Muslim, they said so privately in an email, not in a press conference.

The thing that most astonished me in reading the Mail’s report was discovering how many tourists were there in the Christmas market when the attack took place.

People from Australia, Britain and the US.

Why in Lucifer’s reach would anybody visit Germany now?!

I have family there and you couldn’t pay me to go visit.

Meanwhile, over at Drudge, I noticed a headline that read: “Refugee resettlement accelerates in Obama’s final months.”

Do you guys have any idea the caliber of bullet we dodged by keeping Hillary Clinton out of the White House?

But even so, that rancid asshole Barack Obama is using the time he has left to flood this country with as many supposed “refugees” as he can before he leaves.

Obama’s idea of “peaceful transition of power” reminds me a lot of Saddam Hussein’s retreat in the first Gulf War. As the Americans advanced, Saddam set fire to every oil field on his way back to Bagdad.

Obama is doing his level best to burn down as much of the country as he can on his way out the door.

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  • December 21, 2016 at 12:28 pm

    The name ‘Hussein’ isn’t the only thing Saddam and Obunghole have in common.

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