That’s gonna sting

Senator Amy Klobuchar is not going to like hearing this.

Actually, pretty much everybody shilling for Hillary Clinton is going to feel the sting of what I’m about to share with you.

Despite the Clinton campaign satellite office of CNN petulantly declaring that all this talk about Hillary’s health is a whole lotta nothing, clearly the voters are not convinced.

I just did a quick check at what Internet search words have sent people here to Patriot Retort in the last twelve hours.

Brace yourselves CNN and Amy Klobuchar.

Far and away, the majority of searches from Google and Bing used the combined key words “Hillary” and “sick.”

Ouch! I’m telling you. That is gonna sting.

Just yesterday, Senator Klobuchar (Dimwit-MN) told Andrea Mitchell [hat tip Breitbart]:

“Hillary Clinton has put out her medical records. I have seen her personally. You’ve seen her personally, Andrea. She is in shape. She is strong. She’s just has a ton of energy. And I find this actually quite sexist when these guys are saying this. I think that that is not an issue at all and the American voters know that. And the fact that she’s going to be out there again and she’s been out here for the whole year. I find that just such a non-issue.”

So you folks who arrived at this post because you searched the words “Hillary” and “sick” just know you’re a bunch of sexists!

Sorry to burst your bubble, Amy. But voters apparently do think that Hillary’s health is an issue.

Because they keep going to Google and Bing and typing in the words “Hillary” and “sick.”

You should click the link to Breitbart and watch the video clip. Amy is laughing like it’s the most ridiculous thing in the world that anybody would wonder if Hillary is not well.

But hey. Who are you going to believe? Amy Klobuchar or your lying eyes.

Hillary’s in shape? Really Amy?

Is that why she can barely walk without somebody holding her up?

Longer-lasting battery

She’s strong?

So strong she can’t lift her leg up into an SUV without somebody placing a step stool on the ground to give her a boost?


A ton of energy?

Oh, yeah.

Just look at all that energy!


Hoo boy! It’s just crackling off her!

That explains why in the month of August she took 21 days off from the campaign trail while Donald Trump was often holding more than one campaign event on the same day.

Like I said yesterday. My mom is 84 and she has a more active life than Hillary Resting Clinton.

And how in the name of sweet fancy Moses is it remotely sexist to question whether or not Hillary is physically able to hold up under the strain of being President?!

Maybe Amy Klobuchar doesn’t remember than in 2008 the media spent quite a bit of time questioning John McCain’s health.

And he’s a boy!

Senator Stupid can chuckle and roll her eyes all she wants. But we’re not blind. We only need to use the magical powers of our eyeballs to see that Hillary Clinton is falling apart.

All of this propaganda to cover for the noticeably absent Hillary Clinton reminds me of how Cuba spins the 90-year-old Fidel Castro’s long absences from public view.

For decades now, the Democrat Party has depended on the dead to get their people elected.

But 2016 is the first time in history the Democrats are planning on having those dead voters help elect a walking corpse.

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One thought on “That’s gonna sting

  • September 4, 2016 at 10:05 am

    I saw her open a pre-opened can of pickles on Jimmy Kimmel’s show so CNN must be telling the truth!

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