The Activist Class is Kamala’s base

I’m sure by now you’ve seen the laughably embarrassing video clip of Kamala Harris pandering to the Activist Class during a roundtable discussion in the White House yesterday.

But if you haven’t, here you go:

Yeah. I know. You can’t even parody these people anymore.

Though, I gave it my best shot:

The Activist Class is Kamala's base

There’s a reason I describe the Biden administration as the Oberlin College Student Council.

Like the rest of the Activist Class, this administration is so steeped in campus culture that it has completely lost touch with ordinary Americans.

To Kamala Harris, it isn’t insane and beyond parody to proclaim her pronouns and gender before delivering remarks to a bunch of fellow travelers from the Activist Class. That’s because members of the Activist Class are her people.

They’re her base.

She is one of them.

Kamala believes kooky behavior like the kind common among the Activist Class is “mainstream.”

As I said last week, Kamala Harris is someone who thinks the United States is made up entirely of leftwing activists working at well-funded nonprofits. She has no idea that there’s a real world full of regular people existing outside of the Acela Corridor.

And for the record, we think introducing yourself like that is clowny.

So while we watch that clip and feel simultaneously nauseated and amused, Kamala thinks what she said was just as mundane as saying, “Does anybody know the time?”

But since the Activist Class has made Twitter their home, the mockery of that video was met with “well-I-nevering” outrage.

“How dare you mock that! She’s speaking to Disability Activists! The Vice President said those things for the benefit of the activists who are vision impaired!”

Oh, please. Like blind people would understand “blue.”

Spare me the lame excuses.

I’ve known blind people my whole life. I never spoke that way to them. Nobody out here on Planet Earth talks that way.

Maybe that’s how they do it at far-left nonprofit group meetings or at a meeting of the Oberlin Student Council. But here in the real world, normal people think this is insane and stupid.

The only thing missing from Kammy’s Woke Introduction was telling the assembled activists that she is sitting at a table in a building built on land stolen from the Nacotchtank indigenous peoples.

And, yes my friends. The Activist Class routinely includes that nugget of trivia in introductions.

Someone, I can’t remember who it was, tweeted in response, “My name is Elmer Fudd. I own a mansion and a yacht.”

That made me laugh so hard that I nearly spit seltzer water all over my iPad.

Now, I don’t mean to single out Kamala Harris; it’s just hard not to since she’s such a glaring example of this. But the Democrat Party as a whole has the same problem.

These guys have become so invested in appealing to the Activist Class that they’ve completely lost touch with the country.

Remember early on in the 2020 Democrat primary race when Elizabeth Warren went to Georgia to talk to black people? She was heckled by regular black Americans advocating for school choice, something Liz flatly opposes, and the poor gal was caught so flat-footed that she had to have black Congresswoman and fellow Activist Class member Ayanna Pressley step up and pull her ass out of the fire.

At the time, I noted that Axios reporter Josh Kraushaar nailed it on Twitter when he pointed out that Warren is “playing to black activists, not the broader community.”

So it isn’t just Kamala who’s doing this; it’s all of them.

Oh, and for the record, Kamala did use her favorite phrase during this abortion roundtable with disability activists:

As always, read that aloud to yourself:

“And so I’ve asked these leaders to come in so that we can discuss these issues and pay attention to the fact that the Dobbs decision and the act of the United States Supreme Court to take away a constitutional right, that had been recognized, from the people of America will impact a lot of people and differently in some situations. And we need to be responsive to these issues and also lift up the voices of all people who will be impacted and the way that they will be impacted. So that’s why we are convened today. And I will add a couple of points IN TERMS OF the direct impact that we anticipate there will be from the Dobbs decision on people with disabilities.”

Remember when they told us “the adults are back in charge?”

That will never not be funny.

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5 thoughts on “The Activist Class is Kamala’s base

  • July 28, 2022 at 12:27 am

    As they say down South:
    “Aww…bless her heart.”
    It sounds better than “WTF is wrong with that stupid skank?”

  • July 28, 2022 at 11:56 am

    “Idiots at Work #728”….

  • July 28, 2022 at 11:46 pm

    The Oberlin Student Council, maybe


  • July 29, 2022 at 11:21 am

    May a child be named after her soon.

  • July 29, 2022 at 2:52 pm

    Maybe it’s nothing… but, it strikes me as odd that the name placards on the table have the two people ‘s names listed first. And then their position/affiliation. In terms of Kammie, her latest “position” is given prominence. Then her name. (Or is it she’s name? I have a tough time with pronouns…)

    I can’t remember if I am depraved or deplorable. But, in terms of Kammie, I think she is used to being under the authority.

    By the way, my pronouns are she-it and damn-him. And I am wearing a blue t-shirt.

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