The Anonymous Blunder of the New York Times

Remember during the Kavanaugh hearings, the New York Times released the now-infamous Anonymous op-ed? According to the editors of the Times, this Anonymous was a “senior Trump Administration official.”

This anonymous op-ed deployed all the favorite ResistanceLOL porn the media craves. “Trump is dangerous! Trump is detrimental to the health of our nation! Fear not fellow ResistanceLOL fighters, there are those among us who are with you!”

Instantly the media shifted away from Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings and went wall-to-wall coverage on Mr. Anonymous.

And, my, how they speculated!

“It could be Kellyanne Conway!”

“Why, it might even be Mike Pence. Did you note the use of the word ‘lodestar?’”

CNN’s ludicrous “reporter” Chris Cillizza immediately penned an article filled with speculation over just who this anonymous “senior Trump Administration official” might be. Included among those Cillizza thought might be Anonymous were Trump’s former chief of staff John Kelly, former Attorney General Jeff Session, former DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, former DNI Dan Coats, Nikki Haley, General Mattis, and, yes, Mike Pence. Cillizza even suggested Ivanka or Melania could be the culprit.

After all, the New York Times said this is a “senior Trump administration official.”

As the silly Cillizza points out:

The guessing game of who wrote the op-ed will dominate official Washington circles for the foreseeable future. And everyone who fits the description of a “senior Trump administration official” will have to answer as to whether it was them.

This Anonymous rode the ResistanceLOL fervor all the way to a book deal, remember?

Of course, by the time Anonymous released his book, nobody in the Real World gave a crap who this person was.

Well, yesterday, the so-called “senior Trump administration official” decided that now, a week before the election, would be the perfect time to come out of the closet.

Was it John Kelly?

Kellyanne Conway?

Jeff Sessions?


Nope. Mr. Anonymous – the so-called “senior Trump administration official” was this guy:

The Anonymous Blunder of the New York Times

And who is this goober?

His name is Miles Taylor and at the time he presented himself as a “senior Trump administration official,” he was the deputy chief of staff for the secretary of Homeland Security.

Some random beta male former DHS staffer who sold himself as a “senior Trump administration official” outing himself right before the election. Yup. This will stop that bad Orange Man from winning reelection!


Come on! You have to admit it’s the biggest self-own in the history of “journalism!”

Miles “coming out of the closet” only proves that our garbage media relies on anonymous sources who claim to be “senior Trump administration officials” but in reality are junior staffers with no influence or stature. This Miles guy is so junior he uses Amazon boxes for a table.

But wait. It gets more hilarious!

It’s just chef’s kiss perfect.

So this random nobody managed to get the New York Times to publish his work of ResistanceLOL porn while pretending to be a “senior Trump administration official,” then got an agent and a book deal out of it.

You have to hand it to this Miles guy.

He pulled the greatest con on the news media since the “Cardiff Giant.”

And because the media is so desperate to take down Orange Man, the New York Times licked his hand like a big, dumb dog.

I said two years ago that this Anonymous Op-Ed is going to backfire. But I had no idea it would backfire in such a spectacularly hilarious way.

The New York Times, in their desperate desire to destroy Trump, instead exposed the lack of credibility in every “anonymous Trump administration official” the news media has relied on for the last four years.

Speaking of Chris Cillizza, in a separate column written the same day as his “here are my guesses as to who Anonymous is” article, Cillizza wrote this (try not to choke on a beverage while reading this because it is unintentionally hilarious):

Where does that leave us? Almost nowhere. Except that you have to know this about The New York Times: They aren’t publishing an anonymous op-ed from just anyone in the Trump administration. They especially aren’t publishing one that alleges a near-coup within the federal government among people concerned the President is not only hopelessly out of his depth but also clueless about how hopelessly out of his depth he actually is.

In short: If some midlevel bureaucrat in the Trump administration comes to the Times — or has an intermediary reach out to the Times — asking to write a piece like this one without their name attached to it, the answer would be an immediate “no.” [Hahahahahahahahaha!!!! – Dianny] Contrary to what Trump says on his Twitter feed, media organizations are very wary of giving anyone and everyone anonymity to make attacks. Reporters push sources to put their names on quotes or at a minimum to narrow the anonymous descriptions to show as much of who these people are (and why they are saying what they are saying) as possible to the reader. [Hahahahahahahaha! – Dianny] Media organizations — the credible ones at least — are hugely averse to letting people take potshots without their names attached to it.

Given all of that, it’s telling that the Times was willing to extend the cloak of anonymity to this author — especially, again, because of the stakes and the target. This is not a decision made lightly. That the decision was made to publish it should tell you that this isn’t some disgruntled mid-to-upper manager buried in the bureaucracy. This is a genuine high-ranking official. [Hahahahahahahaha!!! – Dianny] A name most people who follow politics — and maybe some who don’t — would recognize. [I’m sure you all recognized the name Miles Taylor, am I right?! – Dianny] The Times simply wouldn’t do what it did for anything short of a major figure in Trump world. [Hahahahahaha! – Dianny]

Who is that major figure? We still don’t know that. But I’d be stunned — and, in truth, I have been stunned before — if, when we find out the person’s identity (and we will), it is a less-than-boldface name within the Trump orbit. [Hahaha! Oh, my sides! – Dianny]

Ah, Chris Cillizza. What an absolute schmuck.

This random nobody managed to completely torch the news media’s primary sources of news – the “anonymous senior Trump administration official.” And if he thought outing himself a week before the election was going to hurt President Trump, he’s not only a nobody; he’s a completely stupid nobody.

In the end, Mr. Anonymous Senior Trump Administration Official didn’t bring down the President; he brought down the anti-Trump news media.

It’s glorious!

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7 thoughts on “The Anonymous Blunder of the New York Times

  • October 29, 2020 at 8:48 am

    I remember a quote from Joe Namath back in his playing days when asked what courses he took in college. He replied “ only the easiest ones-journalism”. He made the sports reporters the butt of a joke. Nowadays journalists make themselves the butt of a national joke. What a pathetic pack of cretins.

  • October 29, 2020 at 9:39 am

    What’s really ironic is that this clown is STILL anonymous to most Americans…

  • October 29, 2020 at 10:16 am

    And………..he’s gone! (h/t Southpark)

  • October 29, 2020 at 10:48 am

    I would wager that more people know who the Cardiff Giant was than know who Miles Taylor is…..

    • October 29, 2020 at 10:53 am

      Cardiff, NY is a little hamlet in the Town of LaFayette — the town where I grew up. I was worried nobody would know what in the hell I was talking about when I said the “Cardiff Giant” because not everybody is from LaFayette, NY. But I’d wager you’re right. Even so, more people will know of the Cardiff Giant than Miles Taylor.

  • October 29, 2020 at 10:54 am

    He reminds me of that dude who thought he was the human Ken doll and now thinks he’s Barbie. He just has that look. LOL

  • October 30, 2020 at 11:39 am

    Talk about self promotion…..I’ll bet that Trump is laughing his ass off at the classic self promotion shtick this goober carried out. The kid must have read the “Art of the Deal”

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