The BLM Operation Backfire is well underway

The BLM Operation Backfire is well underway

Back on June 5 in my column “’Defund the Police’ say wealthy celebrities with private security,” I warned that the Democrats and the media were setting up yet another Operation Backfire with regard to the violence from the Marxists of Black Lives Matter.

I first coined the term Operation Backfire after the Parkland shooting in February 2017.

In short, the Left seizes on a cause, then pushes way too hard and goes way too far. And eventually, the cause backfires on them in a big, big way.

There is no throttling down on the Left.  Out of arrogance and ignorance, they believe if saying something isn’t enough, screaming it will be more effective. And if screaming isn’t enough, beating the shit out of people and burning things to the ground while screaming it will be even better.

They do it every time.  Now, they don’t intend for whatever operation they’re pushing to become an Operation Backfire. But that’s what they always end up with.

And back on June 5th, I warned that there would be a BLM Operation Backfire. I knew it was coming, not because I’m a Nostradamus, but because it always, always happens.

As I said back then:

Calling to “Defund the Police” after we all got a front-row seat to the chaos is pushing too hard and too far. And there will be righteously angry pushback.

But see, that’s the best part of Operation Backfire.

It pulls back the curtain and exposes these people for the extremists they really are. Since they can’t help pushing too hard and too far, even Americans who may have been somnambulantly going through life unawares suddenly wake up and realize, “Holy crap, these people are crazy and dangerous!”

You might be thinking, “Dianny, quiet! If you give away how Operation Backfire screws them, they might stop doing it!”

But don’t worry. They’ll never stop because they can’t stop. These fools are too self-absorbed, too out of touch, and generally too stupid and arrogant to realize they are their own worst enemy.

The radicals believed that this brief, fleeting national unity over the death of George Floyd meant they had the momentum to upend our civil society and destroy law and order. And in the end, as they usually do, they completely misread their audience.

Now, I’m not foolish enough to believe I’m the only one who saw this coming.

Anyone with any common sense knew that this violence, looting, burning and destruction would result in an Operation Backfire.

My point is the Democrats and their media handmaids are so incredibly short-sighted and stupid that they didn’t see this coming.

Take the odious Kamala Harris.

During her appearance on the Late Show a while ago — the same appearance where she laughed and said “It. Was. A. Debate!!” – she smiled proudly and declared that the rioting happening in Democrat-run cities wasn’t going to stop. And it shouldn’t stop.

“And everyone beware. Because they’re not going to stop.”

You know who should’ve heeded Kamala’s advice to “beware?”

Well, Kamala Harris that’s who.

Because Kamala, like every arrogant and ignorant Leftist, is incapable of thinking things through. It is this handicap of short-sighted thinking that inevitably leads to an Operation Backfire-type situation.

On June first, Kamala was actually encouraging her Twitter followers to donate to a bail fund for those arrested in the Minneapolis riots.

Here’s a sample of the people Kamala wanted bailed out:

Andy Ngo tweet Operation Backfire

The Democrat nominee for the office of Vice President is so remarkably stupid she fanned the flames, cheered it on, urged people to donate to bail these violent thugs out of jail, and she did it all with a smile on her face.

Now public opinion is veering dramatically away from not only the Black Lives Matter Marxists, but also the Democrat Party that has been pushing the BLM garbage for four months while pretending the violence and destruction didn’t exist.

One thing to note. To date, Kamala Harris has not uttered a peep about her Senate colleague Rand Paul and his wife getting swarmed and attacked Thursday night in Washington DC. Not from her official Senate Twitter account, not from her campaign account. Nothing. She has not said a thing.

The BLM Operation Backfire is in full swing, and the Democrats were not prepared for it in the least.

But they own it now, all of them. Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and the rest truly believed they could utilize the violent mob for their benefit. But as I said on June 10th, “There is no appeasing the mob” and there certainly isn’t any controlling it.

This morning I read an outstanding column by Matthew Peterson at American Mind – “The Democrat Party’s Riots” — that is a must-read.

I’ll give you one pull quote:

These are now Joe Biden’s riots. These are Nancy Pelosi’s riots. These are Kamala Harris’s riots.

So keep pushing your precious narrative. You can’t stop what you have started. You can’t control or channel it. Today or tomorrow, eventually it will swallow you up and eat you. If every Republican was put on the firing line tomorrow, the next step for the Marxist racialists would be to attack the smiling liberals of our elderly institutional leadership. Big Corporate would be burned to the ground. Companies like Amazon would be gutted and cannibalized. They won’t care that your ligaments creaked as you knelt before them in Kente cloth.

This is the definition of Operation Backfire.

There is no such thing as a “controlled burn” mob. Anyone with even a sliver of common sense would understand that once unleashed, this kind of violence and destruction can’t be throttled down.

There is no “undo” button.

But the myopic Democrats and the media couldn’t see anything but the election.

They actually believed that unleashing this mayhem would deliver them victory in November.

So they pushed it and pushed it and pushed it. Now it is blowing up in their faces.

And what’s their reaction?

After four months of pretending these were “mostly peaceful protests,” they are now claiming the violence (that they pretended didn’t exist for four months) is the fault of President Trump — which is a hard sell to say the least.

Trump is the man who, for the last four months, has been urging Democrat mayors and governors to accept his offer of Federal assistance to quell the violence.  He has been urging them to deploy the National Guard.

But because those Democrat mayors and governors also believed the mayhem would help them in November, they repeatedly refused the President’s help.

Blaming it on Trump is one more short-sighted and stupid plan. But they’re doing it — including the hapless Joe Biden:

Understand that this line of messaging is going to set up yet another Operation Backfire. And once again, the media and the Democrats are too stupid to see what’s coming.

By trying to blame the President for the violence that resulted from decisions by Democrat state and city leaders — decisions that were cheered on by Democrats and the media — only gives Trump more ammunition to hammer these morons.

It will also make refusing President Trump’s help from here on out much more politically damaging for Democrat governors and mayors (and by extension politically damaging to the Biden/Harris ticket).

In short, blaming Trump will backfire on them too.

But what else can they do?  These morons painted themselves into a corner by pushing the violence and rioting for four solid months.  And it is backfiring on them enormously.

As you can see:

I want to close with this outstanding video of Memphis Democrat John J. Deberry, Jr. If you haven’t watched it yet, you absolutely must. It is probably the most powerful and compelling speech I’ve heard in a long time.

This one Democrat politician understands what the rest of his entire party and their media handmaids do not. And something tells me, he won’t remain a Democrat for much longer.

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8 thoughts on “The BLM Operation Backfire is well underway

  • August 30, 2020 at 12:32 pm

    Fiery but mostly peaceful? Are they even trying to hide their bullshit anymore? That’s like saying the rapist was agressive but peaceful.

  • August 30, 2020 at 6:32 pm

    They were also hoping that President Trump would be the dictator they believe them to be, ignore the republic and states rights, and send in the National Guard without being asked, so they could say “look, we were right, he’s a dictator. “

    That blew up in their faces too.

    Trump 2020, you know, like the fireworks said.

  • August 30, 2020 at 8:44 pm

    Dianny, thanks for posting the John Deberry Jr. clip. I might not have caught it otherwise.

    • August 30, 2020 at 8:47 pm

      I didn’t see it until the morning. It really is excellent.

  • August 30, 2020 at 9:45 pm

    Attempted intimidation and manipulation of the American electorate with actual criminal violence and threats of even more lawlessness is NOT a part of the our political system — it IS some sort of political bullshit that leftists can NOT rationalize into ANYTHING legitimate


  • August 30, 2020 at 10:26 pm

    The only problem with saying someone with common sense would come to a logical conclusion is, common sense is not common anymore. It requires critical thinking, which has not been taught for decades in public schools and most colleges. In my opinion, this was by design.

  • August 31, 2020 at 12:36 am

    could it really be that the liberals will do the opposite of whatever Trump wants? I mean, thats what it looks like…..

  • August 31, 2020 at 4:38 am

    That was a powerful speech by the TN Congressman. However what needs to be done, as he himself notes, is for men & women we pay to be able to protect citizens and property. In Memphis there have been numerous officers attacked & injured. The mayor has kowtowed to BLM repeatedly. There hasn’t been Portland level riots or looting though.

    I will say that I have avoided Memphis like the plague because the violent black on white crime is through the roof there. I have 2 friends that loved to visit Graceland & had done so yearly for a long time that stopped because they narrowly escaped serious injury when accosted by a gang of blacks.

    BTW democrat State Rep Deberry was not allowed in his party’s primary so he’s probably gone, as he noted.

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