The Carefully-Worded Tweet

The Carefully-Worded Tweet

Saturday in Los Angeles, two Sheriff’s Deputies were gunned down while in their vehicle. This depraved attempted dual execution was captured on surveillance video which, naturally, went viral.

At 1:05 am, Eastern time on Sunday morning, President Trump responded to the shooting on Twitter – retweeting the surveillance video and saying “Animals that must be hit hard!”

It was an unfiltered, visceral reaction to the horrific video footage.

Later Sunday morning, President Trump minced no words:

Meanwhile, while President Trump left no room for doubt what he thought about this, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris remained silent.

Silent, that is, until the Biden campaign finally composed a carefully-worded tweet about the shooting.

Biden showed more emotion and anger over the prospect of a black person voting for Trump than he did for the targeted execution of two deputies in Los Angeles.

Then again, Joe Biden didn’t write that carefully-worded tweet.

In fact, I have no doubt the delay in responding to this barbaric act was because Biden campaign people were emailing each other draft-after-draft to ensure that the tweet passed muster.  And by “passed muster,” I mean, the carefully-worded tweet conveyed some sense that the execution was wrong without offending the anti-police contingent of the Democrat Party.

Why do I think that?

Like I’ve said before, I read through the Podesta emails WikiLeaks released in 2016. I saw how the sausage is made. Even Hillary’s tweets were carefully-worded with rewrite upon rewrite to ensure that the wording was safe, non-committal and stripped of anything remotely resembling genuine honesty or heartfelt emotion.

Joe Biden’s carefully-worded tweet (which isn’t from Joe Biden) is generic on purpose.

“Violence of any kind is wrong” is deliberate. There can be no indication that Joe is more outraged over two law enforcement officers being targeted for execution than he was over the shooting of a rapist resisting arrest.

It is the careful tightrope the Democrats have to walk in order to keep the Black Lives Matter Marxists from turning on them. After all, they need those guys in their corner.

Also deliberate was the perfunctory “Jill and I are keeping the deputies and their loved ones in our hearts and praying for a full recovery.”

Note it says “loved ones,” not “families.”

If I had to guess, I’d say an earlier version of this carefully-worded tweet did, in fact, say “families” but it got revised during the rewriting process to the more generic “loved ones.”

After all, Black Lives Matter wants to abolish families.  Team Biden certainly can’t alienate them by referring to families in this generic response.

Everything about this carefully-worded tweet was chosen to convey a message rather than express any genuine emotion or outrage for the specific incident. It was nothing more than a perfunctory, all-purpose response so the campaign could check that off as being addressed without offending the very Black Lives Matter animals who sought to storm the emergency room while celebrating the attempted execution of these two deputies.

What we get from President Trump is his honest gut reaction to a horrific, targeted attack.

And what we get from Biden is a generic, one-size-fits-all, carefully-worded tweet written by his campaign.

To me, this is significant.

For all the criticism of President Trump’s tweets, the fact is, we always know exactly what he’s thinking and how he feels. He gives us a level of honesty in his tweets that Joe Biden can’t – more importantly, that Biden’s campaign team won’t permit. They can’t piss off the Black Lives Matter crowd, after all.

The President’s tweets aren’t massaged talking points carefully-worded to offend nobody while saying nothing specific. He speaks his mind.

Joe Biden can’t speak his mind because his mind is applesauce. We’re not hearing from Joe; we’re hearing from his coterie of staffers.

President Trump’s tweet is a direct reaction in response to the news of this barbaric attack; whereas more than likely, Biden didn’t even know the attack happened.

The President’s tweets are blunt, honest, and direct. His visceral reaction to this attempted execution was exactly the same as yours and mine. His anger, his disgust, his outrage – we experienced the same reactions.

Meanwhile, the Biden Campaign is agonizing over each and every word of this carefully-worded tweet to ensure that their candidate’s message doesn’t anger their BLM militia.

We elected Donald Trump in 2016 because finally a politician was saying exactly what we were thinking. Finally, someone running for President spoke his mind instead of waiting for a campaign consultant and “communications team” to tell him what to say and how to say it.

And four years later, this is still what we get from Trump.

But like the Hillary campaign in 2016, the Biden campaign can’t do that. There is nothing genuine, unfiltered or relatable in that generic tweet. Everything released by the Biden campaign is finessed, planned, and only sees the light of day after getting the all-clear from consultants and public polling firms.

In short, President Trump tells us what he thinks.

Team Biden only tells us what they think we want to hear.

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  • September 14, 2020 at 6:36 pm

    You & Jill are praying for these officers? Bull! The perpetrator of this sickening act is one of YOUR voters. Kiss off, Plugs!

  • September 15, 2020 at 9:12 am

    Biden’s recent (not a) presser:

    [insert image here — “amber waves of grain”]

    Yellow straw. Old white head. Weak sauce


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