The Chicago Machine in the spotlight

The Chicago Machine in the spotlight

I lived in Chicago for about a decade in the 1990s. And I can tell you from experience that everybody in Chicago knows about its entrenched, politically-connected Machine.

It isn’t even a poorly kept secret.  Instead, the Machine operates in the open.  It’s brazen and in-your-face.  Chicago residents accept it as just part of the city.

Chicagoans know how the sausage is made.  But after generations of Machine politics, they’ve developed an iron stomach for the sickening process.

Outside of Chicago, the Machine is the stuff of legends.

Sure, we all know about it.  But we’ve rarely gotten a peek behind the curtain.

Until this week.

When Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx – the least recused of all recused prosecutors – stepped in and had her “team” drop all felony charges against hoax crime perpetrator Jussie Smollett, Americans – and the world – got a peek into the Machine sausage factory.

And not surprisingly, it was stomach-turning.

Welcome to the Chicago Machine, Rita.

There’s a difference between being in the local spotlight and standing in the glaring Klieg light of national news and social media.

The fact is, the Chicago Machine is never supposed to stand in the national spotlight.  Because folks outside of the Windy City just don’t know what to make of the corrupt, venal system of back-scratching and mob-like favors that grease the wheels of Chicago politics.

While city residents see it as much a part of life in the Windy City as Wrigley Field, regular folks outside of the 606 zip codes stare slack-jawed and stunned at the level of corruption.

Boy, that Jussie Smollett.  He just can’t stop drawing unwanted attention to the city he supposedly loves.

The last time “the whole world was watching” the Chicago Machine in action was over fifty years ago.  And believe me, it isn’t the kind of attention the Machine wants.

And the very last thing the Chicago Machine wants is the attention of the FBI.

But thanks to Kim Foxx, that’s exactly what it got.

As a result of this national spotlight, Kim Foxx – the least recused of all recused prosecutors – is furiously trying to spin her way out of a sticky situation.

Understand these kinds of sticky situations are so common in the Chicago Machine that, left with only local news to contend with, Foxx would have been fine.

But now the Business As Usual practices of the Machine are in the national spotlight.  And it’s never supposed to be that way.

Tuesday, we learned that not only was the case dropped, but the State’s Attorney’s office put the entire kit and caboodle under seal.

But once the national spotlight drew too much attention to the shenanigans, Foxx explained that, whoopsie!  It was a total accident that the case was put under seal.

Foxx’s office also claimed that this was done all the time. It’s standard operating procedure to drop the charges if a defendant forfeits his bond and does community service.

But then after the story became national news, Foxx sent out a memo to her staff that reads:

Hello Everyone,

We are looking for examples of cases, felony preferable, where we, in excersing [sic] our discretion, have entered into verbal agreements with defense attorneys to dismiss charges against an offender if certain conditions were met, such as the payment of restitution, completion of community service, completion of class, etc., but the defendant was not place in a formal diversion program

Whew! This woman went all the way to law school and still can’t avoid run-on sentences.

And, “excersing?”  I’m relatively sure she means “exercising.”  But what do I know?  I didn’t go to law school.

Moving on.

Please ask your ASAs if they have examples of these types of dispositions and we will work with them further to figure out on what case it was done. Nobody is in trouble, we are just looking for further examples of how we, as prosecutors use our discretion in a way that restores the victim, but causes minimal harm to the defendant in the long term.

Again with a run-on sentence.

Seriously, how do you make it all the way through law school not understanding how to write a friggin’ sentence?

Let me give you the short version: “I just told the world that we do this all the time. So now I need you guys to scramble and find some examples of us doing this all the time.”

But there is a bigger problem with far greater implications that Machine cog Kim Foxx could never have foreseen.

And that’s the Obama angle.

Foxx is in this predicament all thanks to fellow machine cog and former Michelle Obama chief of staff Tina Tchen.

Now, more than a decade ago, those of us on the Right were warning people that Barack Obama is part of the Chicago Machine.  And he would, without question, bring that corrupt, sleazy sausage factory to Washington.

And we all know what happens when Machine politicians attain office outside of Chicago.  They continue the same slimy shenanigans, but with far different results. Dan Rostenkowski, Jesse Jackson Jr., and Rod Blagojevich are just a few examples of what happens when Machine politicians pull those stunts outside of the sausage factory.

Obama is just as connected and just as corrupt as those guys.

The difference is he had something they did not – a compliant, subservient national media.

You can take the politician out of Chicago, but you can’t take the Machine out of the politician.

And if Barack Obama is still this active in the Chicago Machine? Well, as Mike Cernovich put it so eloquently on Tuesday:

See, this is precisely why I never doubted for a nano-second that Obama’s DOJ, FBI and intelligence community spied on and set up the Trump campaign.

I know where this sleazy politician got his start.

And I know how the Machine operates.

By inserting herself into the Smollett case, Tina Tchen pulled the curtain back on the Obama subsidiary of the Chicago Machine.  And with RussiaGate imploding and the focus shifting to the dirty dealings of the Obama Administration, it’s crystal clear that Tchen did it at the worst possible time.

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3 thoughts on “The Chicago Machine in the spotlight

  • March 28, 2019 at 8:25 am

    Ah, the mythical creature, “The Sandman” strikes again . . . go back to sleep little children, there’s nothing to see here! But there is, and we all know it, so what will be done? Is all of America to become like Chicagoland? Maybe it already has and I’m not such a keen observer after all . . . trust in the Lord! He’ll shake it all out in the end.

  • March 28, 2019 at 3:43 pm

    You think Kimmy is running on in her sentences? Long, indecipherable, run on sentences are a stock in trade for the legal profession. Half of a lawyer’s income comes from deciphering the run on sentences of other lawyers … because regular Schmos surely can’t

  • March 29, 2019 at 12:22 pm

    I lived there in the ’80s during Harold Washington, you know, the black mayor who tried to clean things up in Chi town and had a ‘heart attack’ at his desk? yeah little Richie Daley was available to step in,,,,,,,,I am sure I am still voting there, I just hope they have a female wino doing it

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