The Clinton Royal Court

The Daily Mail has an exclusive article today about the absolute condescending behavior of Hillary’s “Body Woman” Huma Abedin.

Ronald Kessler, the author of the book The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of the Presidents which recently came out in paperback, wrote this Daily Mail piece.

In it, Kessler writes:

According to Secret Service agents interviewed for my book The First Family Detail, Abedin can be just as rude and nasty as Hillary. A former agent recalls helping Abedin when she got lost driving Chelsea to the February 2008 Democrat presidential debate in Los Angeles.
‘She was belligerent and angry about being late for the event,’ the former agent says. ‘No appreciation for any of it, not a thank-you or anything. That was common for her people to be rude.’
At another event in Los Angeles, a female agent challenged Abedin because she was not wearing a pin that identifies cleared aides to Secret Service agents. The agent had no idea who she was.
‘You don’t have the proper identification to go beyond this point,’ the agent told her.
‘Huma basically tried to throw her weight around,’ a former agent says. ‘She tried to just force her way through and said belligerently, ‘Do you know who I am?”

Ah, yes. The Clinton Royal Court. A bunch of snotty, condescending bitches who believe they are superior to we lowly hoi polloi.

The Clinton Royal Court

Is it any wonder Abedin along with Cheryl Mills, felt that a judge’s order was beneath them?

But wait!

There’s more!

‘Huma Abedin looked down on the agents and treated them as second-class citizens,’ a former agent says. While agents are not supposed to carry luggage, they will do so as a courtesy if they like a female protectee, such as Lynne Cheney or Rosalynn Carter.
But with Abedin, ‘the agents were just like, ‘Hey, you’re going to be like that? Well, you get your own luggage to the car. Oh, and by the way, you can carry the first lady’s luggage to the car, too.’
‘She’d have four bags, and we’d stand there and watch her and say, ‘Oh, can we hold the door open for you?’

Sweet merciful Zeus.

Show of hands as to who among you would like to bitch slap this see-you-en-tee into next week?

But if Huma sounds like an entitled queen, that’s nothing compared to Hillary.

Agents say Hillary’s nastiness and contempt for them and disdain for law enforcement and the military in general continued, both when she was secretary of state and now that she is protected as a former first lady, earning her the distinction of being considered the Secret Service’s most detested protectee.

And this:

‘There’s not an agent in the service who wants to be in Hillary’s detail,’ a current agent says. ‘If agents get the nod to go to her detail, that’s considered a form of punishment among the agents. She’s hard to work around, she’s known to snap at agents and yell at agents and dress them down to their faces, and they just have to be humble and say, ‘Yes ma’am,’ and walk away.’


Turns out Hillary isn’t running for President after all.

She’s got her sights on being Queen.

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  • August 21, 2015 at 10:43 am

    Hilary might want to be Queen but Obama hold that title now.

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