The CNN Curse: Is promotion from this network the kiss of death?

The CNN Curse: Is promotion from this network the kiss of death?

When CNN darling Michael Avenatti’s rising star went supernova, I attributed his fall to the infamous “Trump Curse.” But I think I was wrong about that. It isn’t the Trump Curse that brings doom to those promoted by CNN; it’s the CNN Curse.

Nothing guarantees your inevitable slide into ignominious defeat like getting oodles of fawning coverage on CNN.

Avenatti was the most notable example of the CNN Curse in action.

But he wasn’t the last.

The latest example of the CNN Curse is New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Thanks to the COVID panic, CNN filled the void left when Avenatti went to jail by setting its promotional sights on New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Not since the trash-talking, ambulance-chasing creepy porn lawyer has CNN put so much effort into promoting a man with so much built-in baggage.

Cuomo was given a near-nightly pandemic variety hour beside his younger, dumber brother Chris. His COVID press briefings were broadcast live and in their entirety – despite the fact that CNN is not a local New York news station.

Cuomo was invited on to flog his self-praising book on Leadership as if leading New York State to the highest per capita death rate was something to crow about.

And now, like Avenatti before him, the CNN Curse has come for Cuomo.

Despite (or perhaps because of) the oodles of fawning interviews and endless praise, Cuomo’s trajectory has taken a sharp downward turn.

The truth about Cuomo’s abysmal nursing home policies have been exposed. And now the death toll stands at over 15,000 seniors – far more than Cuomo initially claimed; and even more than AG Letitia James projected.

And the blows just keep coming.

Yesterday the New York Post reported that the nursing home data was deliberately covered up by the Cuomo Administration.

One of the Governor’s top aides admitted privately to NY Democrat lawmakers that they “froze” the death toll numbers out of fear that the DOJ was sniffing around and the true numbers would “be used against us.”

Rather than apologize for the cover-up and the mass death of seniors, this aide apologized to Democrat Lawmakers for the damage this cover-up might have done to them politically.

Yes my friends, this corrupt, venal Governor is the guy CNN chose to turn into a celebrity heartthrob.

When Trump Derangement Syndrome is in charge of programming decisions, the CNN Curse is inevitable. I mean, it isn’t like they’re going to vet these people to make sure there’s no blowback.

Avenatti, Cuomo, Michael Cohen, even the loathsome Rick Wilson from the Lincoln Biden Project – these guys were given an outsized platform for one reason and one reason only: Trump Hate.

So long as you attack Bad Orange Man, CNN doesn’t care what an incompetent criminal screw up you are.

In the end, the biggest victim of the CNN Curse is CNN itself.

This useless network inevitably ends up with egg on its face. Trump Hate Programming is the kiss of death.

Not that they notice. Trump Derangement Syndrome devours your self-awareness – not to mention your ability to move on.

Even now, with Trump living the life of a private citizen, they still can’t quit him.

Will CNN pay any price for promoting Governor Grandma Killer?


As they did with Michael Avenatti, CNN will just pretend their endless Andrew Cuomo love-fest never ever happened.

Faux “real journalist” Jake Tapper will give a couple tough-talking “Governor Cuomo has a lot to answer for” monologues that will totally gloss over the fact that his own network is responsible for elevating and celebrating this incompetent man.

Dumber Brother Chris will go radio silent – opting instead to lecture Americans about the dangers of “domestic terrorist Trump supporters.”

And Brian Stelter will only complain about how many minutes of coverage Fox News gives to reporting on the fall of Governor Grandma Killer when they really should’ve been focusing on the impeachment trial.

Then when the dust settles, CNN will find some new Trump Foil to promote.

I guarantee you whoever it is will have more baggage than a Samsonite store.

And the CNN Curse will crank into high gear all over again.

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  • February 13, 2021 at 4:11 am

    Interesting theory and there may be two or more “curses” in play. I will be likely to credit the demise of Nikki Haley to the “Trump curse”.

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