The Cringe Candidate

While it’s true that among the 2020 Democrats there’s absolutely no shortage of cringeworthy moments.  There is one candidate who is the King of Cringe.

And that’s Eric Swalwell.

This guy just can’t stop making public pronouncements that are so embarrassingly awful, it’s impossible not to cringe every time he opens his mouth.

Like the Cringe King’s painful “please clap” moment:

Then there was this embarrassing clip from the House committee hearing on Reparations.

This guy even made Danny Glover cringe.

Swalwell jams his foot into his mouth so often, I’m surprised he doesn’t suffer from athlete’s tongue.

But the key to being crowned the King of Cringe is possessing a complete lack of self-awareness about your own cringiness.

And this is Eric Swalwell’s problem. He truly doesn’t seem to grasp that every time he opens his mouth, the natural human reaction is a full-body cringe.

He is so lacking in self-awareness that Eric himself will tweet out his Cringeworthy Greatest Hits — seemly oblivious to the fact that he’s making an idiot of himself.

Like this one:

I mean, come on!

How oblivious to your own cringeworthiness must you be if you actually tweet out these cringey moments yourself?

Once again over the weekend, Cringe Candidate Swalwell repeated his muscle-spasm-inducing talking point comparing the Democrats to the Avengers.

And Buck Sexton’s comment on that video made me laugh out loud.

Ooohhh! Ouch! Now that is so funny, it deserves to be Photoshopped!

King of Cringe

Speaking of the Cringe Candidate’s “please clap” moment, this Gutfeld Show takedown from a couple weeks ago is hilarious:

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3 thoughts on “The Cringe Candidate

  • June 25, 2019 at 1:34 am

    Really enjoyed the cringeworthy Swalwell “quotes.” His expression is so empty, there just does not seem to be anything behind his eyes. Like a brain, maybe? Plus, a great video of the Gutfield Show.

    Cat, give us the definition of a Swalwell. “It’s when you can’t make a joke.”


  • June 25, 2019 at 4:00 pm

    …..bold without the bold??? ….well that leaves nothing

  • June 26, 2019 at 12:03 pm

    Reminds me of Tim Kane. There isn’t much light behind those eyes, is there?

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