The Cuomo Brothers Pandemic Variety Hour

The Cuomo Brothers Pandemic Variety Hour

Remember when Brian Stelter claimed that CNN was “empowering the public with information to stay safe?”  Yeah.  They’re not.  But, when it comes to laughs a-plenty, CNN has it covered with the Cuomo Brothers Pandemic Variety Hour.

You get to enjoy soft-ball “questions” from those wacky Cuomo Brothers every night while they banter and riff over which brother is loved best by Mom.

And the media is eating it up with a spoon.

According to the Buffalo News, “The Cuomo Brothers comedy show is a TV hit on CNN.” Well, I don’t know how much of a “hit” it is since CNN’s ratings are so bad, they have not one show in the top 20.

CNN itself loves, loves, loves to promote the Cuomo Brothers Pandemic Variety Hour.  Back in March, they ran this glowing headline: “Chris Cuomo jokes with brother about mom’s favorite.”

Yup.  That right there is “empowering the public with information to stay safe,” right Brian Stelter?

Even the “Democracy Dies in Darkness” Washington Post gushed about the Cuomo Brothers Pandemic Variety Hour with this headline on March 24: “’The comedy routine American needs right now:’ The Cuomo brothers return to prime time.”

Yet these idiots can’t figure out why trust in the media is plummeting.

Now, keep in mind.  Andrew Cuomo is the governor of the state that is the epicenter of the pandemic here in the US.  Currently over one hundred and sixty-one thousand New York residents have tested positive for the Wuhan Virus, and more than seven thousand have died.  The entire state is on lockdown, people are losing their jobs, their businesses, and their loved ones.

You’d think CNN would keep that in mind before airing this nightly “comedy routine.”

In the New York Post today, Kyle Smith hammers CNN for this unserious and absurd clown show in his column “Stop the sickening ‘Cuomo Brothers Feel-Good Pandemic Variety Show.’

And it is scathing.

When it’s time to interview maybe the most important elected liberal Democrat in the entire country, CNN might want to make it a little less obvious than sending the gov’s own little brother to hit him with questions such as, “You’re the man right now. Why is that?”(March 23) or “Governor, it is good to remind people that they are just coming to love you now as much as I have my whole life, and it’s because of your commitment to what you do for other people. It’s what matters most to me about you, and I love you very much. Thank you for coming on the show, and thank you for keeping my spirits up” (April 8).

Smith points out the striking difference between the way CNN treats the President of the United States versus the kid-glove goofery with which Governor Cuomo is handled.

Then he makes this suggestion:

Here’s an idea, Clown News Network: How about hiring Don Jr. to interview POTUS every day for the duration of the crisis? Trump the Younger could distract us all with fun family photos and kid around with the old man. Wouldn’t that make for cozy television?

Could you imagine?  Could you imagine if, say, Fox News or OAN did that very thing?

Brian Stelter would be quivering like a spastic colon, sputtering in rage over the lack of seriousness at a time like this.

Oliver Darcy would pen a scathing item in Reliable Sources’ daily newsletter excoriating Fox or OAN for making light of this pandemic.

But neither “media reporter” says anything negative about the Cuomo Brothers Pandemic Variety Hour.

As Kyle Smith points out, back in 2013, Chris Cuomo pledged that he would never interview his brother the governor about political hard news.

“If there’s something that’s been done wrong at the state level, that he deserves to get hammered, he’s got to answer for it, right?” the younger Cuomo said then. “I wouldn’t put myself in that position because it would raise questions of conflict. If it’s about his political career, his political actions or things that he must answer for, that’s for somebody else to do.”

Evidently, seven thousand dead isn’t very important and the Cuo Bros think they should just keep yukking it up like the Smothers Brothers once did, with their “Mom liked you best” routine.

There is no disputing that at a time like this Americans could use a laugh.  But perhaps prime time on a supposed cable news outlet — especially one that claims it is “empowering the public with information to stay safe” — isn’t the best venue.

Andrew Cuomo is overseeing a state that has more Wuhan Virus cases than any single European nation.  This is one of those times when “he deserves to get hammered, he’s got to answer for it, right?”

And the last person who should be tackling those interviews is his little brother.

Read Kyle Smith’s entire column HERE.  Like I said, it is scathing.

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5 thoughts on “The Cuomo Brothers Pandemic Variety Hour

  • April 10, 2020 at 10:21 am

    I know for some this may be tinfoil hat territory but I’m starting to wonder if Fredo actually has Corona virus or just a bad cold. He seems very active for someone who supposedly has this “killer” disease. Given the media’s propensity for just making things up it wouldn’t surprise if this is fake news also.

    • April 10, 2020 at 10:26 pm

      Good point. Thermometer in mouth, bathrobe and cold pack on head would seem to be the dress of the day for the other Cuomo.

  • April 10, 2020 at 12:39 pm

    I am stealing the “quivering like a spastic colon” line, I hope you don’t mind. I just missed ruining my laptop screen when I read that. Thanks for providing the LOLOLOL for the morning. Next up, Joe finds the word “dogg turdzzz in his morning alphabet cereal bowl while dining during his morning stelter discharge and falls off the reverse seating on his custom built commode, complete with left and right handed flush controls so if he forgets which one to use that double as hand grips when the stelter is impacted and he has to strain to push it out.

  • April 10, 2020 at 1:12 pm

    Tater is a spastic colon; how else would he quiver? Just sayin’

  • April 10, 2020 at 11:36 pm

    CNN would not know anything — if they were not self-absorbed celebrity Dem socs


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