The Day the Earth Stood Terrified

Most reports about this Iran deal seem to be saying the same thing.

The Obama Administration is so desperate to walk away with a deal in their hands (figuratively, not literally, since the Iranians refuse to put anything in writing), that they are willing to bend over backwards to give the mullahs everything they want.

The most recent concession?

Iran wants to keep all of their enriched uranium which, the New York Times reports, the Obama Administration is expected to give in and let them do.

All of this reminds me of the final season of “24,” where President Alison Taylor is so desperate to get a deal with the Islamic Republic of Kamistan that she permits the Russians to get away with assassinating the IRK President, is willing to cover up the Russians’ involvement with the IRK rebels, and even tries to have Jack Bauer murdered to prevent him from exposing the truth.

When President Taylor realizes what she has done, she stops it. But not before a lot of people die. “I wanted this peace so badly, Jack,” she tells Jack Bauer, “and for that I have betrayed every principle that I have ever stood for.”

“Peace at any price” is not peace.

But Obama lacks the self-reflection of the fictional President Taylor. And John Kerry is far too big an idiot.

They are selling out the world all so they can proclaim their success.

The Day the Earth Stood Terrified

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  • March 30, 2015 at 3:25 pm

    Oh wow. I’m impressed. Kerry speaks ‘farsicle’.

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