The Dianny Virus: An Update

The Dianny Virus: An Update

Hello from the quarantine.  Here’s the latest status report on the Dianny Virus.

You’re free to call it the Dianny Virus.  It isn’t sexist or racist, honest.

Any old how.

It’s Day 26 of the Dianny Virus and there is some good news to report.

I mentioned the other day that I stupidly continued taking my immunosuppressant while battling the Dianny Virus.  And finally this week the stupid stopped.

The good news is halting my immunosuppressant appears to be having the desired effect – namely, my whacked out immune system seems to be doing a better job at fighting this thing.

While I am still very weak and suffering from bone-crushing fatigue, my temperature is almost back to normal which is a huge improvement.

I remain only cautiously optimistic since last week I had a similar upturn that quickly became a downturn.  So I’m not prepared to say the Dianny Virus is on its way out.  If I see continued improvement that lasts more than a day, my cautious optimism will change to plain old optimism.

There is a downside, however.  Without the benefit of the immunosuppressant working in conjunction with the anti-malarial drug I’m on, my Lupus symptoms are kicking into high gear.

I really didn’t need a Lupus flare joining up with the Dianny Virus.  It’s kind of a buzz kill if you want to know the truth.

In the meantime, I continue to rest as much as possible.  I have two loads of laundry to do, but I’m splitting up the task to allow maximum rest time.  Today I brought the laundry baskets down from upstairs.  Tomorrow I’ll take them down to the basement.  Hopefully at this rate, by Sunday I can actually get the laundry in the washing machine.

We do what we can.

Despite my best efforts to explain the importance of social distancing in light of the Dianny Virus, my dog Mary just doesn’t get it.

Social distancing with a dog

Hey, at least I was able to get her off my stomach. So that’s something I guess.

Before I go lie down and rest, I wanted to share this great story about a local CNY couple that is using 3D printers to make face shields in their basement so the county has them at the Wuhan virus testing clinic.

This is what Americans do.  We don’t just sit and wait for Government to save us.  Instead, we step up and take initiative.

So while this pandemic might be bringing out the worst in some of our politicians and pundits, it is most definitely bringing out the very best in regular, every day Americans like Isaac Budmen and Stephanie Keefe.

?? ‘Merica!

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4 thoughts on “The Dianny Virus: An Update

  • March 20, 2020 at 1:04 pm

    I have been very concerned about you. I rely on reading your posts every day. You have battled so much with your health. You have many people who care about you. I hope you are finally on the mend.

    • March 21, 2020 at 9:10 pm


  • March 20, 2020 at 3:42 pm

    *pumps fist*
    More improvement!!!! Hope it continues. <3

  • March 21, 2020 at 4:08 am

    Hey Diann, I’ve only just discovered your page, but am entirely enthralled by it! I have now spent hours reading your various (humorous yet serious) diatribes, and will continue to read more! I am on day 21 of my self quarantine. I have not been to a doctor, so I have not been officially diagnosed, but have had several med. professionals tell me my symptoms indicate COVID19. The unproductive cough, shortness of breath, the fever and chills have been the worst! Fortunately for me, I do not have the added complication of Lupus. My prayers go out to you! Also, my thanks, for all the wonderful words of yours that I have been reading.
    I am in Wisconsin. The weather has been cold and damp, and every time I have to take the silly big black lab (Joey) out to get his exercise, I suffer. Will that make me quit? Not until I’m actually dead! Puppy’s gotta run, at least twice a day!
    Been looking at the descriptions for your books, and they sound like they are full of words and wisdom I want very much to read. Assuming they’re still available when I get back to financially stable, I’ll probably be buying each and every one of them!
    I babble. I just really wanted to say thanks for all the information and entertainment you’ve been putting out there for all of us to enjoy. Oh, and BTW, the agony of the laundry process? I get that, 100%! Also, I’ve been doing good on the cooking front, but one of these days, some poor schmuck is going to have to do some serious rehabilitation of my kitchen!!!
    Take care, and get well! Yours is a precious intellect, and one our Nation is in sore need of these days!

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