The Dignity Expert

You know, I find it all manner of hilarious that Joe Biden, of all people, objected to Tom Cotton’s letter to Iran because it was “beneath the dignity of an institution I revere.”

Joe Biden is the Dignity Expert?

Who knew?!

Dignity 02

Yeah. He’s the Dignity Expert the same way he’s an expert in home defense.

Remember when he said you should fire a shotgun into the air?

He’s the Dignity Expert the same way he’s an expert on Domestic Violence.

Remember when he said “We’ve learned that certain behaviors on the part of an abuser portend much more danger than other behaviors. For example, if an abuser has attempted to strangle his victim, if he’s threatened to shoot her, if he sexually assaulted her, […] these are telltale signs to say this isn’t your garden variety slap across the face – which is totally unacceptable in and of itself.” [March 13, 2013]

He’s the Dignity Expert the same way he’s an expert in foreign policy.

Remember when he said that Syria was five times larger than Libya?

the Dignity expert

The antonyms for “Dignity” are:
bad manners,
and Joe Biden.

Dignity 04

If writing a letter to Iran is “beneath the dignity of the institution” Joe reveres, how does he describe getting all handsy with a teenage girl after swearing her father in to said institution?

Dignity 01

It seems to me that Joe Biden has a very high tolerance for indignity.

The guy is a Saturday Night Live skit from the moment he gets up in the morning until the moment Jill puts him in his crib at night.

Sorry. Is it undignified to refer to her as Jill? Should I call her as Doctor Biden?

Beneath the dignity of the institution he reveres. That’s a laugh.

Well, to be fair. If anybody knows what is beneath dignity, it would be creepy Joe.

Dignity 03

As I point out in my book RANT: Politics & Snark in the Age of Obama:

Leave it to Barack Obama to choose the first cartoon character as a running mate – I guess it is another reason to call his Presidency “historic.” Rumor has it Obama was deeply sad to discover Homer Simpson was fictional. Biden was the best he could do in a pinch. The fact that this nitwit stands a heart-beat away from the Presidency should send chills down our spines. We haven’t been this close to destruction since the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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  • March 11, 2015 at 12:37 pm

    I’ve said from day one that the choice of Uncle Joe s his VP was inspired. He is Obumbler’s greatest security against either removal from office, or any threat to his life. Who is going to remove him when his successor would be Creepy Joe?

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