The DNC is Fundraising in Mexico – makes sense

The DNC is Fundraising in Mexico

According to the Daily Caller, the DNC will be holding some fundraisers in Mexico ostensibly to raise money from “American ex-pats.”

Since Americans living in America aren’t donating to the DNC – mostly because they don’t want to turn America into Mexico — Tom Perez is saddling up his donkey and heading south of the border to get money from Americans living in Mexico who have no problem turning America into Mexico.

But don’t worry folks.  They’ll just be taking the money of ex-pat Americans.

You can totally trust the Democrats on this.  They won’t accept one red peso from Mexicans while fundraising in Mexico.

Yeah, right.

I totally believe that the only people who will be donating to the DNC coffers are American citizens who just so happen to live in Mexico and not Mexicans.  Because the Democrats never ever break federal election laws.

I mean it isn’t like the Obama campaign was fined for accepting foreign donations or anything.

Could you imagine if the RNC held fundraisers in Russia and told the press it was only for American ex-pats?

Good grief, the hue and cry would be cacophonous.

Rachel Maddow would be apoplectic.

Bette Midler would be furiously composing limericks about it for her Twitter followers.

And Ted Lieu would sprain his fingers from typing all his “consciousness of guilt” tweets.

But the DNC chairman can travel to a foreign country told hold fundraisers and not a single media outlet will utter a peep about it.

Sure, the DNC says it’ll require attendees to provide proof of citizenship in order to donate in order to comply with the law (which is all kinds of ironic since they oppose requiring proof of citizenship to vote).

But how would that stop straw donors?  You don’t think a Mexican national would hand over his donation to an American ex-pat to donate on his behalf?  It’s in Mexico’s national interest to get the Democrats in power. And that’s doubly true for wealthy Mexicans who profit greatly from illegals sending American dollars back home.

Holding American political fundraisers in another country is ripe for abuse. Which, I think, is precisely why the DNC is doing it.

But it’s about what I’d expect from the American political party who puts the interests of Central Americans ahead of the interests of the American people.

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3 thoughts on “The DNC is Fundraising in Mexico – makes sense

  • August 22, 2019 at 8:03 am

    They’ll take anything they can get from any source. It’s all legal,because they have their own set of rules.

  • August 22, 2019 at 9:17 am

    Oh, I dunno. The Mexican government is just waking up to the realization that Democrats have stolen 20% of their population, and they want MORE! MORE! MORE! Worker shortages are starting to pop up in the recreational pharmaceuticals industry, a key component of the Mexican economy. They’re desperately looking for agricultural processing workers, and it’s getting more serious every day.

  • August 23, 2019 at 7:51 am

    Dianny, it would be fun for the RNC to announce a fundraiser in Russia just to hear the hue and cry and point out 5he media’s bias.

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