The Dumbest Smart Set in the World

The Dumbest Smart Set in the World

Remember how the media constantly gushed over the super smart people in the Obama Administration? Yes, sir. They were the smartest, bested educated, mostest erudite Smart Set to ever deign to run a country populated by gap-tooth rubes and ignorant yahoos.

We stupid hoi polloi didn’t understand just how smart the Smart Set was because, well, we’re not very bright, and really? We don’t deserve them.

Sure, our spider senses tingled when the Smart Set did things like negotiate with the largest state sponsor of terrorism while handing them billions of dollars cash, or yoke us to an utterly unworkable wealth redistribution scheme masquerading as a Climate Change Accord.

But that’s because we were just too stupid to understand nuance and diplomacy.

The Smart Set knew better, and we should just shut up, bend over and take it.

“Trust us,” they told us. “We know better.”

When Donald Trump was elected President, the Smart Set was aghast.

How dare we stupid voters defy them!

Well, you’ll see, you dumb Americans! You’ll see! Trump is going to destroy our relationships with the world and bring us to the brink of war, and you’ll be begging us to come and save you!

When President Trump’s first foreign trip was to Saudi Arabia to meet with Arab nations not aligned with Iran, the Smart Set took to their fainting couches.

How dare this reckless man put at risk all the tireless work they did normalizing relations with Iran and marginalizing Israel?!

Well, it wasn’t going to work, they assured themselves. Trump’s realigning Middle East relationships was going to backfire and cause the entire region to plunge into war.

Then this reckless President, over the furious, impotent objections of the Smart Set, moved the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.


And they were all wrong.

About everything.

This week, in a ceremony largely ignored by the media (except to bitch about the lack of social distancing), President Trump played host to the leaders of Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.  After decades of strained and hostile relations, these three Middle East Countries agreed to normalize relations with one another.

And with the stroke of a pen, every doom and gloom prediction the Smart Set made died on the vine.

It turns out you don’t need to grovel to the peace-hating Palestinian Authority and the terror-funders of Iran to affect normalized relations in the Middle East.

In fact, you can treat the Palestinian Authority as a non-entity not worth anyone’s time and make tremendous strides toward peaceful relations between Israel and Arab nations.

The so-called Smart Set didn’t see it coming. But, boy, were they absolutely certain in their wrongness.

Like John Kerry:

This is the dumbest Smart Set in the world. What they lack in smarts, they make up for with lack of smarts.

And yet this Smart Set that got everything wrong regarding the Middle East is poised and ready to retake the reins should Harris and her incontinent meat puppet get elected in November.

These clowns were never smart. Though they are, every single one of them, incredibly arrogant. Just listen to the condescension dripping from the buffoonish John Kerry. They all think that way, and they all talk that way.

They really don’t have a clue, but they are so damn full of themselves they cannot see how wrong they are.

John Kerry, Samantha Power, Susan Rice, the ludicrous Ben Rhodes – Obama’s entire foreign policy team have so convinced themselves of their own brilliance, they can’t imagine anyone being able to accomplish something they could not. Especially anyone like President Trump.

And who is also part of this utterly wrong Smart Set? Well …

This is why the media is downplaying the Abraham Accords. Their much-loved Smart Set got it all wrong. And the Trump Administration accomplished more in four years to stabilize the Middle East than the so-called Smart Set has been able to do in a generation.

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5 thoughts on “The Dumbest Smart Set in the World

  • September 17, 2020 at 11:06 am

    Officer Muldoon look-alike in Car 54, Where are You?

  • September 17, 2020 at 11:19 am

    “[Globalist] Dictators free Themselves. But, they Enslave the People.” “You CAN’T DO THAT!” “That will Never Work!” “Literally Millions Will Die Under these Policies!” “He has Thrown a BOMB into Middle Eastern Politics!” They Shrieked, Howled, Moaned and Groaned about how Impossible it was to achieve Peace in the middle east. There is No Way that it can be done in our lifetimes. Yet an Outsider, a Businessman, a RUBE by all their definitions, walks into the room and says “HOLD MY Diet Coke!”

    They ALL have Egg on their Faces over this. This Historical Treaty will fuel their fires of Jealousy. The Nerve of this man called PRESIDENT TRUMP!! We Say: RE-ELECT THIS Mf’er

  • September 18, 2020 at 7:45 am

    Smart set? More like smart ass set. That this bunch of hapless morons could be so wrong and still appear on television to berate DJT makes them all the more farcical.

  • September 18, 2020 at 12:48 pm

    Ever notice the resemblance between Kerry and Lurch from the Adams family?
    Back when Algore was running for president, I made my own bumper sticker
    with a picture of a slightly photoshopped Kerry that said, “Defeat Lurch and his running mate.”

    Incidentally, that year no one of my personal acquaintance received his mail in ballot.
    There was apparently a room at the post office where all the mail in ballots were being
    voted by postal workers. Can’t prove it, of course. I have always suspected that Algore
    didn’t really win California that year.

  • September 19, 2020 at 9:40 am

    I don’t know if “wrong” is the term I would use. you should just start with the questions…”if I wanted to absolutely destroy and bankrupt an entire nation; how would I go about that? if I wanted to sell out the entire population of a country and enrich myself and my cronies and family; what would be the best way to do that?”; and work your way backward, you would probably decide that you wouldn’t do anything different from what this scum has done. they have nothing but contempt for anyone who isn’t them and don’t believe we have any birthrights. if they were just “wrong” I might be able to forgive that. they were doing everything exactly right to accomplish what they wanted. they just ran out of time

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