The end of China Joe’s plausible deniability

The end of China Joe's plausible deniability

Last night Tucker Carlson devoted his entire hour to an interview with Tony Bobulinski – the Biden family’s former business partner turned whistleblower. And when Bobulinski expressed concern to China Joe’s brother over how the Biden family planned square this business deal with China with any future Presidential run of Biden’s, brother Biden summed it up in two words – plausible deniability.

In other words, the Biden family deliberately set things up in a way to give the appearance that China Joe’s fingerprints were nowhere near these dirty deals.

With an air of “so there,” the media spent last week shrieking that there was no evidence in Biden’s tax returns that old China Joe was up to his tits in Hunter’s shady deals.

Does the media really believe Joe’s tax returns will have a line-item that reads “My ten percent of Hunter’s shady deal with the Chinese Communists.”

Of course the money was laundered in such a way as to not raise any flags. That’s part of China Joe’s plausible deniability.

Bobulinski’s account of his interactions with the Bidens makes it clear that Joe knew exactly what was going on, had veto power over the deals they made, and was benefiting financially from those deals.

The entire interview is must-watch, but here is a portion of it:

This is one hell of an explosive story of influence peddling and corruption involving the former Vice President of the United States. But here’s how many stories CNN has written on Tony Bobulinski since he first came forward last week:

CNN gives China Joe some plausible deniability

If you replaced the names Hunter Biden with Don Junior, and Joe Biden with Donald Trump, this interview with Tony Bobulinski would be the biggest news story of the last four years.

Apparently it isn’t just Jim Biden and Hunter were concerned about giving China Joe plausible deniability. The media is supplying old Joe plausible deniability as well.

Personally, I’d despise the media far less if they just came out and admitted that they desperately want Biden to win the election so they’re hiding his corruption from the public.

But to claim, without evidence, that Bobulinski is a Russian asset and all his evidence – as well as the evidence on Hunter’s laptop – is “Russian disinformation” makes me despise them with the fire of a thousand suns.

Isn’t just journalistic malpractice; it’s their willingness to defame a private citizen for committing the sin of exposing China Joe’s corruption.

In last night’s interview, Bobulinski blew China Joe’s plausible deniability clean out of the water. Joe can no longer claim he knew nothing. Well, he can claim it, but the evidence shows that old China Joe is flat-out lying.

Even Biden’s people know just how damaging Bobulinski’s evidence is – as this recording featured on Tucker’s show makes clear:

But still nobody in the media will touch this story.

Again, the Atlantic ran an unverified story based on anonymous sources that in 2018 President Trump called veterans “losers” and “suckers.”

And the media went on a feeding frenzy over it. The White House Press Secretary was grilled over it. Trump was questioned about it. Even after all those people went on the record to debunk the anonymous claims, the media kept at it. Biden still uses it as a campaign talking point – as does Kamala Harris and Barack Obama.

But for the fully-sourced and documented story on China Joe and his influence-peddling family business – including an on-the-record witness – these garbage hacks plug up their ears and shriek, “La la la! I can’t hear you!!!”

As David Burge famously said more than six years ago:

The problem is, there’s not smothering this story anymore.

Tucker Carlson’s show is the number one cable news program in the country. Between those who tuned in last night and those who will watch Bobulinski’s interview via YouTube and other sites in the coming days, no amount of media suppression is going to stop this story from coming out.

China Joe lied when he claimed he never discussed Hunter’s shady deals.

He’s lying when he says he never made any money off of them.

And he’s lying when he claims the story is Russian disinformation.

There is no more plausible deniability for China Joe, no matter how much he denies it and no matter how diligently the media tries to protect him.

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7 thoughts on “The end of China Joe’s plausible deniability

  • October 28, 2020 at 12:44 pm

    I need help in understanding the significance of all of this. Hunter’s Ukraine adventure is clearly a quid pro quo. The Biden family sees an opportunity to make lots of money in Ukraine; Obama/Biden offer Ukraine a boatload of bucks with the proviso that Hunter is on the board of Burisma at a salary of $1million/year; the US Government then provides official cover to Burisma (by getting the Ukrainian corruption prosecutor fired) and the Bidens make money (our money!). All of that should be investigated, indictments handed down, arrests made. This one is a slam dunk.

    But Hunter’s thing with Bobulinski happened after Biden left office. The Chinese gave the Biden family lots of money and Joe takes a slice of it. But what do the Chinese get? What is the quid pro quo in this deal? It’s 2017 and Biden is no longer VP and there is no hint that he will be the Dem candidate three years later. So what is the evidence that the Bidens did something to benefit the Chinese? Are there policy makers, law makers, business people in the US and abroad whom the Bidens influenced/are influencing to give favorable treatment to China and abet Chinese policy? If so, who are they? The Chinese are not going to give away millions of dollars without a clear expectation of a decisive return — what is it? Help me, Dianny.

    • October 28, 2020 at 1:23 pm

      The negotiations for this deal began in 2015. Bobulinski wasn’t brought on board or introduced to Biden until 2017. But the deal began two years earlier when Biden was still VP. Besides which, that isn’t the only deal with the Chinese that the Bidens made. Watch the documentary Riding the Dragon that I posted HERE. Read through the Senate report that was released in September that I linked to HERE. I realize that a lot of this requires work on our part since the media is ignoring it. But the information is available.

    • October 28, 2020 at 1:48 pm

      If Biden wasn’t running for the top office it probably would be nothing, sleasey but not huge problem. But he is running for potus. He and his family are totally owned by China, Ukraine and by extension Russia. What does that hold for Anericans, nothing good.

  • October 28, 2020 at 7:59 pm

    Absolutely engrossing show on Tucker last night.

    Seriously, where IS Hunter? Has he literally flown the coop and is in a foreign land? Has he found a belt to twist around his neck? How come he hasn’t campaigned with this goofy father?

    And the leftist media not covering any of this? Falls right into Mark Levin’s “Unfreedom of the Press”. All their lies and denials are right there in his book.

    • October 28, 2020 at 8:44 pm

      I’m telling you, the family sent him to Sicily.

  • October 29, 2020 at 10:08 am

    The progressives saw the writing on the wall, that all this sleaze and corruption would come out before the election. They have been relentless in their crusade to have early and illegal (the dead, felons, illegal aliens, pets, et.) votes counted before any of this information widely disseminated. The press have ruthlessly suppressed all stories about Biden corruption (treason). Granted, the majority of Biden voters simply do not care about their nefarious dealings, but at least some on the left may have more than a modicum of buyers remorse for voting early. Plausible deniability Joe is owned lock, stock, and barrel by the CCP, and if elected, would represent the greatest national security threat this nation has ever faced. The ongoing voter fraud nationwide makes the 2000 Florida election debacle seem like two kids in a sandbox squabbling over a beach ball. One can only hope that the much touted (but as yet, unheard) silent majority turns out in numbers large enough to offset the election shenanigans perpetrated by the left. A win by the demonrats might well pave the way to a permanent lock on power by the radical left, and an end to this grand experiment known as the USA.

  • October 29, 2020 at 3:49 pm

    Several of the swing states allow people to change their vote. Here is the list of states that DO allow you to change your vote:
    Connecticut, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin
    If you live in those states and have buyers remorse then go for it.
    BTW China Joe was going to run in 2016 but O’Bamma said no. His name has a big in in political circles so if he is “serving” or not it doesn’t matter his name opens doors and that is what the ChiComs want need.

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