The Equal-Opportunity Destroyer

There’s one thing you can say about hatred.

It isn’t choosy.

Those whose hearts are filled with hate can be found on every continent, every age, every level of education, every gender, every skin color.

Hate truly is the equal-opportunity destroyer.

It is found in the sick mind of Dylann Storm Roof.

It is found in the racist agitators who descend on cities like locusts devouring all that is good, tearing at the heart of a people.

Hate is very good at dressing itself up — even disguising itself as “social justice” or “activism.”

But strip away the facade, and there it is.

Just as ugly.

Just as destructive.

Just as divisive as the hateful heart of Dylann Storm Roof.

We cannot give over to Hate.

Even if it’s given face-time on CNN.

The Equal Opportunity Destroyer

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One thought on “The Equal-Opportunity Destroyer

  • June 22, 2015 at 10:57 pm

    If more people could see the hate and sometimes jealousy,or the need to control that is behind all that is going on…

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