The feel-good story of the day

After months of news stories coming out of Europe where Muslim migrants have been sexually assaulting women with reckless abandon and apparently zero consequences, have I got the feel-good story of the day.

You may recall late last month a young woman in Denmark fended off a Muslim attack using pepper spray — only to find herself facing charges for protecting herself from being yet another victim of a rapefugee.

It’s these kind of stories that make you think it’s all over for Europe.

And then there are stories like this.

Last weekend, a group of refugees in Murmansk, Russia decided to head on out for an evening of molestation and rape only to find themselves coming face-to-face with some Russian men who know how to deal with animals that try and assault women.

They beat the living snot out of them. Eighteen of the rapefugees ended up in the hospital.

But unlike in Denmark, the Russian police didn’t bring charges against the Russian men for defending the women of Murmansk.

Good. They shouldn’t.

You see, this is why we here in America have the Second Amendment. When the government refuses to ensure the safety and welfare of its citizens, it is up to the people to defend themselves.

This isn’t vigilante justice.

This isn’t mob rule.

It’s the people stepping in to fill the void left by the irresponsible fools who are driving Europe right over the cliff.

Hat tip The Daily Caller.

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2 thoughts on “The feel-good story of the day

  • February 6, 2016 at 12:03 pm

    How can I increase the font size?

    Because this:


    Just doesn’t do justice to this fantastic Feel Good Story of the Day.

    Today in too many parts of America “the Country no one recognizes any more” the victim would probably be blamed, and held up in the courts of public opinion as the aggressor.

    Have “WE The People” all been fundamentally transformed and wussified? I hope not! I sincerely hope that we can overcome these last 7 years, and survive the next 349 days. Thanks to “Lil Barry the Horrible,” and the fools who voted for him, this Nation has become a Progressive’s TINDER BOX, with a short ignition device, sitting on top of a huge pile of a highly volatile substance, known for it’s extremely rapid expanson and concussive properties/charactoristics, which is usually packed in kegs or wooden crates.

    We suffer from a severe, and potentually terminal, case of Paralysis by Analysis.

    Since when does anything that happens in Russia, set the example for what we the people should do? This is how far down the damn rabbit hole we have fallen. God Help Us Please!!

    Thank you again Dianny for another GREAT post!

  • February 6, 2016 at 12:37 pm

    These were migrants expelled from Norway. Last week, the Norwegians brought approximately 280 up to Kirkenes, Norway (about 90 miles west of Murmansk) from where they crossed into Russia. They found out quickly that Russians, especially those living on the Kola Peninsula and in Karelia, are not sympathetic to ethnic diversity…preservation of identity runs deep within the people there. I suspect the Russian authorities will move them on quickly, perhaps to one of the “-stans” in central Asia.

    Coincidentally, Pope Francis (head of the largest Christian church in the world — 1.25+ billion Roman Catholics) will meet Patriarch Kirill (head of the largest Orthodox church in the world — 165+ million Russian Orthodox) in Cuba next week. The Pope is on his way to Mexico and Kirill is finishing a visit to Cuba. It’s been 1,000 years since the split, but the genocide of Christians in the Middle East (Francis & Kirill both call it genocide, but Obama can’t?) is bringing the two most powerful Christian leaders together. I don’t know much has already been worked out between the two prior to the meeting, but the result of this meeting, at least regarding the genocide of Christians, has the potential to influence political affairs in much of the world. I’m praying for the two of them.

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