The fruits of disinformation

Disinformation is the buzzword of the moment.

But, as is usually the case, the claims of disinformation are being leveled at the wrong target.

You have members of the House of Representatives badgering cable companies demanding to know why they are permitting Fox News or OAN to be part of their cable package.

Why are their panties in knot over Fox or OAN?


It’s dangerous, don’t you know.

And Democrat members of Congress don’t brook news outlets that peddle in disinformation!!! It must be banned! And since the First Amendment prohibits Congress from limiting free speech or freedom of the press, they are trying to outsource this censorship to cable providers (the same way they outsourced the destruction of Parler).

But it isn’t “disinformation” that upsets these Democrat lawmakers; it’s the fact that there are news outlets that do not toe the Democrat Party line.

Now, you all know that. You don’t need me explaining what this is about.

But I do think we need to talk about the danger of disinformation. Because disinformation is create real, irrevocable harm to the country.

I want you to look at these two charts from Echelon Insights polling that show the top concerns of Americans – broken down by party (hat tip Kristen Soltis Anderson).

Here are the top concerns for Republicans:

The Fruits of Disinformation-01

Now. Here are the top concerns for Democrats:

The fruits of disinformation-02

Far and away, the thing Democrats are most concerned about is the 74 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump in 2020.

Now why would that be?

Why on earth would Democrats see us as the biggest problem facing America?

Could it be four years of relentless attacks and slanders by the news media?

Could it be the result of Democrat politicians portraying us as evil, frothing-at-the-mouth White Supremacist monsters?

This skewed view is the fruits of a long-running disinformation campaign by the American news media, Democrat politicians, and popular culture.

And it is turning Americans against Americans.

The divide in this country has only grown worse – and not because of Donald Trump’s four years in office. It began before he even ran for President and has only grown worse since. Major news outlets and Democrat politicians have spent years demonizing their political opposition.

And now half the country believes this nonsense.

While Republicans are concerned with policy issues – like immigration, the economy, freedom – Democrats are cowering in fear of Trump voters.

This is sick and twisted.

But this is what happens when you are fed a daily dose of disinformation slandering your fellow citizens.

You won’t see Democrat House members writing letters to cable providers demanding to know why CNN or MSNBC have been allowed to attack and slander half the country – mostly because they too are busy attacking and slandering half the country.

Democrats think we are the biggest danger facing the country. I just can’t stop marveling at that. Not open borders, not economic ruin, not China, not America’s cultural rot — nope, we are.

I guess screeching about “Insurrection” all day every day has had the desired effect.

The media’s COVID Panic Porn has also created a schism, as you can see from this chart:

So the only thing that terrifies Democrats more than we Trump supporters is a virus with a 99% survivability rate.

Thanks media!

But this isn’t the disinformation problem Congress is concerned about.

No. They’re concerned because Tucker Carlson pointed out that there is zero evidence the January 6 mob scene at the Capitol was an “armed” “insurrection.” They’re concerned because OAN reports on voter fraud and election irregularities and that is the so-called “Big Lie” because they say it’s a lie.

But wait! There’s more!

CNN is busy breathlessly creating a new bogeyman:

Qanon disinformation

Oh, dear. How terrifying!!

Only, here is reality:

Qanon poll

Four percent favorable. 🤣! Forty-three percent never heard of the damn thing. 🤣😂!!!

But, see, CNN needs to maintain the suspicion and fear one half of the country has for the other half of the country. So it doesn’t matter that even Trump supporters don’t give a rip about Q-Anon. They need to convince the other half of the country that we’re a bunch of cult-like kooks.

We do not have a free and independent press in America. They’ve always been biased and politically-driven.

But now they are using that bias to deliberately pit American against American.

We are no longer one people, one nation, one culture. We are two balkanized peoples thanks in large part to this kind of “Us versus Them” propaganda.

This is the fruits of the real disinformation campaign.

And it has torn this country apart.

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4 thoughts on “The fruits of disinformation

  • February 25, 2021 at 9:26 am

    I also think the big difference, to the people behind the scenes, is that they are not concerned about the issues of safety or quality of life or “liberty” or inalienable rights but are concerned about power and what may keep them from achieving that power and control. And that “what” appears, in their minds, to be Trump voters/supporters. Therefore, anything/anyone “Trump” must be ground down under their black boot heels until there is no hindrance to taking over and creating a country that fits their vision (where the John Kerrys and Barack Obamas of the world drive around in their limousines or flit between countries in their gas guzzling, pollution spewing jets while us peons are riding twenty-year-old bicycles and shivering in the cold).

  • February 25, 2021 at 11:29 am

    I’m glad that we Donald Trump supporters are the #1 concern for Democrat voters! May it always be so.

  • February 25, 2021 at 1:45 pm

    The Democrats’ biggest cash expenditure is always the royalty payments to the estate of Josef Goebbels.
    But, since without LYING and following his techniques, they are bereft of any message. Do those freaks ever have even a moment of introspection when it might let them see how vile they are? Watching them cling to their ‘biggies’ – GlobalClimateWarmingChange and Racism – is most entertaining.

  • February 26, 2021 at 8:36 am

    The sheep always buy the narrative.
    It’s served up in a big trough every day.

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