The Gaffe Machine that Hillary saw as a threat

Gaffe Machine Biden

Yesterday, the Gaffe Machine known as Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. told a gathering at the Asian and Latino Coalition that “poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.”


He really did.

Of course this followed on the heels of Gaffe Machine Biden telling an Iowa gathering “We choose truth over facts!”

Yeah, really.

Of course the funnier part of that clip is the gathering of people actually cheered.  They cheered choosing truth over facts.

Listen, everybody makes a gaffe from time to time. When you’re giving speech after speech, inevitably you’ll misspeak.

But there’s misspeaking and then there’s Gaffe Machine Biden.

The guy is a walking blooper.

If they ever release a DVD box set of Biden’s campaign speeches, the gag reel alone will take up two discs.

Everybody seems to forget that Joe Biden isn’t just a gaffe-prone boob; he is also a really bad candidate for President.  This is the third time this gormless fool has run for President and he still hasn’t figured out how to do it.

And as I watched that “poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids” clip on Twitter this morning, I remembered something from back in 2015.

Team Clinton was terrified that sputtering clown would run for President and take the nomination away from Hillary.

Yeah. This Gaffe Machine had them supremely nervous.

Watch those two clips again and ask yourself this: If Joe Biden is such an incompetent boob, what does it say about Hillary’s campaign prowess that the mere possibility of Biden entering the 2016 race terrified her?

Team Clinton was so afraid of Gaffe Machine Biden they did everything they could to stop him from running against her.

Let’s hop in the Way-Back Machine to mid-October 2015.

In a report from Reuters, then-Senator Barbara Boxer urged Joe Biden to stay out of the race and throw his support behind Hillary.

The women that controlled the DNC at the time were doing everything they could to clear the field of serious contenders so that Hillary could sail to the nomination like shit through a goose.

And Boxer was concerned that Joe Biden was such a formidable candidate that his entering the race would prevent Hillary’s easy glide to victory.

Why do you think her only challengers were nobodies like Lincoln Chaffee and Jim Webb? And why do you think they were so incensed that Bernie Sanders was in the race?

They scared everybody away from running in order to ensure a Hillary nomination.

It was bad enough that Bernie wouldn’t leave. But that old dummy Joe, like an indecisive Hamlet, wouldn’t just come out and announce he wasn’t running.

And that made Team Clinton all manner of nervous.

When the Podesta Emails were released by WikiLeaks in the fall of 2016, I spent hours reading through them.  And let me tell you, Team Clinton was petrified of Biden jumping into the race.  There were lots of back and forth emails fretting over what they would do if Joe tossed his propeller hat into the ring. Reading those emails, you can feel the growing frustration over Biden dragging his feet and leaving them guessing.

Team Clinton was terrified of Joe Biden ruining everything.

Joe Biden – that verbally-challenged halfwit who can’t find his way to the end of a sentence if we spotted him every syllable.

If a dummy like Gaffe Machine Biden — the perpetual losing Presidential Candidate — struck fear in the hearts of the Clinton campaign, that doesn’t say much about Hillary as a candidate, does it?

And despite the fact that his foot spends so much time in his mouth, he has athlete’s tongue, he’s the best the Democrats have to offer in 2020.

Even after stumbling his way through last week’s debate, Gaffe Machine Biden is still leading the pack in polling.  The most recent Rasmussen national poll shows Biden at 27% with his nearest competitor (Bernie Sanders) twelve points behind him.

Now, granted, once the field consolidates to five or six candidates, that polling lead might dry up.  But I doubt it.  After all, in this Rasmussen poll seventeen of the candidates are polling at less than two percent. There’s not a lot there to redistribute to the other seven candidates.

Do the Democrats really want a nitwit like Biden going toe-to-toe with President Trump?

Unlike Hillary, Donald Trump isn’t afraid of Biden. I think he’s actually hoping Old Gaffey Joe is his competition in 2020.

Who can blame him? If this sputtering septuagenarian halfwit is the Democrat nominee, President Trump will eat him alive.

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7 thoughts on “The Gaffe Machine that Hillary saw as a threat

  • August 9, 2019 at 9:40 am

    I think Hillary never thought of the republican candidate as being a real threat to her ascension to the presidency….this is why any democratic opponent was more of a threat and why the hyper sensitivity to any competition.

    What is scary about Biden is not so much his malapropism as it is the fact that none of the ‘quote un-quote’ ‘Democratic Leaders’ during Obama’s reign could put three words together without a teleprompter and I know Biden would be using one now if he knew how to read and speak at the same time. Maybe it is because when sleepy Joe uses a teleprompter he has to follow the words with his finger…..His handlers are forced to let him go sans prompter.

    The apparent desperation of the democrats is showing now more than ever. The accusations and inferences of things against Trump all of which are purely contrivances in their heads point to a sinking ship. All the democratic candidate passengers are using ‘blame throwers’ trying to convince the people in the lifeboat to let them in. Unfortunately, none of the ‘normal’ people are buying that.

    • August 9, 2019 at 10:16 am

      I agree. Hillary didn’t see the Republican candidate as a threat. I think the media helped Trump out in the primaries, much like they did McCain, but they didn’t realize his support was real. They were very shocked when they couldn’t budge his support, since they thought it was made up. That’s why when he was the nominee they turned on him. Add to this the fact that Obama was using our DOJ, FBI, CIA and FISA to spy on the Republican candidates, they thought they had it all wrapped up. The Russian collusion crap was to cover up their illegal spying and make it look legal. The fact is they were using them in 2012 as well.
      It wouldn’t surprise me if the FBI was helping the democrats out while GWB was in office too, seeing as they tried to pull the Russia stunt on McCain in 2008. You know, lifetime bureaucrats.

  • August 9, 2019 at 10:14 am

    Joe Biden is definitely milquetoast. His brain function is gone. Have to give him an atta boy Joe for trying though.

  • August 9, 2019 at 10:18 am

    I’m pretty sure that Trump isn’t afraid of any of their candidates. They are all socialists who want to give away all of OUR money to people who either don’t work, won’t work or who aren’t even citizens. Only their wacko base will like that. The fact is he can and does hammer them for a lot less than that, so they should be easy pickings for Trump. This is why they are growing more and more desperate to get him out of office or paint him with ludicrous labels like white supremacist or Nazi. They just have nothing.
    And now that the FBI and DOJ aren’t doing their opposition research they are having a harder time of it.

  • August 9, 2019 at 10:35 am

    I read earlier his adding “wealthy kids, Asian kids,” as him correcting himself, but seeing the actual clip, he was elaborating and expanding, not correcting. Joe really does think poor kids are as intelligent as white kids, just like he was surprised by Barack Obama being clean, articulate, and bright. Joe is a racist at heart and shouldn’t be allowed unsupervised use of crayons let alone to be president.

  • August 9, 2019 at 11:38 am

    Hillary IS running again. Debates are just beneath her at this point. Just check out #stillMyPressident on Twitter. Seriously.

  • August 9, 2019 at 1:10 pm

    I’m thinking that Donald Trump may want your help in providing nick names for Joe (propeller hat, Old Gaffey Joe, etc.). Great job!

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