The Hate Squad: Picking up where Hillary left off

President Trump has been hammering the Hate Squad of the House for over a week now.

And every single time, he has directed his criticism specifically at those four anti-American women.

Not at “people of color.”

Not at women in general.

And not at immigrants.

Something poor attention-hungry Ted Lieu hasn’t figured out.

Dear Ted Lieu,
What part of “the four Congresswomen” do you not understand?

President Trump couldn’t be clearer.  He is criticizing the four members of the Hate Squad and only the four members of the Hate Squad.

The Hate Squad, on the other hand, is picking up where Hillary left off.

In response to the President’s direct criticism of them, the anti-American caucus has turned their attacks, not back at President Trump, but at you and me – the American people.

Here’s the latest example:

You understand?

Trump is attacking the Hate Squad in order to fire up us “Deplorable” Nazis and White Supremacists who make up his base.

It’s never enough for the Democrat Party to simply limit their attacks and criticisms to President Trump.  Eventually, they will get around to attacking the real source of their animus – the American people.

Don’t underestimate just how terrible a thing this is.

If you agree that the Hate Squad are anti-American and hate this country and its people, then you will come under attack and be called a Nazi/White Supremacist/Racist/Islamophobe.

Meanwhile, any attack or criticism made directly to the Hate Squad must be taken on by every single person who supports them (like Ted Lieu there).

Trump has always directed his criticisms as specific people.

President Trump never resorts to blanket, ad hominem attacks against entire groups of people.

But the Hate Squad, their Democrats colleagues and media will not hesitate to target American citizens with such blanket, ad hominem attacks.

This isn’t at all a new phenomenon.  This distinction was also alive and well during the 2016 election as I pointed out in an October 2016 column. Rather than simply pull quotes, I thought I would republish the entire column here. Keep in mind the tactics of the Hate Squad while you read it.

This is a significant distinction– October 24, 2016

The Hate Squad versus Deplorable Man

In a speech this summer Donald Trump pointed out that Hillary Clinton wants her supporters to declare “I’m with Her.” But he doesn’t want us to be with him. Instead, Donald Trump said that he is with us, the American people.

That’s not just semantics. It is a significant distinction between the two candidates.

Hillary’s entire campaign has been predicated on the notion that we must make history and elect the first woman President. We must rally behind Hillary. Hillary is what matters.

Not the United States of America or the American people.


“I’m with Her” by its design makes this election about Hillary Clinton not the country.

In contrast, Donald Trump has made this election about us. Putting America first. Getting Americans back to work. Keeping Americans safe.

You notice that when Hillary goes on the attack, she doesn’t limit her attacks to Donald Trump.

She attacks us — the American people.

We belong in a basket of deplorables because we are irredeemable and not American.

Hillary attacks the American people.

More specifically, Hillary attacks anybody who is not “with her.” Because if you’re not with Hillary, you aren’t worthy of being an American.

Because this election is about her. Not you.

When his supporters were attacked, Donald Trump not only reprimanded Hillary for attacking ordinary Americans, he sided with us, the American people. And he embraced the term Deplorable in a show of solidarity with us, the American people.

It was a powerful moment of solidarity between Donald Trump and the people.

So why am I bringing this up now?

Well, I’m sure you recall in last week’s debate, after enduring ninety minutes of Hillary spitting out memorized insults and attacks, Donald Trump finally gave voice to the very thing most of us were thinking at home.

“Such a nasty woman.”

Donald Trump did not say, “Half of Hillary Clinton’s supporters are nasty women.”

He said of Hillary, “Such a nasty woman.”

But what are Hillary’s supporters doing today?

They are taking upon themselves an insult lobbed at their Candidate and embracing it.


To show that they’re with her.

When Dear Leader Hillary is insulted, they must take the insult upon themselves.

See what I mean? That’s a significant distinction between Trump and Hillary.

More importantly, it reveals a fundamental difference between Donald Trump’s relationship with voters and Hillary’s.

Hillary demands you be with her.

So if she’s called a “nasty woman,” you must embrace that insult as a way to show that you are with her.

Hell, they’re even selling T-shirts with “Nasty Woman” on them.

Katy Perry campaigned for Hillary on Saturday wearing not just the “Nasty Woman” T-shirt, but an “I’m with Her” button.

Picture from Breitbart

Boy, talk about a picture being worth a thousand words.

Naturally. If you are with Hillary, you must play human shield and take upon yourself the insults lobbed at her.

Do you see the difference?

Hillary Clinton loves to claim that Donald Trump is in this election for himself. It is about him.

Talk about projection.

If Hillary Clinton were in this election for the American people, would she have chosen such a self-serving slogan as “I’m with Her?”

The fact that Hillary’s supporters feel the need to embrace something Trump said specifically about Hillary is revealing to say the least.

When Hillary attacked the American people as being deplorable and irredeemable, by his actions Trump made it clear that if you insult the American people, he will stand with them in solidarity.

When Donald Trump called Hillary “such a nasty woman,” Hillary expects her supporters to stand with her.

See what I’m saying?

Trump comes to the defense of the American people. Hillary expects the American people to come to her defense.

This “nasty woman” thing also seems to have a bit of a “Us too!” vibe to it, doesn’t it?

After Hillary attacked Trump’s supporters, it became a rallying cry. We embraced it. We celebrated it. It brought us together — united us. It gave us common cause.

I’m sure that made Clinton and her supporters all manner of envious. We took her attack and made it our own. It strengthened us and deepened our bond.

And there are the Clinton supporters feeling like they too needed something to bring them together in solidarity.

But since Donald Trump doesn’t attack Hillary’s supporters, they have to rally around a specific insult made directly about Hillary.

Sadly, her supporters are too tone deaf to realize that it just doesn’t have the same kind of resonance.

And the distinction is significant.

What does it say about someone running for president that she expects her supporters to rally around her when she is insulted? While at the same time she thinks nothing of insulting those Americans who do not rally around her?

Tell me. Is that a sign of someone who wishes to serve?

Or is it a sign of someone who wants to be served?

Is that a sign of someone who wants to put Americans first?

Or is it a sign of someone who puts herself first?

Donald Trump has proven time and again that he is with us, the American people.

This “nasty woman” kerfuffle is yet another example of how Hillary Clinton expects Americans to be with her.

To me this is a great big red flag on what kind of President she would be.


This is the exact same thing that’s happening today with the Hate Squad, isn’t it?

You are either with the Hate Squad, or you are Trump’s Nazi, racist base.

And to show allegiance to the Hate Squad, they demand that people embrace any criticism Trump directs specifically at them and pretend he made those comments about every “woman of color/marginalized person/immigrant.”

Meanwhile, it is totally A-Okay for the Hate Squad to turn their vitriol on the American people – not by attacking Trump specifically, but by going after us directly.

I’ve said before that the Hate Squad’s strategy is going to backfire because they won’t limit their attacks to the President or his Administration.  Inevitably they will target the true source of their antipathy – the American people.

And they’re right on schedule.

On a side note:

I was not well yesterday which is why I didn’t post anything.  Instead, I used what little energy I had to work on proofreading my new book RANT: Derangement & Resistance in MAGA Country.  On the plus side, it’s been quite a while since I’ve had a Lupus flare.  Such a long while in fact, it took the sting out of finally getting hit with one.  Thanks for the emails checking up on me.  You guys are great!

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  • July 23, 2019 at 11:06 am

    I was afraid the absence of a post yesterday heralded the bitch’s return. I prayed it was otherwise. Here’s hoping she goes far away and leaves you the hell alone for a long time. Be Well!

  • July 23, 2019 at 1:31 pm

    Ted Loo’s lament reminds me of James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause. “You’re tearing me apart!”

  • July 24, 2019 at 2:59 am

    “…blanket, ad hominem attacks…”

    *Spoiler Alert*
    This general description may also include what will pass for substantive matters brought up by the media basket of deplorables during half the next Dem debate


  • July 26, 2019 at 9:07 pm

    The Honorable Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D) California and the Fraud Squad according to multiple sources have kissed and made up. Congress in recess and going on a six week vacation and I’m taking bets that the Fraud Squad speaks first. Any takers?

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