The Lapdogs’ Lapdog

Whelp. Now that Barack Obama has left the building, the Lapdog Media is without a master.

Rather than look for another Democrat to slobber over, the Lapdogs have gotten themselves a lapdog of their very own.

John McCain.

I have never seen anyone suck up to the Enslaved Press nearly as much as the octogenarian Senator from Arizona.

If CNN or NBC or any of the other hacks in the Enslaved Press need someone to come when he’s called and attack his fellow Republicans, John McCain is the one who hears the whistle.

You remember that old Sylvester cartoon with Spike and Chester?

Well, I’m going to remind you.

That little yellow dog there? Chester?

That is John McCain.

Whenever the Enslaved Press need someone to lift his leg and pee all over Donald Trump’s agenda, they go to their favorite Lapdog, little yappy John.

Sure, John may see himself as an attack dog. But he’s not.

He’s nothing more than the Lapdogs’ lapdog.

Yesterday, CNN’s “At This Hour” snapped their fingers, and little John came scampering.

When asked if Trump could get Mexico to pay for the wall, obedient Johnny barked, “No.”

”Is that good?! Huh?! Huh?! You like that answer?! I can say more! You want me to say more?! Cuz we’re pals and I want to make you happy!!”

“Because it’s not a viable option.”

”Take that, Donald! Yeah! Yeah! Take that! Ya like how I bashed him, CNN?! Huh? You like how I did that?! I like bashing Donald Trump for you, CNN! Cuz we’re pals!!”

No. He’s not a Maverick.

He’s a little Shih Tzu.

I expect we’ll be seeing John McCain quite a lot over the next four years. He’ll be making the rounds on every Sunday show and cable news program that whistles for him.

The Enslaved Press has known for years that John practically wets himself with excitement at the prospect of getting all that camera time to attack his fellow Republicans.

And with Donald Trump in the White House – a man they are actively trying to undermine – these creeps won’t pass up the chance to get their little lapdog on air to perform all the stupid pet tricks they’ve taught him.

Honestly, Arizona. Why the hell did you reelect this slobbering, stupid backstabber?

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4 thoughts on “The Lapdogs’ Lapdog

  • February 4, 2017 at 9:39 pm

    I sure hope Old lettucehead John McCain reads this article. Perfect! Lol

  • February 4, 2017 at 10:01 pm

    It is sad when a politician gets old and they miss the limelight. John McCain should have retired before his last re-election and he would have gone out with some applause (not mine though). You are right that he craves that attention and he will throw the president and anyone else under the bus if he has to. Gee, reminds me that Obama used to do that……

    There is a lot of jealousy and animosity in the GOP (especially in the old guard) in regards to Trump. They are mad that he did not beg for their support. They are mad he did not come to them first and ask for permission to run. They are mad he ran against them as well as the democrats. They are mad that they did not get to pick the candidate who would lose (again).

    We are on the tip of a party revolution within the GOP. There is a chance to get some of the stodgy old guard out of the positions of power and maybe move back towards a more Reaganesque party of small government and better protection from the forces that wish to destroy us.

    One can dream……..

  • February 5, 2017 at 8:13 am

    Makes me wonder how much Soros paid him to take a dive in ’08?

  • February 5, 2017 at 12:52 pm

    When John McLame was bucking the GOP Senate back in the day, the press loved him, said he was the “Maverick”.

    When John McLame ran as the GOP Presidential nominee, the press treated him like dog crap. As soon as he lost he was their favorite son again. Standing shoulder to shoulder with Obama and doing everything to encourage the train wreck and nothing to stop it.

    When Ted Cruz was/is bucking the GOPe Senate, the press did not call him a “Maverick”. He is an obstructionist with an agenda in their book. Can’t have him fighting Obama and undermining Bitch McConnell’s efforts to give Obama everything he wanted.

    Trump /GOP/ President, McLame back to being the press “Maverick” again.

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