The Leftist Trifecta

The self-funding candidate who really isn’t self-funding has decided to cobble together a Financial Team to lead the fundraising efforts of his campaign. Leading this crack team of grassroots, anti-establishment warriors is a guy who looks like he’s the winner of the Leftist Trifecta.

Former Goldman Sachs (*GAAASP!!!*) executive Steven Mnunchin is missing a few things from his resume, not the least of which is a few vowels for his name. What he’s missing is any track record of being a grassroots, anti-establishment outsider.

Steven Mnunchin is a former business associate of George Soros (*GAAASP!!!*). That George Soros who, according to some of the more devoted pro-Trump conspiracy sites, has been the one secretly pulling all the strings to block the Tangerine Savior’s path to the White House. Mnunchin is also a big money contributor to some of the more vile Democrats including presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Chuck Schumer and Barack Obama (*GAAASP!!!*).

You know, I’m a little confused. If Heidi Cruz being an employee of Goldman Sachs made Ted Cruz an evil globalist and puppet of the big banks, what does choosing as his financial chair a former Goldman Sachs exec with ties to Globalist Sith Lord himself mean about Donald Trump?

The Leftist Trifecta

If Cruz taking out a loan from Goldman Sachs (that he paid back) meant he was bought and paid for by Globalists, doesn’t Trump hiring Soros business associate and bank executive Steven Mnunchin mean Donald too is beholden to evil globalists and big banks?

Shouldn’t guilt by association be a two-way street?

It’s kind of fun watching the same people who painted Ted Cruz as some kind of New World Order anti-Christ now twisting themselves into knots to poo-poo this. It’s as if every one of them has to be limber enough to join Cirque de Soleil just to have the physical flexibility necessary to turn themselves into pretzels in order to make excuses for Donald Trump.

I haven’t seen this kind of excuse-making since Leftists strained every muscle in their bodies to excuse away Barack Obama’s radical Marxist past.

For those of you who are waiting for Donald Trump to reach out and mend fences with Conservatives whom he has worked so hard to vilify lo these many months, don’t hold your breath or you’ll suffocate. Clearly now that he believes he has the nomination in the bag, Donald is going back to his deep blue roots.

Donald Trump is the quintessential politician who will do anything and say anything — even flip-flop on his own stated policy statements and veer further Left to embrace the Bernie supporters — just so he can win.

The one thing he will not do is try and win over conservatives.

But of course he won’t. He tried for nine months and more than 60% of Republican voters didn’t buy his shtick.

It doesn’t surprise me in the least that Trump has tapped this vowel-deficient man to be his financial chair. When you do not possess any principles, you can’t ever be accused of being a hypocrite.

Even when you’re behaving like the biggest hypocrite on Planet Earth.

Hat tip Politico.

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