The Left’s views on Crazy and Kanye’s “normalization” of Trump


Do not doubt for one second that Kanye West’s unflinching position on freedom of thought and individuality is scaring the bejeezus out of the Left.

Rush has always say that the Left will tell you whom they fear by whom they attack.

And they are terrified that Kanye’s non-conformist views — and his support of President Trump — will spread throughout the Leftist Plantation.

So naturally, they decide he must be crazy.

It’s crazy, you see, to think for yourself.

And it’s crazy to even try to “normalize” Trump.

Now, to be fair, they don’t really think Kanye’s mentally ill.

The hope here is by labeling him as crazy they can nip in the bud any potential domino-effect that might result from Kanye’s bold and unwavering independence.

To use Candace Owens’ slavery metaphor: the Left does not want a slave uprising happening because of one uppity black man.

So they accuse him of being crazy.

Because only a crazy person would want to leave the Plantation.

And the reason this is so necessary for them is plainly evident.

For more than year, the Left has done everything humanly possible to ensure that Donald Trump is never “normalized.”

As Daniel Greenfield wrote in his column The ‘Abnormalization’ of Trump back in February:

The #resistance has declared that its mission is refusing to ‘normalize’ Trump. That means it won’t accept that he won the election, that he has the right to issue orders or even exist. The violent protests, the marches, the judicial activism and the political sabotage all stem from that refusal to ‘normalize’.

Instead of ‘normalizing’ him, the left has ‘abnormalized’ him as aberrant in every possible way. And the media has built a profitable business model of catering to the radical left by pretending that normal behavior is a shocking outrage. That’s why CNN treated President Trump having 2 scoops of ice cream as a news story. Or why the media was certain that Trump had to be in poor health no matter what a doctor who had been vouched for by top Obama officials told them to their faces.

Abnormalization means that everything that Trump does is extraordinary and bad. Even down to eating ice cream or a cheeseburger. His health must be bad because he is a bad person. Nothing is too petty to be treated as an outrage. Including Melania’s shoes. And everything he does is bad because he did it.

Then along comes Kanye West.

And in one fell swoop, he completely derails their effort to “abnormalize” Donald Trump.

This simply cannot be allowed.

So to ensure that Trump remains “abnormalized,” they declare Kanye mentally ill.

Because nobody should ever “normalize” Donald Trump.

Yes, it’s problematic for the people who spent the last year and a half “abnormalizing” Trump.

It matters to folks like Shaun King because Kanye is putting Donald Trump into some context.

And that’s the last thing the Left wants.

As Greenfield put it in his column:

A generation has been taught to toss out the reality of a thing for an emotional perspective of how some oppressed person might see it. Truth has been replaced by ‘my truth’. And that chain of emotional associations makes it fallaciously easy to normalize the abnormal and abnormalize the normal.

Context normalizes. The only way to abnormalize Trump is to reject any and all context.

Nothing existed before Trump. Nothing will exist after him. The left is caught in an endless moment of perpetual struggle, stretched out by the nanosecond pace of Twitter and amplified by endless media discourses, of how extraordinarily bad this moment is. In that moment, the left never grows or learns, it writhes in the hellish agonies of its own hatred at Trump’s continuing unnatural existence.

Imagine 1984’s Two Minutes Hate stretched out over years. That’s the #resistance

In other words, Kanye isn’t the one who’s crazy.

The Left has lost its mind.

And Kanye’s very existence is exposing just how unhinged they’ve become.

Not only is he “normalizing” President Trump; Kanye is “abnormalizing” the groupthink and hatred of the Left.

He is threatening their alternative reality.

So from their perspective he is crazy.

But here on Planet Earth, the crazy ones are on the Left.

Or, as Greenfield so aptly put it:

Reality isn’t abnormal. But denying it is.

Denying reality makes you crazy and stupid. It ends with you “collectively yelling at the sky” to protest Trump’s inauguration. Or denying history, medicine and science because truth has become abnormal.

Or, tying yourself into knots because one black man with an enormous platform refuses to go along with your delusion.

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2 thoughts on “The Left’s views on Crazy and Kanye’s “normalization” of Trump

  • April 27, 2018 at 12:30 pm

    This is so much fun to watch.

  • April 27, 2018 at 7:58 pm

    Case in point- the Korea Peace disarmament negotiations.
    The liberal knuckleheads have for decades whined about “world peace” and when it finally may be of fruition, they are pissing all over it because it was fomented by a guy who is not “their guy.”
    They are filled with so much “#resistance” that everybody can all just go to hell.

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