The Medea Benjamin of Television

Proving he is about as much a “journalist” as Code Pink, Latino Television personality Jorge Ramos crashed Donald Trump’s Iowa press conference yesterday and shouted questions at him as Trump attempted to call on reporters.

The Medea Benjamin of television was promptly escorted from the room for refusing to wait until Trump called on him.

Let’s face it, Jorge Ramos isn’t a journalist.

He’s an activist and protester.

When Ramos sneaked back into the press conference, Trump finally let him ask a question and attempted to answer. But Ramos, like Code Pink, believes that you don’t ask questions and wait for answers. Instead, you just keep talking over the person you’ve just asked a question to.

Because Ramos isn’t a “journalist.”

He isn’t a “reporter.”

He is an open borders activist with a TV show.

He is the Leading member of Code Red-White-and-Green.

The thing that really got under Jorge’s skin was the idea of actually deporting illegal aliens.

“You can’t deport eleven million people,” he kept repeating.

Funny. If eleven million people were refusing to pay their taxes, the Federal Government would be all over them like white on rice.

For Pete’s sake. Cliven Bundy ended up having an entire phalanx of armed Bureau of Land Management bureaucrats descend on him for letting his cattle illegally graze on government land.

They were undocumented grazers. And the Feds spared no expense to go after him.

If the Federal Government wants to cast a wide net to round up people who defy the laws they actually enforce, it’s easy as pie.

It isn’t that we CAN’T gather the supposed eleven million illegals and deport them.

It’s that we WON’T.

But, getting back to the Medea Benjamin of television.

Jorge Ramos doesn’t want Donald Trump to answer questions.

He wants to shout at him. He wants to attack him. He’s already decided that Trump is “spreading hate” by talking about deportations and anchor babies. So like a hysterical Code Pink girl, Ramos gets all huffy and belligerent, trying to shut down all debate while shouting down the opposition.

Interesting how similar Ramos’ behavior in this press conference is to how illegal aliens behave in the United States.

Like Ramos, illegals believe they have a right to come in to our country regardless of what rules or laws we set down.

Like Ramos, illegals expect to have every possible consideration, not because they earned it, but because they demand it.

Like Ramos, when illegals get deported, they sneak back in.

It was Trump’s press conference. He sets the rules. If he doesn’t want questions shouted at him, but rather, wants to call on reporters, that is his prerogative.

Ramos refused to play by the rules.

You know. Like illegals.

And of course now, Ramos is the Victim.

What is really ironic to me was the news media response. Several television journalists berated Trump for forcibly removing a disruptive “reporter.”

Ironic because several years ago, during a Rose Garden event, while Obama was delivering his remarks, Daily Caller reporter Neil Munro shouted out a question to the President.

His fellow reporters at the event chased him away.

Not security.

Not secret service.

His fellow reporters.

No television “journalists” rose to the defense of Neil Munro. They didn’t berate the reporters who chased him away from the Rose Garden event. They attacked Munro for having the audacity to shout out a question to Obama when he hadn’t been called on, and while Obama was still giving his remarks.

Should Trump’s security have removed Ramos?

Yes. Just like the howling harpies of Code Pink should be removed when they attempt to stop all civilized discussion and shout down the people they hate, Ramos got exactly what he deserved.

Ramos has an agenda. And it isn’t to report on Donald Trump’s campaign. One has to be a “reporter” to report. And Jorge is no more a “reporter” than his shrieking Code Pink sister Media Benjamin.

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