The media as Pageant Moms

The media as Pageant Moms

Just after I finished my post “Old 7-Minute Joe,” I saw the video clip on Twitter of Joe Biden getting in the face of a Michigan auto worker while his handlers tried to get him away. My first thought was “Boy, they need Bernie to lose big tonight and drop out because no way in hell Biden’s handlers will risk him sitting for Sunday’s debate.”

The guy is coming unglued.

But it wasn’t the clip itself that I found disgusting, if you want to know the truth. We’ve come to expect Biden to lose his temper and lash out at voters.

What was disgusting was watching the media turn into over-indulgent Pageant Moms because their guy went all Jerry-Springer-guest on an average American voter.

They LOVED it!

So while Joe’s handlers are desperately trying to keep their unstable charge under control, the idiots in the media are gushing like Pageant Moms.

This is going to be a mess.

It was never ever about “a return to decency” for these guys.

It isn’t the fact that Trump fights back that bothers them. What bothers them is Trump fights back against, well, them.  Trump, to use a common phrase, punches up at our so-called “betters” – the media, Hollywood and politicians.

Biden, on the other hand, punches down.  And that’s why the reason the media love it.

The Pageant Moms in the media are squealing with delight because their little codger is lashing out at all the same Americans that the media despise.

The “boomer rubes,” the “garbage people,” and, of course, the “Deplorables.” The hateful cranks in the media never tire of attacks on us.

If Joe Biden told a reporter “you’re full of shit” while jabbing his finger in the guy’s face and challenging him to a fight, that would’ve been different.

Don’t get me wrong, the Pageant Moms wouldn’t have gone on record criticizing Joe for it.  Instead, they would simply pretend the incident never ever happened.

They’d ignored it and accuse us of peddling “conspiracy theories” that Joe Biden is an unstable, barely-there basket case with a hair trigger temper.

But Joe was attacking one of those icky Midwest “10-tooth rubes” they hate.  And that’s different!

The media will always play Pageant Moms to Democrats who viciously go after ordinary Americans.

As we learned in 2016.

Voters like that auto worker are the ones the gormless dinks at CNN laughingly mock on Don Lemon’s show.

And because these Pageant Moms are so disconnected from working class voters, they really do believe that Joe behaving like a belligerent drunk at last call will make Biden look “like a fighter.”

Spoiler alert: It doesn’t. It makes Joe look like an unstable, barely-there basket case with a hair trigger temper.

Jesse Kelly bashes Pageant Moms

Listen, I get it.  They’re stuck with old hot-head Joe whether they like it or not.  And when you’re motivated, not by what’s best for the country, but by Trump Derangement, what choice do you have but to celebrate and promote the man who’s grip on reality is slipping?  Even if that means cheering him on when he loses his cool in front of cameras and attacks voters.

The media can put all the spin on this that they like. But it doesn’t change the fact that their guy is one meltdown away from nuking the Democrats’ chances in November.

Jesse Kelly got to the heart of the Democrats’ problem in a thread on Twitter yesterday.

Since Jesse’s tweets auto-delete after a while, I have transcribed it for you:

Joe Biden is gonna have a really bad moment during this campaign and when he does, I hope his Weekend at Bernie’s friends and family feel bad about what they’ve done.

Mark my words. He’s gonna have a BAD moment. Get the dude off the campaign trail and let him relax.

I’ll say it again: It was completely bizarre for the DNC to kick out Klobuchar and Buttigieg to consolidate around Biden. They’d have been much better off taking a chance with Buttigieg. Even though black people hate him cause of….reasons.

For a party that has such control over its electoral process, I still find it hard to believe they’re this poorly prepared to face Trump. This? This is what you’ve got?! And old commie and a career C- politician whose brain is turning to scrambled eggs? You had three years!

The lesson here folks is once and election is over, let it go. Democrats wasted three years trying to undo 2016. Now November of 2020 is right around the corner and they’re just absolutely toast.

That’s all.

Like I said in “Old 7-Minute Joe,” the Democrats need to kill off Bernie’s campaign ASAP in large part so Biden doesn’t have to endure a three-hour debate with only one challenger on stage.  But also because they need Joe to go into hiding until the convention. They just cannot risk subjecting an unsuspecting public to their hot-headed, near-senile candidate.

And, sure enough, as soon as it was clear last night that Biden kneecapped Bernie in Michigan, we get this messaging:

And because Democrat politicians can’t stop saying the quiet parts out loud, Clyburn went on to give the game away:

They know they’re stuck with him.

And since their mission in life is to take down Donald Trump, these guys have no choice but to play Pageant Moms for a cracked jug and pretend that every on-camera “senior moment” is the bestest, mostest wonderful thing ever!

Something tells me this won’t end well for them.

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5 thoughts on “The media as Pageant Moms

  • March 11, 2020 at 11:02 am

    I can only imagine what if Joe makes all the way to a debate with Trump. I can almost picture Trump, sitting down and shrugging his shoulders. “Nah, I just can’t do it,” he says, looking into the camera, “It isn’t sportsmanlike, picking on a sick old man like that. What do you say we wrap this up and go right to the vote?” LOL.

  • March 11, 2020 at 11:20 am

    Having spent a few years working in a Nursing home environment Biden is obviously suffering from a form of ‘Sundowners’ syndrome where typically a senior starts falling apart intellectually which for most is when the sun sets. It is hard to determine whether it is simply the amount of time that has elapsed since rising in the morning or if it is directly linked to the setting of the sun. Either way, the lucidity of the affected individuals deteriorates until irrationality takes its place. In Biden’s case I would bet fatigue is the cause of his mental lapses.

    Biden seems to lurch mentally from rational platform notions to off the wall commentary within a sentence in a conversation. He gets upset when people disagree or challenge him. He is obviously not very stable both intellectually and emotionally.

    As to the media fawning and gushing all over his ‘performances’ it is like a parent watching their uncoordinated if not disabled kid dancing in a recital. They are overjoyed that the kid simply gets on the stage and manages to walk off instead of falling off the edge.

    This situation with the media and Biden is worse than a pageant parent because there is definitely something wrong with Biden mentally and no amount of denial or parsing his words will mask that for long. The pageant parent has a kid that is reasonably normal but not as good as the rest. Biden is losing his marbles on stage and it is almost cruel to keep sending him out there as he makes an ass of himself every time he opens his mouth these days.

  • March 11, 2020 at 3:31 pm

    Bernie’s best strategy Sunday is just to let Biden talk. And after one of Biden’s incoherent, rambling answers, just look at him and ask, “What the hell are you talking about? The question was [blank]” and let him ramble some more. Keep Joe talking so people see that this guy should be in soft pajamas with a hot toddy, not with his finger on the button.

  • March 12, 2020 at 11:24 am

    Joe: “Kenneth, what’s the frequency?”

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