The Memo is Out: New York Nixon has to go

The Memo is Out: New York Nixon has to go

Say have you seen the picture from Reuters of New York Nixon wandering the grounds of the governor’s mansion wrapped in a blanket and swilling a beer?

New York Nixon in his blankie

I’m telling you, it’s like the last days of Dick Nixon all over again.

Who do you think he’s talking to? His lawyer? His attack dog advisor Rick Azzopardi?

Maybe his brother.

I can’t imagine there are many other people who would take a call from New York Nixon at this point.

Say, I wonder if any cable news host has used the phrase “The walls are closing in” to describe Cuomo’s current travails? Heaven knows they used it ad nauseum about Donald Trump. Here they finally have a chance to use it accurately and I’m surprised nobody has.

Because the walls are definitely closing in on New York Nixon.

And the people pushing hardest on those walls work at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Call me cynical, but I suspect the reason there’s a sudden rising cacophony of Democrat politicians calling for Cuomo to resign has less to do with his own mounting scandals and more to do with the walls closing in on Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the day after old Grandpa Joe’s first address to the nation New York’s two Senators Chuck Schumer and the Cowardly Kirsten Gillibrand finally piped in and released a joint statement (because heaven forbid Kirsten issue a statement on her own) urging Cuomo to resign.

Did the White House physician warn against any repeated use of whatever drug cocktail they used to give Joe an almost lifelike appearance?

Or is it simply that Joe is slipping much faster than they anticipated?

Whatever the case, the day after Grandpa’s televised speech – complete with slurring words and dilated pupils the size of saucers – the number of Democrats hopping aboard the Cuomo Resign Train increased substantially.

It’s becoming far too difficult to hide Joe Biden’s cognitive decline.

As it is, a recent Rasmussen poll already showed half the country is concerned about Biden’s mental capabilities. That televised address will only make that number grow.

Despite the over-the-top, shiny, happy propaganda stories that tried to turn Joe’s chicken shit address into chicken salad, voters aren’t buying it anymore.

“Dementia Joe” got trending on Twitter yesterday. Usually when a trend negative to Democrats comes along, Twitter squashes it. But “Dementia Joe” was so pervasive, they couldn’t squash it fast enough to keep it from trending.

Even friendly, sycophantic reporters are beginning to grow frustrated over Biden’s complete lack of press availability. Which means even the reporters who have no other plan than to toss softball questions while sniffing his throne don’t particularly like the fact that Grandpa Biden won’t give them the opportunity to do even that.

Joe might be setting goals for July 4th. But to be honest, I don’t think Joe will still be President by July 4th.

And I think the Democrats suspect that as well.

Which explains why Kamala’s crash course in being President has kicked into high gear. In addition to already making the majority of phone calls to world leaders, Kamala has begun receiving full Presidential Daily Briefings (which is unusual for the VP).

Like sands through an hourglass, Joe’s brain is dribbling out of his ears much faster than they thought. Time isn’t on their side so Operation 25th Amendment has no doubt been pushed up.

Which brings me back to New York Nixon Andrew Cuomo.

As I said back in February, the people actually in charge of the Biden Administration want Cuomo neutralized. They fully intend on making sure Kamala Harris is the 2024 nominee. And the last thing they wanted is the wildly popular “LovGov” launching a primary challenge to her.

I suggested at the time that they didn’t necessarily want to get Cuomo out of the Governor’s office; they just wanted to keep him out of the 2024 race.

But Joe is slipping far too quickly, and their Operation 25th Amendment timetable is speeding up much faster than expected. They don’t have the luxury of a couple years to train up Kamala and get her prepared. And, more importantly, they won’t have three years in which to destroy Cuomo’s reputation.

So the memo went out. Every elected Democrat must step up and demand New York Nixon resign.

Time’s a’wastin’.

They need him out of the way and fast.

Dick Nixon Cuomo has got to go. And he has to go now.


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3 thoughts on “The Memo is Out: New York Nixon has to go

  • March 13, 2021 at 10:13 am

    It would be interesting to know if there is actually an evidence trail showing a coordinated hit on Cuomo (cause surely it can’t be spontaneous among the Dem brain trust like AOC).

  • March 13, 2021 at 12:08 pm

    It’s fun watching them eat their own.

  • March 13, 2021 at 4:57 pm

    Your theory makes perfect sense. This is happening too sudden and fast.

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