The new Nixon

new Nixon

There is an explosive scandal going on right now. But it isn’t the one the Enslaved Press has been focusing on.

The scandal isn’t about Donald Trump and his alleged “ties” to Russia.

No matter how much hacks in the Fake News cry that it is “as bad as Watergate.”

In fact, the only thing that is Watergate-esque about this entire mishegas is the actions of outgoing President Barack Mihous Obama.

Nixon’s people tapped Democrat headquarters during the 1972 election.

The new Nixon tapped Donald Trump.

Nixon didn’t use the power of the Federal Government to perpetrate his crime.

But the new Nixon did.

Obama spied on Donald Trump both before the election and afterward.

This cretin, who lectured us incessantly about “the peaceful transfer of power,” to this day is refusing to relinquish his power – peacefully or otherwise.

The new Nixon put in place the apparatus to undermine the Trump transition and kneecap the Trump presidency.

This is sedition, pure and simple.

And it is this behavior – not anything Donald Trump has done — that threatens America’s democratic process.

Even Rush Limbaugh, on his program yesterday, acknowledged that what Obama is doing is nothing short of a coup.

If anybody should be investigated, it should be Barack Milhous Obama.

Not Jeff Sessions. Not “the Russians.”

But the new Nixon himself.

If I were President Trump, I would fire every last Obama holdover in the Justice Department, DHS, the State Department, and in the intelligence community.

Fire them all. Get them the hell out of there.

Cut off Obama’s co-conspirators within the government.

And then investigate Barack Obama.

He is not acting as any private citizen who is peaceably assembling to petition the government.

Not at all.

This man is a traitor who is seeking to undermine the President of the United States and defy the will of the American people.

In fact, compared to what Barack Obama is doing, Richard Nixon looks like a piker.

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3 thoughts on “The new Nixon

  • March 4, 2017 at 3:22 pm

    Obama and his co-conspirators are TREASONOUS SNAKES! Investigate, Indict, Prosecute, Set the Military Trial dates, and get some rope.

  • March 4, 2017 at 3:46 pm

    Dianny, well said. Fire them all!

  • March 6, 2017 at 9:07 pm

    Actually, Nixon was the true definition of a piker. His only “crimes” were that he had a bit of insecurity in his personality. If ya’ can’t believe that, try watching his sniveling, simpering “Checkers Speech”! Soon after his “invasions” et. al. I loved what the Frogs’ Gray Lady, Le Monde, had to say. They very succinctly tied it all together by simply noting that “Obviously the secrets of the Democratic Party weren’t well protected”.
    This crew is a horse of a different stripe however. What they have done is not driven by insecurity or some other feebleness of mind, but rather by a cold, calculating attempt to override the will of our nation and impose their own brand of control over myself and the rest of our lovable unwashed masses. This may well be the greatest threat to our nation to come down the pike since the British decided on a rematch back in 1812! Hopefully, this one will end similarly…

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