The Peasants Revolt

The Peasants Revolt
The Death of Wat Tyler, the Peasants Revolt of 1381

I mentioned yesterday that I’m reading the 8-volume History of the English People by John Richard Green. And on Sunday, I got to the part where Richard II, the boy king and grandson of Edward III, was crowned. Boy King Richard got his first test at the tender age of fourteen during the Peasants Revolt of 1381.

What lead up to the Peasants Revolt?

Well, a number of things. But let me give you the Readers Digest condensed version.

There were three things that are chief among the causes: the Plague, subsequent laws against the peasants due to the plague, and onerous taxation.

The Plague first struck England in 1348 and it took more than a year before it began to abate. Though the numbers of dead are difficult to know, Green estimates nearly half the English population fell victim to this “Great Mortality.”

Farm lands lay fallow because there were too few people remaining alive to work the lands. Prices for grain skyrocketed, as did the demand for workers. As a result, the peasants who worked the land were in an excellent position to demand higher pay. And they kinda needed it since the cost of everything including the food they needed to survive became off-the-charts expensive.

Unwilling to meet this higher pay, the landed estates with the help of Parliament enacted a series of laws to bring the peasants into line. First, pay for work would remain at the pre-pandemic levels. Next, they made it illegal for any peasant to relocate in search of better paying work. If you left the farm to which you were bound, you were a fugitive and could be imprisoned for committing the crime of looking for a better paying job.

To add insult to injury, Parliament enacted tax after tax to refill the coffers of the Crown that were depleted after decades of war with France.

This does not make for happy peasants as you can imagine.

And in late May 1381, the Peasants Revolt began.

King Richard II put down the revolt the good old fashioned way. He set the King’s army after them, hunted them down and executed them – starting with the peasant leader Wat Tyler as he was meeting at Smithfield to parley with the 14-year-old King.

These rebels were not arrested and put on trial. Instead, they were summarily executed without due process. And those who killed them were immediately pardoned by the King.

Because, you know, lawlessness is okay when the Ruling Class does it.

Reading about the Peasants Revolt at this moment in time resonated for me as you can imagine.

There are some interesting parallels.

We are also dealing with the aftermath of a once in a century pandemic – though not as deadly as “The Great Mortality.”

We are also seeing our government enacting onerous dictates on us in response to this pandemic. But rather than forcing us to work, they forced us to stay home – going so far as to arrest business owners who defied lockdown orders to keep their businesses open while deploying police to shut down churches.

And now, with the aftermath of the pandemic laying waste to our economy, our government is planning on raising our taxes in order to pay for spending that does not one thing to improve the lives of the people.

We will have to foot the bill despite the fact that we’ve been economically devasted by the government’s pandemic response.

Unequal justice, like that during the Peasants Revolt, is already happening to us. BLM rioters storm DC and set fire to an historic church, yet not one thing happens to them. Meanwhile a bunch of Trump supporters get arrested and held without bail for the crime of wandering into the Capitol taking selfies.

The police officer who shot and killed Ashli Babbitt, like the King’s soldiers who executed the rebel peasants, faces no charges for her death. We don’t even know his name.

It’s like déjà vu all over again.

So imagine my surprise this morning when, on the heels of reading about the Peasants Revolt of 1381, the first column I read is Kurt Schlichter’s latest “Letting Hunter Biden Off is a Message to Us Peasants.”

Oh, the irony.

Get out of my head, Kurt!

The fact that the loser spawn of Grandpa Badfinger is thumbing his coke-caked nose at the justice system represents not merely the tacky machinations of a crusty pol protecting the family Fredo. It has a deeper and more cynical purpose – to show us that our overlords are unaccountable and that the law is now merely another implement in the regime’s toolkit of oppression. They are telling us that they and their scumbag progeny can do whatever they want, but that we can’t.

In the short term, this is infuriating. In the long term, it could bring down the system our garbage ruling caste inherited.

Our ruling class is clearly ignorant of history. Hardly surprising when you consider that history is the least-taught subject in public schools. Plus, like most “progressives,” these idiots think history began ten minutes ago.

You can’t learn from the past if you ignore its existence.

And these guys are ignoring the past.

You can’t push people to the brink and not expect some kind of equal and opposite reaction. History is chock-a-block with examples of this. And the 1381 Peasants Revolt is only one of many.

Schlichter’s column warns exactly that. Eventually, there will be pushback. And the ruling class won’t like it.

But it was this paragraph that really sealed it for me:

The liberal establishment has succumbed to the temptation to rely on power instead of the law impartially and fairly applied. It further imagines, since our ruling caste is historically illiterate and totally ignorant of human, much less American, nature, that it can flaunt this unfairness and to intimidate us with it. Hitler thought he could bomb the Brits and butcher the Russians into submission. But it just made them madder, and in the end he blew his miserable brains out in a dingy cave.

And, might I add, the Crown thought it could treat the peasants like chattel while taxing them into oblivion, but it just made the peasants revolt.

While Richard II put down this revolt, it wasn’t the last strife to occur during his turbulent and brutal reign. And in the end, his own cousin, Henry Bolingbroke, deposed him and left Richard to die of starvation at Pontifract Castle at the age of 33.

I realize this makes me sound like a conspiracy theorist, but there’s a reason this current ideological “purge” taking place in the US Military has me nervous. Given history, I can’t help but wonder if the ruling class in America is anticipating the need to deploy US troops against the American people just as Richard II deployed his troops against the peasants.

Yes I know that sounds tin-foil hatty.

But it’s happened before.

History is like spicy food. It repeats on you.

You can’t blame me for wondering if it could happen again.

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9 thoughts on “The Peasants Revolt

  • April 12, 2021 at 9:36 am

    “Yes I know that sounds tin-foil hatty.

    But it’s happened before.

    History is like spicy food. It repeats on you.

    You can’t blame me for wondering if it could happen again.”
    Taking everything into account I can only conclude that they WANT it to happen again.

  • April 12, 2021 at 10:02 am

    I have been sharing with my family snippets from various blogs, where the writers are warning of what is being done to us and what possibly lies in the future. My family thinks I’m a bit tin foil hatty. That’s when I remind them that I was the one to lay in a preparedness supply of food, toiletries, etc. which came in very handy when our area went into extended lockdown for six + months and certain items could not be had for love or money. I’m the one who for years advised them to take vitamin D supplements, which only two years ago my husband’s specialist finally recommended for him. The number one thing that those who got covid and died from it had in common- very low levels of vitamin D. Vitamin D supports your immune system. I also have put together a covid treatment kit in case one of us gets sick, because our area hospitals simply put people on ventilators and let them die rather than using the recommended Math+ protocol that easily saves lives. There is a home treatment protocol for the early stages and it was developed by a team of doctors at a leading teaching hospital university in Virginia. My family loves me, but thinks it extreme to prepare. There are rumblings that our state may go into another hard lockdown soon. I love my family enough to take the measures I need to and if they want to think I’m a lovable nut, I can live with that. If you are still getting your news from the alphabet channels, begin to research blogs, independent news sources, and newspapers from outside of the country. It will open your eyes to how much we are being lied to. They are preparing for something. Look up the Great Reset and you will see their blueprint for a two tiered, cashless society where we will own nothing and be their slaves. They openly talk about it at their globalist gatherings which are on tape. That’s how confident they are that we will continue to be sheep.

  • April 12, 2021 at 10:40 am

    Not long ago I felt that the one saving grace would be that the police and the military would not follow unlawful orders, like firing into civilians who are peacefully protesting. However, as I see the police in some places apparently happily following dictatorial orders to shut down businesses and “high school girls” taking over the upper echelons of the military I have my doubts. And besides, if the military and police do not follow the orders of our future fuhrers then Senile Joe and Heels up Harris (or whoever is pulling their strings) will just invite in “United Nations peacekeepers” from Communist China.

  • April 12, 2021 at 11:13 am

    “…if the military and police do not follow the orders of our future fuhrers then Senile Joe and Heels up Harris (or whoever is pulling their strings) will just invite in “United Nations peacekeepers” from Communist China.”

    that will make things really easy. blue helmet…target.

    • April 12, 2021 at 1:27 pm

      Yep. Not to mention there is a ton of former military and current police/reserves in red states ready to teach asymmetrical and others tactics.

        • April 13, 2021 at 1:30 pm

          The Declaration of Independence
          My fellow Americans the evils of a King are well articulated in our first American prayer
          our American Mission Staements and the SOUL-lution to the EVILS today are in the first Paragraph of the DECLARATION
          My fellow Americans I am born an raised in the land of Fruits an NUTS who’s life style is as if they can become at best Kings and Queens which goes for both males an females
          uncivil war is here in Commiefornia an the petty new Tyrants at this vey moment are importing peasants from the south to farm an cook an clean their CLOCKS and to rattle the cages of ONE PEOPLE
          HISTORY will be repeated and the few Americans who understand and have a true understanding of who to FEAR and it is not the Poolitical bandits or the peasants from south of the border,or the so-called police or the fancy pants in military Dressups ,or for that matter any foreign army
          FEAR GOD ,Divine Providence has saved our bacon before for the few Americans who know God we truly know Peace ,and WE KNOW how to bring the STING OF BATTLE
          Soon my fellow Americans evil hypnated americans can an will attempt their great reset
          THEY will turn out the Lights an declare The Party is OVER for THEY think They are in control of the switch of LIFE , all they control is the way ONE PEOPLE will become what History has show to all who think they can play at being god using EVIL WAYS to RULE
          GODS wild cards who have the SPRIT OF 76 in our souls will water the Tree of Liberty with
          our Blood and I guarantee More of mask Nazi’s ,petty tyrants ,foreign army’s, poolitcal bandits BLM antifa will be in the Soil then our ours and the way is always the same as it was written in the year of our lord july 4 1776
          because we Believe in the Protection of DIVINE PROVIDENCE
          Americans get the job Done we are really Good at cleaning up the mess’s of petty
          Tyrants for GOD has always LOVED the Souls of what One People Americans he created in 1776 can do and History has shown what Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness can do when applied
          EVIL is real ,
          it’s ugly head has shown itself in the light of day again this war this time can be fought but GOD wins it for us and all Americans in this battle know all we can do this time
          Is To Hold Until Relieved by GOD

  • April 13, 2021 at 12:52 pm

    First they will try to take our guns by compliance or, eventually, by confiscation by
    black boots into your homes. Only a fool would allow this without war.

  • April 15, 2021 at 6:10 pm

    The Tin Foil Hatters include many independent YouTubers (Michael Malice, Konstantin Kisin, Frances Foster) and authors (Rod Dreher) that confirm that immigrants who have first-hand experience with totalitarian regimes (in the USSR, Venezuela, and China) sense what is coming and are attempting to sound the alarm. Meanwhile, the media and authorities (who are turning out to have undisclosed financial ties to the CCP) are telling us that everything will be just fine…. there now…. just relax and let us do the thinking. My fear is that by the time the Navy ships sailing in from China dock on the West Coast, the takeover by the “peacekeepers” from our “friends” in China will just be a formality.

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