The Perv Network

The Perv Network

What in the Sam Hill is going on at CNN? That place is a regular perv network. Is it something in the water?

First Chris Cuomo gets fired over sexual harassment allegations. Then his producer gets arrested for paying women to let him sexually abuse their little girls. And last night another CNN employee got exposed as a perv in a Project Veritas video.

Let me tell you, I watched the Project Veritas video and my skin crawled.

With everything that’s going on at CNN, I’m almost at the point of believing the “pedophiles rule the world” conspiracy theory.

No. I won’t embed the Project Veritas video. Sorry. It’s sick and perverse. If you really want to see it, here’s a LINK to the video on Twitter. But don’t be surprised if Twitter removes it to protect the pervs at CNN.

Does being a Leftist turn you into a perv? Or do pervs just naturally gravitate toward Leftists?

It’s the chicken and the egg quandary.

It might be the latter. Look at Antifa. Those guys have a ton of pedophiles and sexually-confused misfits in their ranks, and I think they probably started out that way.

Now I understand why Chris Cuomo defended Antifa.

Just one more thing the Perv Network and Antifa have in common.

It also makes perfect sense why the Perv Network went all-in on the creepy porn lawyer. They were made for each other.

Yesterday Fox News had an article about Cuomo’s producer at the Perv Network that really sent me through the roof. Turns out, the FBI seized that guy’s devices 18 months ago but didn’t arrest him until last week.

Say, remember 18 months ago when the FBI sent fifteen agents to “investigate” the garage door rope after that NASCAR driver claimed it was a noose?

So, if I understand this, 18 months ago the FBI had to choose between the garage door rope and a pedophile who was paying women to let him molest their daughters, and the FBI chose the rope.

Why am I surprised by that? This is the FBI. They’re the ones who dragged their feet in investigating that Olympic doctor who was raping US gymnasts.

Now, you’d think the on-air personalities at the Perv Network would be a little more circumspect about getting up on their high horse and lecturing the American people. But I don’t expect that to happen.

Jake Tapper will still pretend he occupies the moral high ground. Brian Stelter will still clutch his pearls in righteous indignation over something Tucker Carlson says on his show. And CNN’s Don Lemon, a guy accused of sexually assaulting another man, will still “well-I-never” over how immoral and evil Donald Trump and his supporters are.

What an absolute cesspool of humanity.

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2 thoughts on “The Perv Network

  • December 16, 2021 at 8:16 pm

    Think about the women who work there. Are they aware of this? And if so, how can they still work there?

  • December 17, 2021 at 2:17 pm

    The Child Naked Network? Wretch, gag, urk…

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