The real refugee problem

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Any old how. I seem to be able to use a keyboard without screaming in agony, so here we go!

Americans for Tax Reform reports that deeply blue, deeply bankrupt Democrat states are seeing people fleeing at alarming rates.

In 2013, New York State, nearly one hundred and fifteen thousand residents have fled taking with them over five billion dollars in adjusted gross income.

Illinois, California, Connecticut and Massachusetts have also seen a mass exodus of people.

And not just any people. People who actually still have jobs and therefore pay taxes. In 2013, these five states lost over fifteen billion dollars of adjusted gross income — taxable income.

These people by and large are relocating to five solidly Republican states — Texas, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina and Arizona.

But here’s my question.

These people from deep blue states who are fleeing because they can afford to flee, will they simply continue voting for Liberal Democrats just as they did in their home states? Will they not only be bringing their earning power, but their love of Liberal governance?

It’s a valid question.

This is the problem with importing refugees from places that have little regard for Liberty and Individual sovereignty.

Democrats aren’t the brightest bulbs in the chandelier. They don’t exactly excel at being able to connect the dots. Just look at their response to the violence, unemployment and poverty in Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, Philadelphia, Washington DC.

Do they for one second stop and say to themselves, “Golly. Every one of these cities has been under the iron fist of Democrats for generations. Maybe that’s why things have gone to hell in a handbasket.”

Not on the likely.

So who’s to say these people relocating to solid Republican states won’t just keep voting Democrat for no other reason than they are incapable of making the wee little leap in logic necessary to comprehend that the very policies they are fleeing are the policies they’ve voted for?

If the shift in the political climate of Colorado and Virginia taught us anything, it’s that you can take the voter out of a Democrat State, but you can’t take the Democrat out of the voter.

When I saw this article I didn’t see it as a victory for limited state government and conservative principles.

I saw it more like the movie “Independence Day.”

If you recall, the alien invaders from that movie were like locusts. They traveled from inhabited planet to inhabited planet, devoured everything they could until the planet was destroyed and left unihabitable. Then they simply moved on to the next planet.

Mark Levin refers to these people as “Liberal Locusts.” And he’s probably right.

They’ve happily voted for the very policies that have sucked their states dry, and now want to move on to a lush, new state so they can start the process all over again.

These refugees may be leaving their Liberal states behind, but they’re taking their Liberal political beliefs right along with them. They’re loading them into their luggage along with their clothes, their pots and pans, their toothpaste, their laptops, their HOPE posters, their Ready for Hillary bumper-stickers, their reusable grocery bags, and their sensible shoes.

The Real Refugee Problem

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One thought on “The real refugee problem

  • September 5, 2015 at 2:04 pm

    Having been born and raised in Florida, I can tell you everything you said is true. Folks from NY (no offense) and NJ & CT, etc. have been invading Florida for the past 40+ years. Many of them are great people, but many do bring their northern “values” with them. They want more cops, more sidewalks, more street lights, etc. When I was 18 (back in 1977), I got car insurance for $49. The bare minimum allowed, but it was insurance. At 56, I am now paying $1200 a year in St. Lucie county. Home taxes used to be a couple of hundred $$ a year. Now it’s over $1000 a year. Why? Because we had millions and millions of snowbirds move here and they seems to want it to be just like the state they couldn’t wait to get away from.

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