The religion of bits and pieces

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I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Ismail Radwan, a spokesman for the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, in his statement opposing Donald Trump’s call for temporarily suspending Muslim immigration into the US, said this:

“Islam is a religion of peace, a religion which opposes bloodshed.”

Okay, I admit. When I read that at Breitbart, I laughed out loud.

So, a terrorist group that has perpetrated bombings, rocket attacks, suicide bombings, knife attacks and shootings of Israelis has declared that Islam is a religion of peace that opposes bloodshed.


Let’s leave aside the absolute insanity of Hamas making that statement, but who gives a crap whether Hamas approves or disapproves of Trump’s position on suspending immigration by Muslims?

In fact, if a terrorist group is opposed to it, that must mean it’s a good idea for America and a bad idea for terrorists.

Where’s the bad?

I wanted to go back into the Dianny Rants archives and republish a column from September, 2014 – back when Obama first tried to argue with us that Islamic State isn’t Islamic. This column, “Religion of Bits and Pieces” is now available in the second volume of my columns RANT 2.0: Even More Politics & Snark in the Age of Obama (say, did you know e-books make great Christmas presents? And this one is only $2.99!).

Religion of Bits and Pieces – September 27, 2014

I know. I know. Somebody who tries to get people to convert to Islam, argues in favor of stoning women and Sharia Law, then beheads a woman isn’t Islam.

Have I got that straight, Mr. President?

For anyone who thinks that barbaric Islamists aren’t here in America, let me remind you, Oklahoma is in America. Just as Fort Hood, Texas is in America. And Boston is in America.

Amazing how Obama actually claimed during his UN speech that Christianity had bloody sectarian violence too. Missed that part? Well, allow me:

“There is nothing new about wars within religions. Christianity endured centuries of vicious sectarian conflict.”

You can always count on Obama dismissing the violence of Islamists by claiming that other religions are just as bad. Just like he claimed in the very same speech that America is just as bad — just look at what happened in Ferguson.

But last time I checked, “vicious sectarian conflict” within the Church wound down hundreds of years ago around the time of the Reformation. You see, unlike Muslims, Christians do not continue to live like it is the sixteenth century.

Besides, Martin Luther only nailed a piece of paper to the door of Castle Church in Wittenberg, not the head of Catholic.

I’ve been wracking my brain trying to remember the last time the Baptists and the Methodists marauded through town killing each other and forcibly raping the others’ daughters, and I cannot for the life of me recall that happening.


The worse we Christians will do to you if you don’t convert is pray for you.

Oh, the humanity!!!!!

And if you do convert, just to warn you ahead of time, we might sprinkle a little water on your head and then pray some more.

You won’t see things like, “Free Beheading with Every Conversion!” on the sign outside of a church.

Not even the Episcopalians do that.

Though, at Christmas, you may have to endure a few “Jesus is the reason for the season” marquees, but, hey, it’s Christmas, what do you expect?

Islam is not a religion of peace.

If you convert, they may leave you in peace.

Unless, of course, they want you to strap a bomb to your chest and head to the local market.

In that case, peace schmeace. You’re going to get blown to bits and pieces along with everybody else in range.

Just the way Allah likes it.

Maybe it’s more accurate to call it the Religion of Bits and Pieces.

I would like to believe that Obama’s infatuation with Islam is rooted in typical Liberal Political Correctness and moral relativism.

But I fear that isn’t the case.

Now, I’m not one of those folks who believes Obama is a Muslim.

First of all, he smokes. And he drinks.

Plus, we’ve all seen him eating hot dogs and spare ribs at State Fairs, so we know he doesn’t keep to any strict dietary laws.

(Unless of course Michelle’s in striking distance.)

And, correct me if I’m wrong, but even attending church only on Easter to keep up the appearance of being a Christian is probably frowned upon by the Religion of Bits and Pieces.

And then there’s that whole, “Gosh, what was he doing at Man Country in Chicago” element that leads me to believe that Obama isn’t a Muslim. Then again, those Muslim clerics love them some little boys, don’t they?

But he isn’t a Christian either.

Obama worships Liberalism — when he isn’t too busy worshiping himself.

I don’t think Obama is a closet Muslim.

That’s not what I think he’s hiding in the closet, if you get my meaning.

No. I believe that Obama’s infatuation with Islam has more to do with sharing their hatred of the West and a deep belief that it’s another nation’s turn at being the top dog.

I think Obama believes that hegemony is cyclical. And since to him there is no such thing as “good” nations and “evil” nations, it is time for another superpower to have a turn at the wheel.

I really do believe that Obama thinks America’s time has come and gone and there is no stopping the Islamic caliphate from rising up and defeating the West.

Obama is bowing to the caliphate just as deeply as he bowed to the Saudi King.

the religion of bits and pieces

Why bother sending “boots on the ground” when the inevitability of Islamic domination is so certain? Sure, he’ll bomb the sects that are getting a little gross, but he won’t stand in the way of the rise of Islam.

All his handwringing and excuse-making that these barbarians have nothing to do with Islam is laughable to everyone here on Planet Earth. It is just his idiotic attempt to excuse the brutal, barbaric reality of what this caliphate will entail.

Obama reminds me of Gaius Baltar from the refashioned “Battlestar Galactica.”

If you aren’t familiar with the storyline, indulge me.

The human race is near extinction after an all-out nuclear attack by humanoid machines called Cylons. The survivors escape and make their way across the universe in search of Earth. Unfortunately, the Cylons, not satisfied with nearly annihilating the humans, chase after the survivors to do away with them as well.

After a heated election for President, Laura Roslin is defeated by the quisling, self-centered prick Gaius Baltar. He orders the fleet to stop running and settle on a planet which he names New Caprica.

A year later, the Cylons find them.

Baltar simply surrenders.

Like Obama, Baltar figures the Cylon victory was inevitable and humans attempting to fight for their freedom was a waste of time. So he just up and surrenders. The humans on New Caprica are enslaved, imprisoned, tortured and some executed. And if it weren’t for the humans who chose to defy Baltar and fight for their freedom, the Cylons may have exterminated them all.

Like Baltar, Obama has surrendered to the inevitability of the Islamic caliphate.

The guy isn’t even going to put up a fight because, why bother? There’s no stopping them.

What’s worse, he expects us to simply comply.

But we Americans by and large do not believe that the rise of the Islamic caliphate is inevitable. We Americans live by the ideal that the good guys should win. And these cretins are most emphatically not the good guys.

What concerns me, however, is, just like the humans on New Caprica, the safety and security of our nation may be up to each of us. At least as long as Obama is in office.

Obama made it clear before he was elected that he would stand with the Muslims “should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

Well, things have gotten pretty damn ugly, haven’t they?

And lookie lookie where Obama is standing.

This is one central reason why now, more than ever, we must do everything we can to secure and maintain our Second Amendment right to bear arms. We cannot count on our government to protect us from these psychos who convert to Islam and hack the heads off of their coworkers. And thank God in Oklahoma, there was someone there who was armed. He stopped that piece of filth Muslim from killing anyone else.

If only the soldiers at Fort Hood had been able to carry their weapons, maybe Nidal Hasan would’ve been stopped a lot sooner than he had been.

There are such things as “good” people and “evil” people.

And there are such things as false gods.

Islam worships a false god. A god who its followers believe takes pleasure in the shedding of innocent blood. A god who its followers believe wants them to slaughter unbelievers.

Obama, in the fog of moral relativism and his naïve “all religions are equal” equivocating, is leaving the country at risk.

Obama, convinced in the inevitability of America’s decline and Islam’s rise is leaving the American people exposed to certain attack.

Islam and a free society cannot coexist.

Islam and religious liberty cannot coexist.

Islam and Western Civilization cannot coexist.

It’s time for some good old American push-back.

We are at a precipice. The fate of the civilized world is in the balance.

And sadly, the man who took an oath to lead us has already bowed to the caliphate.

He stands with the Muslims.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Obama chooses to do nothing, but, let’s be honest. He isn’t much of a good man.

But we the people of the United States. We are the good guys.

It may be up to us to turn the tide and send the Religion of Bits and Pieces straight to hell where it belongs.

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    Lock and load, heat up the searing irons, and open the cans of festered spam.

  • December 11, 2015 at 11:34 am

    Obama’s religion mirrors Hitler’s. He wants to control the world. Our savior in Christianity, rose from the dead and is alive today. There’s no reports of Mohammad being alive today.

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